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Who Dares Wins ...

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British sketch comedy show
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  • This is the best game show ever created. Mike Whitney and co-host Tania Zaetta dare people to do things they never thought they could, should or would do.

    This is the best game show ever created. Mike Whitney and co-host Tania Zaetta dare people to do things they never thought they could, should or would do. The dares are terrifying and I would never consider doing them. If a contestant completes a dare, he or she gets a prize which is always money. There are many challenges and they include; the $50 challenge which is fairly easy, the $100 challenge, the $200 challenge, the $500 which you rarely get see and the most important one of the day, the mega challenge where you win $1000 and a holiday. The mega challenge is the scariest one of all. Some people accept the dare, but many don’t. For the mega challenge, a person is nominated by a friend or a relative and if they get chosen, Mike or Tania ask them if they are going to accept or decline the dare. If they choose not to do it, then Mike or Tania has to do the dare, but if they don’t complete it, the contestant gets the prize money.

    Who Dares Wins was filmed across Australia. The show aired between, 1996 to 1998. This really is my favourite game show and I never whish it ended. Mike Whitney would sometimes say his favourite line; “You know what they say? Who Dares Wins” at the end of each show and it was one of the things I loved about the show. In 2002, Mike and Tania hosted an Indian version of Who Dares Wins, daring Indian people to do terrifying things.moreless
  • Fun entertaining stuff!

    This show is a bit of fun in many ways. (People doing crazy stuff to wion a bit of cash)

    But the main challenge each episode is pretty extreme! Someone who is afraid of heights has to do something high in the sky, people face scary animals and they even do stuff and extreme speeds.

    Its not just about people doing gross stuff on TV, its also about people conquering their fears. A lot of people I think forget to understand that.moreless
  • Not just about getting money, but overcoming your fears as well

    Who Dares wins was not a bad show. Not only did it give the people the opportunity to win money, but it gave people the potential to do things that normally they never would be able to do. Dares were not always over terrifying but they would always include an element of fun. Whether it was scuba diving with sharks, doing a stunt 10 metre fall, or staying still when a racecar is heading straight for you putting on its breaks when it is nsot far from you, all stunts were performed safely and ensured the participant survival. Who dares wins paved the way for other Australian participation shows like fear factor. The best part is that you could either be randomly chosen, they would walk up to you in the street and offer $50, $100 or $500 for a minor dare, or one person could nominate another person for any reason, be it because they were over brave, confident or for revenge. The nominated person would then perform a major dare for more money then the minor dare.moreless