Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (UK)

Daily 8:00 AM on ITV Premiered Sep 04, 1998 In Season


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  • Energetic and Educational

    I love the crowd interaction idea with the game show. It's a definite geek show. Absolutely great quizzes. It's suspenseful and does ask for a lot out of it's contestants. You get to see all types of people on this show... but those who win thousands are a star in my book! A must see. Plus the stage, is absolutely beautiful!
  • My favorite of the game shows, because of Chris Tarrant

    I absolutely love the show.
    It a hard game full of hard questions. The host Chris Tarrant is talented and has done a fine job into presenting the show with great humour. I love the fact that this show is played for one hour every weekday night here in New Zealand.
    It's like no other Millionaire and sure knows how to grab the audience. I don't know what it is with the other people who have such poor opinions about it. It beats the hell out of any other Who wants to be a Millionaire. It never bores me, and it's fun to see.
  • Who wants to be a millionare? I do!!! £1,000,000 is a LOT of money, and who would not want that just for asking 15 questions?

    Ever since it began, its been a great show. Something that you could watch, if you: 1. Like quiz shows. 2. Like it when people get questions wrong. 3. Like shouting answers to your tv on a saturday night.

    I have been watching this since it began, and I like this. It even had its own "millionaire fruad" where charles ingram" cheated with the help of Techman wittock, and won the million. Soon after, however, they took it away... Ha ha ha!!! :P

    Oh well, just find an intelligent person in your family or if you are good enough, find someone to cheat for you and split the money!!! hehehehe!!!
  • Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Me and my mates play the 'quiz game' where we see who can get the most questions right.

    Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Me and my mates play the 'quiz game' where we see who can get the most questions right.
    It's so funny when people get the most obvious questions in the world wrong! and great to say at school if you didn't know the answer! Thank you Judith for telling me who Elenor of Aquitane's cousin is! Also funny when I get someting right my parents wern't expecting they are so amazed, they think someone my age is stupid.
    P.S. My PC won't let me have anything but a whole number for my score. and how do u change your icon pic thingy?
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (UK)

    This is one of the best game shows around. I also enjoy playing the DVD game of it. I like it when Chris Tarrant teases the contestant saying we don't want to give you that. This is the best game show on ITV1 in fact it is the only game show on ITV1 because all the other game shows have gone now because of too many Soap Operas that literally took over television and this game show was the only one remaining.
  • who wants to be a millionaire?

    its a gr8 thing to watch on a saturday night. its cool the tension when waiting for the right anwser to appear is cool. chris tarrant is an ok person to present who wants to be a millionaire. the shows a classic and it never gets old. chris tarrent rules.
  • A gruelling intellectual match of 15 questions that the contestants never know, yet somehow everyone at home knows and screams to at home.

    I don't think that the ratings meet up to what the shoew rightly deserves. In recent years, the show has become repetetive and tedious, but once upon a time, 15 to 20 million people (that's alot for the UK, seeing we only have 60 million people) used to all watch it every saturday all eyes glued to the television.
    It was a new kind of 'game show' that we had never seen before and has never been rivalled by since.
    Even at schools, the catchthrases of 'do you want to call a friend' and 'but we don't want to give you that' were constantly repeated and recognizable by all.
    However, i think that, because the concept has never changed since the show started, probably because the show doesn't need changing is its major downfall. The show can't evolve or adapt, it could increase the amount of money it gives away, £5m? but nothing much else could happen. The same thrases and the same things happen on each episode. Ratings for poor ITV have certainly suffered.
    But it was a good show, and the fact that this show has been copied to so many countries around the world, simply proves that it must be one of the greatest quize shows out there, and if it weren't for Chris Tarrent, i don't think it would be the success that it was.