White Collar

Season 2 Episode 12

What Happens in Burma...

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on USA
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In Burma, the son of a diplomat is blamed for a crime he didn't commit and taken into custody. With the help of diplomatic laws, Peter and Neal try to get the son free.

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    Cotter Smith

    Cotter Smith

    Adam Wilson

    Guest Star

    Reggie Lee

    Reggie Lee

    Than Kyi

    Guest Star

    Danny Mastrogiorgio

    Danny Mastrogiorgio

    Randy Morosco

    Guest Star

    Sharif Atkins

    Sharif Atkins

    FBI Agent Clinton Jones

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      • Peter: Coming here always reminds me I should travel.
        Neal: I tried to get you to go to France.
        Peter: No, you fled to France.
        Neal: Nitpicking.

      • Peter: You had quite a run there for a while... Riviera, Copenhagen.
        Neal: I should have sent postcards.
        Peter: No, I had Interpol warrants. Just as good. "Neal's robbing a palace. Wish you were here."

      • Neal: Where'd you go... Anywhere in the world?
        Peter: Sweden. I like Vikings... Sword in my hand, a good ship under my feet...
        Neal: Pillage and plunder... I knew under that lawman exterior beats the heart of a thief.
        Peter: Well, maybe I just like hats with horns.

      • Jones: Pigeon blood?
        Neal: It's a local description of the deep-red color of the most prized Burmese gems. No pigeons were harmed in the mining of this ruby.

      • Peter: Love that you had that Burmese proverb ready to go.
        Neal: Mm. They also say, "beware a man's shadow and a bee's sting."
        Peter: What does that mean?
        Neal: I have no idea.
        Peter: Then you used the right one.
        Neal: Yeah.

      • Mozzie: I'm a gem expert.
        Neal: That's true. And you asked to keep your distance from the FBI. I was doing you a favor.
        Mozzie: Oh, by conversing with my archrival?
        Neal: Everyone's your archrival, Moz.
        Mozzie: But I would like the chance at first veto on helping.
        Neal: I will come to you first next time.

      • Neal: Peter, you just burned a perfectly good alias.
        Peter: And you named me after my dog.
        Neal: Touché.

      • Neal: The FBI has a gem vault, and you didn't tell me?
        Peter: Why give an alcoholic a drink?

      • Mozzie: Perhaps assisting the suit isn't so bad. Impressive tools. I haven't had this much fun since I tripped Noam Chomsky.
        Neal: You need to get out more, Flashdance.

      • Mozzie: Suit, your supplies are much appreciated.
        Peter: Ohh, you told him he could keep the equipment, didn't you?
        Neal: He doesn't work for free.
        Peter: Unbelievable.

      • Mozzie: Anything in the pouch is the property of Burma, stolen or not. You remove the drive, you're creating an international incident.
        Neal: So, I get Suu Ram to do it for me using our ruby.
        Mozzie: Oh, to take my heart would be less painful.
        Neal: We can always make another one.

      • Peter: What you doing?
        Mozzie: Discussing Hegel and his rational realism. You?
        Peter: Casual stroll. You're smoking.
        Mozzie: It's a smoking jacket.

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