Who Do You Think You Are?

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Mar 05, 2010 In Season





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  • Who are we on television...

    Who do you think you are takes a celebrity (well known or not so much) each week and documents a piece of their family history. The show starts out with what the celebrity thinks they know about the piece of history, what they would like to know, and what they would like to get out of this experience. As the show progresses through the hour it takes us piece by piece on how the piece of the celebrity's family history came to be. In some cases (and it is my favorite part of the show) the show shows us how they found the piece of family history. At the end of the show the celebrity reflects with a family member or members on what they learned and how it will affect them going forward.

    I think this show is a refreshing bit of an hour on television. With all the reality that is shown on television that is hatred, bickering, and trickery (and unfortunately I am a fan of some of those shows too) this is such a good piece of television. Not only are we learning about our favorite celebrities and stars but we are learning how we can learn about our own family histories as well. I hope this show has a very long run on television.
  • personal is better

    History in a personal language is better.
    It makes me understand everything i missed in the past.
    Not as good as the bbc series but more entertaining.
    Sometimes it makes me miss a bit, but the way it is made at the end i fill that i understood all they were meaning to say.
    I am pleased that NBC ordered a second season for the series, but i hope the episodes wold be regular.
    For all of you who have enjoyed this i recommend the British show, the history goes back further and sometimes they will stumble on a royal lineage witch is always entering.
  • Well i should have known!

    Well i should have known! It looked more like the apprentice than WDYTYA? The music is too overpowering for a pro gramme delving in to a celebrity's past family tree. It should be heart warming and revealing not shouting in your face. Why does this network insist on doing this to the programmes? Why is everything repeated. We were told SJP was going back through her family tree about 20 times??? The same shot of mum about 10 times? Lazy Lazy Lazy. a great format and a great show spoiled by this overbearing annoying shocking network! Leave it to true professionals in future.
  • Why must I have a title? Viewer

    This is a really good show and so informative to be reality tv. You can learn so much about how to trace your ancestery, and very intertaining. I wish it had more episodes but alas, cheap skate when it comes to good programing for the consumer. To bad its on NBC. I don't like to sponsor them. Their news is so misleading to the public.
  • Original idea.

    Great show. Hate that it's canceled.
  • Not Cancelled

    I don't know what gracielove is talking about. This show has not been cancelled.
  • Stars with & with out "Class"

    Absolutely love this show until Aisha Tyler. She went on and on about So embarrassing & sad. No Class. Lionel Richie was just so inspirational and he has CLASS. Aisha should watch Lionel's and learn how to have CLASS. Thank you.