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  • Here we go again - all full of potential and lacking on it's originality.

    Whitechapel – well seems like a rehash of an old idea but put together very well but the conflict between upper and lower ranks was seen-it-all-before boring. Do the police really argue as much as they are shown to do in cop shows? If this is the case the crime clear-up rate would be zero in this
    country. On this occasion the policemen did seem to be even more stupid than usual. You have a serial killer murdering victims in the precise way
    and in the same places as Jack the Ripper. The officer-in-charge is given a book by a Ripperologist (?!) laying out the hows, whys and wherefores of
    each murder. The officer-in-charge reads the book, seems to be convinced by what he learns, but still doesn't manage to get to the scene of the second
    murder in time to save the victim. Like most of today's "remakes" and old plotlines are being for what it is their pulp horror value only and not much else – one would have hoped that it would be a little more "gothic" but with the police eating Dona Kebabs and take away Chinese in the street and drinking beer at the same time it all
    seems very odd.

    The atmosphere of the episode was good, but I found it very disappointing.
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