White Fang

(ended 1994)


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White Fang

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Welcome to the White Fang guide at TV Tome. Jack London's classic White Fang is well-known, one of the world's great adventure stories. White Fang is now expanded into a compelling, contemporary action-adventure series for the whole family. Timeless stories of a magnificent wolf-dog born wild and free, who is transformed to an amazing dog capable of uncompromising loyalty, devotion and great bravery, and the teenage boy who loves him. The truly incredible relationship between Matt Scott and White Fang occurs at the intersection of civilization and the wilderness. Set in the 1990's against the backdrop of the breathtaking Rockies it tells the story of Matt's family, fresh from the city, struggling to adjust to rural life and its challenges. Tales which possess a certain wisdom, a detectable grace and a definable nobility for all are present in this boy and his dog. (Synopsis from Alliance Atlantis pressbook)
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  • Based on Jack London's white Fang

    The show isn’t horrible, the acting and storyline are pretty mundane though. I don’t think Jamiz Woolveet should have been cast as Matt Scott though. The reason being as I was watching I just had this feeling he was way older then the character who was 15. I wasn’t shocked to find out that he was about 25 or 26 when the series was made. I defiantly think some one younger or at least more believable could have been cast. That’s not to say someone in their mid to late 20’s can’t pull off a teenager because they can just look at Sarah Drew (Everwood).

    The show revolves around Matt Scott whose family moves from the city out to the country and he rescues a half wolf/half dog , White Fang. They have various adventures through out the series with both showing devote loyalty to the other.

    Its defiantly not a show for everyone, I think some families with young children would enjoy it, and just someone who likes something with a dog in it. Again the show isn’t something you’d watch if you want to see the best acting and storylines but for a lazy day, grab a bag of popcorn and just take it all in stride.