ITV (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 10/9/13

      As further victims emerge, and with his team in disarray, Chandler is forced to take desperate measures.

    • Whitechapel IV, Episode 5

      A disembowelled body is discovered in a sewer. The team must establish whether a killer is at large, or if feral swine have returned to London's sewers. Chandler has to pull the detectives together after an abysmal team-building exercise.

    • 9/25/13

      The emergence of further flayed victims points to a serial killer with an unhealthy interest in his victims' skin. Despite the clues left behind, the detectives seem no closer to finding their man. Buchan's researches prove fruitful, but may place him in grave danger.

    • 9/18/13

      A flayed human face is discovered in a Whitechapel art gallery. A second murder follows quickly, the killer leaving coded messages at each crime scene. Some Russian prison tattoos indicate a link to organised crime. The team is unsettled by mysterious footsteps and the flickering of lights within the station.

    • 9/11/13

      Someone is killing witches in Whitechapel. Chandler is determined to bring the investigation to a conclusion, but the detectives become disturbed by inexplicable phenomena manifesting within the station.

    • Case One (Part 1)
      DI Chandler, DS Miles and the team investigate a bizarre murder as a man on the run is crushed by stones. As the killer's macabre methods become clearer Chandler is faced with a sinister 16th century precedent.
    • 9/4/13

      DI Chandler, DS Miles and the team investigate the bizarre murder of a man on the run who is crushed to death. Edward Buchan recalls that this was a method used in the 17th century to deal with alleged witches. Then a second body is found, the victim having been burned at the stake. The investigation runs into difficulty when one victim's historic involvement in espionage attracts the attention of the security services.

  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1