Whiz Kids

CBS (ended 1984)


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  • A bunch of computer nerds (really before there was such a thing) fight crime in their suburban neighborhood with the help of computers. You could redo the show today with the title Geeks and it would still hold up.

    I loved this show so much that I begged my parents to buy me a Vic-20 computer. Of course once I got it I spent all my time playing games and typing in Basic programs that I didn't have the energy to fight crime. Still, this show was truly ahead of its time. Modems and hacking and databases... all this in 1983 (that's more than 20 years ago, folks) when personal computers were nothing more than a pipe dream for most and a toy for the rich (I got mine second hand, mind you).
    I think the only thing that really took the show off course, however, was the involvement of the 'adult figures.' They should have let the kids be kids, tooling around on their BMX bikes rather than running to the adults whenever there was a problem.
    If you remember this show fondly, you might check out some other like-minded fare from that era including the movies Cloak and Dagger and War Games and the Disney TV movie "The B.R.A.T. Patrol." Classics all.