White Collar

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2012 on USA

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  • Wanted- better writing!

    Disappointed!- Really sloppy writing specially at the season 4 premiere. First, In the Republic of Cape Verde the populace speaks Portuguese NOT Spanish. Second, does anyone believe that if some idiot in a bar offers $500K for the kidnapping of a wealthy resident would have anyone believe that it is a real reward? No,(particularly without proof of the money and being all by himself) plus a resident of the island, especially a rich one, would have the idiot " Who calls himself FBI without papers and warrants and no cash at hand" arrested if not worst- Actually, any self-respecting fugitive would have the "agent" picked up at the airport and promptly incarcerated. And lets not go into the audio tracking bit- which is ridiculous- since there are bells all over the world and each decays in different ways and no program can determine their origin specially when phone-audio has a reduced audio spectrum. Love the previous seasons lets hope that the writing gets better and less insulting of the audience intelligence.