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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Weekdays on Premiered Aug 16, 1999 In Season


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  • Who Wants To Be A Millionairre Host?

    Apparently NO ONE!

    Among all the personalities on TV - why did they they choose this guy?

    This guy Terry Cruz is the worst host on any game show ever......

    Why does he scream so much?

    I cannot watch the show anymore......

    Who does the hiring?
  • Can you be a bit louder

    OK NBC, do you have anyone who reads remarks. There seems to be a consensus here. I can't stand this show since Meredith left. Terry is the worse. His very annoying obnoxious screaming is over the top and quite unnecessary. Tonight was the end of my watching. I have turned the volume down, muted him and have now decided to just quit watching the show. He is an embarrassment to the game show. For me, Family Feud is in the same time slot on another station and Steve Harvey is a pleasure to watch.
  • Not a good fit

    I don't think he is the right host for this game show.
  • annie

    I can't stand Cedric or his predecessor. What is the screaming for? I cannot watch the show anymore. It makes me want to scream. Who does the auditions? Fire them immediately! I know it had to be difficult to replace Meredith Viera, she was a total class act, and she NEVER screamed. Please hire someone who has a gre asset personality and can show it more quietly.
  • Annoying

    Mr. Cruz was simply ear-drum bursting loud but now he's shown that he simply likes/wants to make noise. Example: A big money quest. is answered, the crowd is clapping but he has to be louder than the audience by dragging the $ amount out . "10,000 dollaaaaaars"!! "This will sum up everything I've written. I cut my computer on and forgot why I did it and low and behold, Mr. Crews was introducing a guest and he was so loud he jogged my memory and that was to log on to Millionaire reviews and see what others had to say about his loudness. Producers, that shows that you have to ask him to QUIET IT DOWN!!! This, I just added; Cedric was painful to listen to and the new host is so loud I'm glad when the horn blows. There must be new, young management on Millionaire. The new host can be tolerated if he quiet it down). Producers, would you *PLEASE* ask the new host of this 2014 season to quiet it down. Please!! He's straining his vocal cords and my ears!! He can tone it down. Every answered question doesn't have to be followed by "EXCITEMENT"!! The producers must not have talked to the new host about the reviews Cedric received and the host must not have read them because the new host yells about everything. Millionaire now seems like a game show you'll find on the "Game Show Network" for children where they talk loud and show excitement about everything to stimulate the children. Lastly, he makes so much noise after just about every answer (like Cedric) that he's winded and has to read the questions at a low tone (like Cedric)!! I'm watching Millionaire now and every word he used he yelled just to call a member of the audience down!! DARN-IT!! *OVERKILL* is the word for his noise, making his "EXCITEMENT" seem insincere and non-credible. Had to mention this (1-27-14). Not to mention how Mr. Cruz tells guests they have a lifeline or can use more than one lifeline at the most inopportune times (as soon as they say what they "think the answer is). Many have changed their minds and wasted a lifeline. One person decided to take the money after he mentioned lifelines (she would have been right). PRODUCERS, STOP THE MADNESS!! My last post. 12-30-14: Mr. Cruz's YELLING is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.
  • Bad bad host!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one lol! That clown is extremely LOUD! Can't even watch the show with him on there, he really acts like a fool! No, a buffoon! I used to like him as an actor, but not as a TV show host! They would have done better sticking with Cedric geez!! At least he wasn't as loud as Terry, and he was funnier to me! Terry is not going to last long as the host I guarantee it, and thanks for that!
  • Stop the insanity!

    First Cedric. I tried to watch but his antics and screaming for no reason finally got to me. I stopped watching. I was so happy when it was announced Cedric was leaving! However, Terry yells too. I've stopped watching it again. It's too forced and irritating. An insult to viewers as well!
  • Can't stand to watch anymore??

    My wife and I have always enjoyed watching Millionaire in the past. But now that Terry is the host, we can not stand to watch it anymore!

    His continually screaming and Look at me attitude has drawn the last straw for us.

    If they change host, we will watch again, but for now we'll just watch wheel of fortune !!!
  • Why does he scream

    Why must this host scream... Always watched the show and still want to but his constant screaming is so someone with authority tell him how obnoxious he is and get a new would always rate this as a top show but is only getting a one because of him...
  • Wrong Answer and calm down Mr. Crews

    Wrong answer on Nov. 25th show when it was said that Noah got drunk and had sex with his daughters. Wrong!! First of all, he didn't have any daughters only sons. It was Lot and here is the real story. Get it right if you are going to have questions concerning the Bible. Genesis 19:3132 tells us that Lot's daughters believed there would be no man for them and no children. This may be because they saw the destruction of Sodom and believed they were the only people left on earth. They were trying to preserve the family line. Why did Lot have sex with his own daughters? He got drunk. Yes, his daughters conspired to get him drunk, but Lot willingly drank and, when he was drunk, he lost what little control and common sense he had (Genesis 19:3038), and this is the final step in Lot's backsliding. The lesson can we learn from this is, when a person has too much to drink, he does not make good choices and loses control of his morals and operates out of the sinful, carnal nature. As a result of the incest, two children were born, and those two children are the fathers of two nations that have been at odds with and the source of much suffering to Israel down through history.

    Read more: 3KC3xhrgh
  • Stop Shouting!!

    The host has destroyed the show with his constant shouting. I cannot stand it anymore. At first I taped his shows and just muted his constant shouting but that is no way to enjoy watching any a ready finger on the mute button. Why doesn't someone with "check-writing abilities tell the man to stop shouting. It isn't funny. It is horrible! Sadly, in spite of the shouting, I like the man! But, my ears don't so I bid that show good-bye. I await a host who is Meredith-like. GOOD-BYE TO WATCHING MILLIONAIRE!!
  • Bring back a little dignity...

    You have taken one of my favorite shows and saddled it with a screaming banshee. Terry Crews bounces in like a cartoon character and begins to scream in long drawn out ear splitting decibels. Is this show suddenly only for the hearing impaired? Let's not confuse enthusiasm with just plain yelling. They are not the same. Tone this man down!!! And last, but certainly not least -- I have never, ever seen a male so obsessed with his own breasts. If I have to see him wiggle his tits again, I think I'm going to throw up. How could you have traded Meredith and Cedric for this?
  • Dear llllzzzz... sorry but you're wrong about the 250K Amazon dolphin question...

    It is a scientific FACT that Amazon river dolphins routinely engage in nasal sex, male to female or male to male, it doesn't matter. As long as their penis can touch another's blowhole it's good sex in dolphin lifestyle. You wrote that you researched the matter, couldn't find anywhere on the web that verifies the "Millionaire" nose-sex answer. Pls check again at knowledgesalad,com and you can read straightaway that the show's researchers got it right.

    Stop Terry's yelling -- the show used to have class and now it is trashy as the come. Also, why does he promote his TV show at the beginning of each program. We know who he is. AGAIN STOP HIS YELLING1
  • Have to wait till Monday

    Saw the Friday show with Ken Jennings -- he got up to $58,000 with 2 questions left in Round 1. Gotta wait till Monday to see if he can go all the way. How long has it been since someone has actually won a million dollars?
  • Like new host

    I like the new host this year. I like his enthusiasm, even though some people think he yells too much. Terry seems genuine and roots for the contestants.
  • screemer

    terry is way to eyeballs are going to pop out of his whats with his clothes? does he want people to think he is so big and muscular that he cant find clothes to fit him? he looks like he buys them off the rack at way he runs out to the floor is ridiculous. i want meredith..
  • SCREAMER Crews

    What is up with Terry Crews screaming at the top of his lungs all of the time. I cannot believe the powers that be with the show want him to act this way. It is disgusting, as much as I like trivia I can't watch this show anymore.

    I can't believe that Terry needs a microphone to do the show! He is absolutely the most annoying host with his booming voice!! If you can't tone him down, you have lost me as a viewer!!!!!
  • Ken Jennings on Millionaire!!

    Anyone else excited about Ken Jennings on Friday's Millionaire? Hoping he'll go all the way!
  • SSSHHHHH !!!!!!!

    No more Millionaire for us until Terry gets his hearing checked !!!!!!!
  • Too loud

    i have watched MillionaiRe from the beginning. Regis & Meredith were the consummate hosts with clever reparte but Cedric & Terry do nothing but scream. I can only watch in small amounts with the sound down. Please producers, find a new host!
  • The Host has GOT TO GO

    I used to love this show. Regis and Meredith were perfect.

    What i want to know is, who are the producers?! Do they really think this guy is appealing?

    He keeps yelling at the camera and has no natural host ability. So sad.

    I was so happy to read that people agree. He is TERRIBLE.

    I have watched this show since Regis and I feel that all of the hosts have contributed to its popularity in their own style and mannerisms and........

    Contrary 2 some of the e-mails below, I think ABC made a GREAT choice in Terry Crews!

    The man makes ALL the contestants feel comfortable and at ease by acting like a regular person & not a celebrity. Terry is 'fired up' when a contestant wins & his compassion is really genuine when they lose.

    I feel he IS very sincere & I don't see anything wrong with somebody that is EXCITED about their job & having FUN with people @ the same time!

    If his voice is too loud 4 some, then turn down the volume a little & "Enjoy The Ride".......

    Keep up the good work Terry,
  • Barbara will you just answer the question

    Today 10-28-14 I was just flipping thru the channels and ended on Who wants to be a Millionaire. Barbara was attempting to answer a question and it took forever, I kept waiting and waiting and started yelling at the tv, just answer the stupid question. Doesn't the contestant have a time limit? I don't understand how the audience stood it. Thank-you for letting me gripe.
  • Who needs a hug....

    What's up with the host. He expects the contestant to hug him with each win and reaches out hungrily. If that was not scary enough, he yell 'let's play millionaire' is such a scream that he is scaring my little boy!

    Cedric was horrible to listen to and watch .. I was so happy to her a new host was starting . This guy is even louder, although he tones it done it might work. I love the show but my nerves cannot take the screaming .

    'm afraid I will have to find something else to watch in this time period:(
  • Extremely loud and over excited!!!

    This guy is a terrible host!!! He is WAY TOO LOUD!!!! He does not know how to create suspense after a contestant answers. Meredith was perfect, as was Regis, and I got used to Cedric but NEVER this guy. I will miss watching my favorite game show but he is just over the top and painful to watch!!!! Please find a more subtle and gracious host.
  • Obnoxious

    "It takes time to get used to new things". That's what I have been telling myself to keep watching this show with Mr. Crews as the new host. After a month of trying, I am giving up. This host's style doesn't belong in this kind of show. I am hoping the producers get the message and find someone more suitable. Until then, bye-bye, Millionaire!
  • I love the show!

    After reading some of the negative reviews here about "Cedric the entertainer" I disagree that he's too loud to watch. I think he is very entertaining and he keeps you laughing all the time. I initially didn't think he would be the right person to host the show but after watching him the first time, I was overwhelmed with his hilarious personality, respectfulness, genuine people skills, and he makes the show fun to watch.
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