Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (UK)

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (UK)
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Hosted by Chris Tarrant, possibly the most well known quiz show in the world, it is no wonder Who Wants to be a Millionaire has been nominated and won so many BAFTAs. Chris Tarrant has made his fame from this show. The UK version of the show was the first one and it was the inspiration for the Irish version and the US version. In this show Chris Tarrant asks contestants 15 questions, with multiple choice answers, which gets harder as the show goes on. They have three life-lines, Phone a Friend, Ask the Audience and 50/50. Though America has formed a rip off version of this, this is the real McCoy. Though America has had about ten winners, the pound is worth more, so the questions are harder. 5 millionaire's have been made in this fantastic game show.

There is a money tree, which you will progress through the questions.The show is owned and licensed by british production company Celador. £1,000,000 £500,000 £250,000 £125,000 £64,000 £32,000 £16,000 £8000 £4000 £2000 £1000 £500 £300 £200 £100

The bold ones mean that once you have reached them, you are guaranteed to win AT LEAST that amount of money. There are only two though, so watch out! There have only been 4 winners of the top prize so far.moreless
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  • Energetic and Educational

    I love the crowd interaction idea with the game show. It's a definite geek show. Absolutely great quizzes. It's suspenseful and does ask for a lot out of it's contestants. You get to see all types of people on this show... but those who win thousands are a star in my book! A must see. Plus the stage, is absolutely beautiful!
  • My favorite of the game shows, because of Chris Tarrant

    I absolutely love the show.

    It a hard game full of hard questions. The host Chris Tarrant is talented and has done a fine job into presenting the show with great humour. I love the fact that this show is played for one hour every weekday night here in New Zealand.

    It's like no other Millionaire and sure knows how to grab the audience. I don't know what it is with the other people who have such poor opinions about it. It beats the hell out of any other Who wants to be a Millionaire. It never bores me, and it's fun to see.moreless
  • Who wants to be a millionare? I do!!! £1,000,000 is a LOT of money, and who would not want that just for asking 15 questions?

    Ever since it began, its been a great show. Something that you could watch, if you: 1. Like quiz shows. 2. Like it when people get questions wrong. 3. Like shouting answers to your tv on a saturday night.

    I have been watching this since it began, and I like this. It even had its own "millionaire fruad" where charles ingram" cheated with the help of Techman wittock, and won the million. Soon after, however, they took it away... Ha ha ha!!! :P

    Oh well, just find an intelligent person in your family or if you are good enough, find someone to cheat for you and split the money!!! hehehehe!!!moreless
  • Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Me and my mates play the 'quiz game' where we see who can get the most questions right.

    Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Me and my mates play the 'quiz game' where we see who can get the most questions right.

    It's so funny when people get the most obvious questions in the world wrong! and great to say at school if you didn't know the answer! Thank you Judith for telling me who Elenor of Aquitane's cousin is! Also funny when I get someting right my parents wern't expecting they are so amazed, they think someone my age is stupid.

    P.S. My PC won't let me have anything but a whole number for my score. and how do u change your icon pic thingy?moreless
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (UK)

    This is one of the best game shows around. I also enjoy playing the DVD game of it. I like it when Chris Tarrant teases the contestant saying we don't want to give you that. This is the best game show on ITV1 in fact it is the only game show on ITV1 because all the other game shows have gone now because of too many Soap Operas that literally took over television and this game show was the only one remaining.moreless