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  • seemed like a cute show

    The show seemed cute.. only wished I could have watched it more, without having to worry about my kids overhearing it. I would have preferred it being at a later time.
  • whitney cancelled?!

    I am totally upset I want whitney back!! I am so tired of NBC taking away good shows, only to put on stupid reality shows and junk like that!!!!!
  • I think it's great...

    This show NEEDS to come back :( I love what they're doing with it, and it's incredibly hilarious. Props to the writers and Whitney Cummings
  • Actually this is a pretty damn good comedy


    I don't know why this comedy gets so negative reviews, while the episode scores are 7.5ish, which is a lower then they deserve. I think the two main characters are great comedians and the supporting roles, with one exception (who is no longer in the show) are above average too. I hope NBC will give one a chance, though knowing this station its cursed with trigger-happy exec idiots that cancel shows before people got a chance to discover and like them

  • Whitney Whitless

    I don't think that every line Ms Cummings writes is hysterically funny or even marginally funny or even possibly funny. There is not enough canned laughter on the planet to make her stale plain dialog humorous. And two shows! Is there hope for comedy in TV?
  • the show lacks alot but its great

    This is actually the only time i keep laughing when i hear whitney .The other characters are a pure waste of time and money ,Alex and Whitneys problems / harmony outshines everything else ! Strangely its more than enough to love this show


    If you didn't start watching Whitney must see all episodes . very very nice show very very funny love love Whitney .. don't miss this show .
  • Blue Dress

    I just loved her dress from "Hello Giggles" episode. Does anyone could tell me where I could get the same or similar?
  • Whats happening this season?

    Seriously season was MEH you can watch when you're REALLY bored but season 2 is like she's not even trying!!!!!!!!!

    I get that she has her own show now and she's busy but you either work hard and come up with some good shit or just dont!

    This season is reallyyyyy bad!
  • How is this show still on?

    Whitney is the worst show on TV currently. The jokes aren't delivered so much as dropped haphazardly on the ground and the characters are vapid, no more so than the titular Whitney. Though the show was supposed to be about a loving couple living in non-wedded bliss, it is really nothing more than a show about a neurotic and abrasive woman who is ridiculously irrational and her boyfriend who tries to make her not a mess. Why this show is still is beyond me.
  • Don't Let This Great Sitcom Pass You By!

    The sitcom Whitney has become my new favorite sitcom! It is incredibly funny, so smartly written, and so down to earth. Every single character just FITS! Please give it a chance and keep this hilarious sitcom on the air. And, no, I am not related to anyone in the show! I just really think this could be the next best comedy!
  • It took a little while

    It took a little while to get into this show but I ended up really getting into it. Whitney is a bit of an acquired taste but once you see her you find she is just like the rest of us...damaged by life and just trying to get by. Love the show now and love the chemistry between her and her bf!
  • Do not get cancelled!

    so happy to see a date for the show returning! it really isn't a bad series in fact its fantastic maybe had a slow start but it truly progressed into an awesome sit down series where you can relax and just have a good laugh
  • Great show

    This is the best comedy I've seen in ages. Adult humor without talking crap of the opposite sex. Whitney Cummings plays her own public character, or maybe herself? Doesn't matter, her work is superb on every single detail. By the way, this show just got a 2nd season despite of the haters.
  • Amazing show. Do not cancel

    My girlfriend and I love this show. They write original jokes and don't replay the same cliche scenarios you see in other "relationship" comedies. They approach relationship interactions from a perspective closer to how people would act in real life, not tv land. We hope tv execs don't rush to judgement and end this show before it hits it's stride.
  • love it

    hope they don't cancel it.
  • Are you people insane??!!!

    I'm hearing that Whitney might be cancelled. Really????? There are about four intelligent/funny shows on television right now. Whitney being a top notch part of that. Enough of the Vampire/Reality whatever/Singing Competition schlock. We want real smart adult television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMG Zoe is on the show. Saw Zoe in a 2007 film titled "Arranged". Great job! 10

    I occasionally watch Whitney and enjoy a break from "reality" and get a couple of chuckles. Tonight I saw Zoe Lister-Jones on the show who plays Lily. I saw Zoe in the 2007 film "Arranged" with co-star Francis Benhamon . The film dealt with a Jewish and Muslin family who were arranging marriage for the women. Both women did a great job of dealing with a delicate subject beautifully showing the viewer that we can accept each other and live harmoniously together.
  • I love it, I don't know why the hate people!

    This is a simple comedy on a girl named Whitney who has been living with her BF Alex for 3 years and they have a divorced friend and a newly engaged couple and YES a single funny friend whose name is Mike.

    The show is simply about couple stuff and their friends and how relationships can be strong even if marriage is not involved.

    Give it a chance people and I am sure you will love it
  • HIlarious

    Episode 18 was hilarious, the scene where she runs...i was literally rolling. It just shows what a great potential this show has, if we're all just patient, you'll see this show picks up!
  • Finally watched it and fell in love with this show

    I finally watched Whitney and I was so surprised how good it is. I resisted watching it for 6 months because ... I'm not sure why. Anyhow, I'm into the show and the characters are really funny weird oddballs. The show seems normal on the surface but all of the characters are really pretty strange but they always seem to have a heart. It strikes a balance for me. Bottom line...it makes me laugh. So, much to my surprise, I'm now a huge fan and wanted to let others know that Whitney is a solid show with consistently funny episodes.
  • Not the greatest comedy, not THE worst

    Have to say first off, seems like the ACTORS cannot stop laughing during their lines. I've never seen actors who cannot keep a straight face and act like they are stifling their smiles while saying lines.

    SOME jokes are funny, they can be smart, as I think Whitney must be smart to have two shows out. But for the most part the storylines seem old. Evey once in a while you will be entertained.

    To make it short, I only catch an episode online now or then when I have nothing else to watch.

  • sometimes we just have to say NO


    Muscled my way through the first episode, just to see what is this show that knocked out Community. then I remembered that this is NBC, the caveman of network TV, "bad show stay, good show go" (Leno's comeback to tonight show is the big stinker though)

    Back to the review, NO. just a simple NO. Cliched, Weak jokes. I'm gonna tread on dangerous ground here but I truly think this show was created because they found a "slightly" attractive female comedian. Is she that funny? No, Is she that Attractive? some might say yes, but not enough to land her a show that stays while they #$%&ing cancelCommunity. HELL NO.

  • Whitney('s temper-tantrum of the week): A simple change in titel and you know everything there is to know about this show.


    Why? Because there is nothing else to say: Whitney throws a tantrum and her boyfriend tries to fix it, while we can watch how she justifies her behaviour to her two best friends.

    Every. Single. Episode.

    I would have thrown her out a long time ago - no matter how adorable she can be between psychotic episodes.

  • Finally a comedy on NBC that I actually like!


    Whitney is a very funny show compared to all the rest of NBCs garbage they call comedy. Their comedies like the office, parks and rec and community aren't comedy, they are boring and need to be cancelled. But this show is very funny.

    This is one of my favorite shows on tv along with Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. The entire cast makes this show great. I hope NBC keeps this show for a very long time.

    For everyone saying the laugh track is annoying. I hate to tell you but that is an actual audience who think the show is funny and that is why they are laughing so much. If you find the laughing annoying then you are probably watching the other junking comedies on NBC.

  • It Sucks


    Ever felt curious enough to watch a show just to confirm how bad it really is? I found myself having a couple of hours to kill tonight and decided to go ahead and give Whitney a shot. I've read numerous reviews about how horrible it is, but past instances have taught me that I tend to be entertained by the weirdest of shows.

    So here's my verdict - It SUCKS BAL--well, it's not good.

    I'll be honest. I've never seen Whitney Cummings do stand up. So my opinion is purely based on the show. And when I say it's not good, I don't mean it's bad. Charlie's Angels was bad. The mediocrity associated with this piece of crap, sorry-excuse-for-a-sitcom stands in a class of it's own. The characters are unlikable and forgettable, the laughter in the background is forced and mechanical, and the show is just BORING.

    My viewing experience did not elicit a single laugh, snicker, chuckle or guffaw. Not a one. I looked like Ron Swanson throughout the entirety of the three episodes I saw. If Ms. Cummings expects the viewers to crack up after hearing terms like 'Spongeboob squarepants' and 'When in need, show your cleave', she appears to be under the misguided impression that NBC caters to an audience of morons. It's difficult to understand how the same individual can also give us 2 Broke Girls (which I find hilarious).

    In order for a sitcom to work, the characters need to be funny. They weren't. The delivery was just awful. Whitney's performance on it's own merit, was cringeworthy. And I'm saying that because I'm in a good mood.

    I'm pretty sure her co-star (the hairy dude with no talent) had to brace for impact every time she opened her mouth. I don't doubt her abilities as a comedian, but as an actress...uh, NO.

    Hairy dude, her boyfriend (played by comedian Chris D'Elia. Don't remember where you've seen him before? Glory Daze. Nothing?) is equally bad if not worse. His character has zero personality, and he's basically a walking hairball. So this show has 2 comedians with no sense of comedic timing. Not exactly a recipe for success.

    Then there are 2 more dudes and 2 more gals to round off the cast. And they all suck.

    The show is supposedly 'shot in front of a live studio audience'. I'm pretty sure the audience (all 3 of them) were forced to laugh at gunpoint.

    "Be a lively studio audience or you will be shot!!"

    Okay. That was lame.

    All joking aside, it ticks me off to see garbage like this getting picked up for a full season while shows like Prime Suspect get laid off. Yes, the show wasn't groundbreaking. But it was light years better than this! NBC has a pattern of making bad choices, and this has to be one of the worst.

    In the age of comedic gems like Modern Family, Community, The Office (the Michael Scott years) and Parks & Recreation, this show has no business being in the vicinity of the same time-slot, or even the same dimension as these shows.

    I hope the show gets better with time and the people involved don't squander this God-given opportunity. If it does get better, let me know. I'm still not gonna watch it.

    To quote Raylan Givens - "I'd rather stick my d*** in a blender".

  • a funny show - filmed in front a live studio audience!!!


    Whitney started off slower, but that was okay, because the second episode trumped so much that I fell for the characters. They are funny, smart and make mistakes, and Whitney Cumming does a great jobn showing what relationships are really like, with some variations for television hilarity. I now look forward to this show. I didn't expect to really like a new show this much. Not at all.

  • Whitney is great and I expect it to develop into a really great show.


    I saw the pilot and liked it and I hope that the show is given time to develop. Great cast with lots of funny talent to go around. All of the cast in their own right have the ability to pull off Whitney's unique sense of comedy and then add a bit of their own spin to the Whitney humor. I think you also have to consider the fact that Whitney is a standup comedian and stand-ups respond to audiences and laughter so it's no surprise that there's an audience there laughing at the jokes. I think funny is funny and it makes no difference if a single camera or old school 3 camera is doing the work. You can't make something funny just by using a single camera and you can't hold in a laugh just because there is a laugh track. People will laugh and watch if it's funny and those who do not watch because of a prejudice to 3 camera setups then so what. Those peeps also never watched anything that was a single camera when it first came out and being an independent thinker is way more difficult than being a sheep and that is what I love about Whitney. She is not a sheep and does what she believes in even if the trend is to do single camera sitcoms.

    We can all point to plenty of horrible 3 camera laugh track sitcoms and recently we can now point to horrible single camera stale humored "edgy" sitcoms. Many of the single cameras are not edgy. What they are doing is using edgy tools but the writing and acting is stiff. One cannot be funny by just using tools that others used and try to get away with pass by as being hip and funny when the root of all good humor is in the writing directing and acting and not in the surface tools that add the icing to the cake but is not the bloody cake.

    SO, I think Whitney has the correct ingredients to make a fantastic cake here and I will give her the time to let that puppy bake and I believe she will rise to the occasion and be consistently funny with her look at relationships and how damn funny they can be.

  • Finally something to look forward to watching!


    This is a very funny show. If you're biggest complaint is the laugh tracks well that's just about 99% of comedy sitcoms. The show is refreshing and Whitney delivers. I have this on my DVR and happy to know this show is doing well and not going anywhere.

  • Everything *EVERYBODY* says is hilarious! And I mean everything! Just listen to the laugh track!!!


    From the commercials I thought this show looked like it actually might be funny. But holy crap.

    Although it starts with an intro saying "filmed in front of a studio audience" it is VERY obviously laugh-tracked, and EVERY sentence that comes out of ANY character's mouth is absolutely rip-roaring hilarious, apparently. The show doesn't let 5 seconds pass without the "laugh" button being pressed again.

    That alone annoyed the crap out of me to the point where I wanted to kick in the TV, but what's even worse is most of the jokes really aren't very funny. At all.

    Apparently when the "studio audience" failed to laugh at anything they decided they needed to add some in. Sheesh.