White Collar

Season 3 Episode 2

Where There's a Will

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2011 on USA

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  • I was very disappointed. I am talking about the plot surrounding Neal's heist.

    Of course only the writers know where they are taking the show. But I have a bad feeling, as I am sure a lot do, that the show is going towards Neal being setup by that female agent…Matthews, I think that's her name. That is so stupid and obvious, I really hope not! Neal definitely has doubts about what Peter is trying to do. And he suspects Peter is after him. So, when this stranger shows up (the female agent), the genius Neal doesn't even suspect that she might know who he is and Peter might be trying to set him up?

    All I am saying is that several episodes from now I don't want to be "surprised" to find out that:

    a) Jones intentionally told Neal that Matthews is hard to get (Peter's instructions)

    b) Matthews intentionally told Neal about the list, to gain his trust and to catch him when he panics.

    c) And that Neal comes out of his tube light moment and realizes that Peter might have been setting him up with Matthews' help.

    I realize this is a TV series and not a movie. If this is movie, I would have trashed it. There is only so much they can do with a series. But at a minimum, I still expect Neal to be somewhat intelligent. Not Neal the first grader. After all, this show revolves around probably the most brilliant white collar criminal out there. Even if this Matthews character is telling the truth, Neal obviously shouldn't trust every single word out of her mouth. I mean, Neal has no idea what Peter is up to. Yet…oh, whatever.
  • Masterson brothers!!!!!!

    (Spoilers up ahead).
    Parts of this episode were great and parts of this episode were meh. The parts that were meh was Neal trying to figure out who the female agent is, and then at the end he finds that Peter is on to him. I know it was Peter and Neal getting their dynamic back to normal, but it was just starting up and nothing too exciting yet.

    But I loved the main part of this episode which revolved around Peter and Neal trying to find a will. The will was for an eccentric man who forged two copies of his wills that his sons found, and everyone scrambles to find the real one when one of the son's daughter is kidnapped. This plot excited me because the brothers were played by real-life brothers Danny and Chris Masterson of That 70's Show and Malcolm in the Middle fame. Seeing them both so grown-up and straight-laced and still kicking ass at it was amazing and made me get wrapped up in the episode even more. Another great installment of White Collar, can't wait for more to come!
  • Back to normal?

    I really enjoyed this episode. I guess it is because I love clues and it was like I was reading a Dan Brown book or watching the National Treasure movie... with an amazing cast of course. I liked how Pete and Neal were back to normal. Even when Neal has his own business and is pursuing it, he supported the FBI full time until the case is closed... Of course I know that he does not want anyone to suspect about his little secret. Tim and Matt's chemistry is unique.

    Two things I enjoyed: Diana's woman behind Peter and Elizabeth's love, support and chemistry with, yes, Peter. I liked the scenes and I think they played well.

    It was good to see Anna Chlumsky back. I hadn't seen her in anything since her "My Girl" roles. I just hope her mistake of letting it all out to Neal is just another step that Peter has taken forward to get what he wants.

    I hope he's not disappointed.