White Fang

(ended 1994)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Poor Side Of Town
    • Presents Of Mind
      Presents Of Mind
      Episode 25
      Matt is looking forward to give a fine present to his parents on their anniversary, but Fang spoils the surprise and delivers it untimely. This angers Matt very much leading to an ugly situation with Fang.
    • Adam's Treasure (Fool's Gold)
      Judge Scott and Fang come upon an abandoned chest in the middle of the woods. The chest contains a teasure map that intrigues them both.
    • Bigfoot
      Episode 23
      Bigfoot's legend starts to spread like gunpowder after a taped sighting occurs in Arrowtown. A TV reporter, Jessica Barnette arrives to cover the event, Matt offers himself as a guide to the journalist. Judge Scott believes the story is a hoax.
    • Fang's For The Memories
      Kate recalls her childhood when she used to ride horseback along with her dad, Tom. She's sad because of an old horse. Matt is readying up his trip to Calgary.
    • Poachers
      Episode 21
      Fang is fishing in a nearby river when a shot is heard. Then our hero sees a fawn beside its dead mother. Fang runs to warn Matt and Kate. In those days, an illegal deer hunting has began and David's uncle, Harry, has arrived to pay a visit. The man has brought weapons along so suspicions fall on him.moreless
    • Blair's Glory (Arrow River)
      Judge Scott and Matt are fishing in the river, but when fang goes to retrieve an astray hook, they find a slew of dead fish. Mrs. Dillon and Hank seem to be embroiled in this affair.
    • The Mine
      The Mine
      Episode 19
      Matt gets in charge of a brat named Tyler, Maggie's cousin. The kid is accident-prone and very curious. One day while Matt and Tytler stroll through the woods, they arrive to an abandoned gold mine. Matt is knocked unconscious by a falling plank.
    • Out Of Range
      Out Of Range
      Episode 18
      Fang and Matt are shocked to find a dead elk. Joanna helps them find the cause of this strange death. Hank and Kate suspect it would be tuberculosis, a disease dangerous for cattle.
    • That Lovin' Feeling
      Fang encounters a lovely bitch. Maggie invites Matt to party. The Scotts are preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
    • Torn Loyalties
      Torn Loyalties
      Episode 16
      Fang leads Matt to a swampland where the young man learns about Sam's dark purposes. The cowboy wants to dry out the swamps. Matt's parents oppose strongly for wildlife would be endangered.
    • Hit and Run
      Hit and Run
      Episode 15
      Fang is hit by a speeding car. Kate grows concerned because of Fang's lethal wounds. The animal unconsciously recalls the accident in flashbacks. Matt finds the culprit.
    • Burnt River
      Burnt River
      Episode 14
      Hank and Matt take a trip to a river renown for its big fishes. But the fishing trip turns into a nightmare.
    • Cry Wolf
      Cry Wolf
      Episode 13
      Matt and Fang help Sam when they learn that his property is about to be auctioned for lack of payment.
    • Up, Up and Away
      Up, Up and Away
      Episode 12
      David, the sheriff, has a surprise for the Scotts. He's an airnaut and has brought a balloon to give them a ride. Fang enters the basket and the balloon turns loose leaving the husky alone in mid-air.
    • Matter of Trust
      Matter of Trust
      Episode 11
      Matt decides to find out why Maggie is afraid of animals. Fang recalls his abusive master.
    • The Cave
    • Clint Eastwood, You're Not
      Matt is saved by a strange cowboy.
    • Wild and Free
      Wild and Free
      Episode 8
      Matt and Fang are shocked to find a wounded mustang in the woods. The boy manages to take it home so Kate may check it
    • The Hostage
      The Hostage
      Episode 7
      Matt and Fang come upon a man asleep in the barn. He's Jake, a pal of Hank's. Later it is learnt that he's a fugitive on the lam. Upon being uncovered, Jake takes Matt hostage.
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 6
      Matt gets acquainted with Tom Cooper, a friend of Hank's, a war-torn veteran who now lives as a hermit. The neighbors suspect that this man is killing their sheep so they shoot at him whenever he appears.
    • The Last Flight
      The Last Flight
      Episode 5
      Jon Peters is a seasoned old pilot, nicknamed Hawkeye. One day he lands on the Scotts' runway and hits it off with Matt. Peters invites the lad on a perilous flight.
    • Against The Current
      Steve, a bully, challenges Matt to a fistfight and body jumping. The guy is jealous because Matt is courting Maggie. Adam is consulted on the probable construction of a mall.
    • Tough Kid
      Tough Kid
      Episode 3
      Matt befriends Eddie at school. The youth holds a bad reputation and is a burglary suspect.
    • The Birthday
      The Birthday
      Episode 2
      Fang encounters a wolf near the ranch. Grandpa Scott has arrived in time to celebrate his grandson Matt's birthday
    • Coming Home
      Coming Home
      Episode 1
      Matt and his dad, Judge Adam Scott, save a husky named Fang from the clutches of a vicious guy who uses dogs in unlawful fights. Kate, Matt's mom, tends the wounded animal.
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