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  • Dear llllzzzz... sorry but you're wrong about the 250K Amazon dolphin question...

    It is a scientific FACT that Amazon river dolphins routinely engage in nasal sex, male to female or male to male, it doesn't matter. As long as their penis can touch another's blowhole it's good sex in dolphin lifestyle. You wrote that you researched the matter, couldn't find anywhere on the web that verifies the "Millionaire" nose-sex answer. Pls check again at knowledgesalad,com and you can read straightaway that the show's researchers got it right.
  • Annoying

    Mr. Cruz was simply ear-drum bursting loud but now he's showed that he simply likes/wants to make noise. Example: A big money quest. is answered, the crowd is clapping but he has to be louder than the audience by dragging the $ amount out . "10,000 dollaaaaaars"!! "This will sum up everything I've written. I cut my computer on and forgot why I did it and low and behold, Mr. Crews was introducing a guest and he was so loud he jogged my memory and that was to log on to Millionaire and see what others had to say about his loudness. Producers that shows that you have to ask him to QUIET IT DOWN!!! (This, I just added; Cedric was painful to listen to and the new host is so loud I'm glad when the horn blows. There must be new, young management on Millionaire. The new host can be tolerated if he quiet it down) .Producers, would you *PLEASE* ask the new host of this 2014 season to quiet it down. Please!! He's straining his vocal cords and my ears!! He can tone it down. Every answered question doesn't have to be followed by "EXCITEMENT"!! The producers must not have talked to the new host about the reviews Cedric received and the host must not have read them because the new host is yells about everything. Millionaire now seems like a game show you'll find on the "Game Show Network" for children where they talk loud and show excitement about everything to stimulate them. Lastly, he makes so much noise after just about every answer (like Cedric) that he's winded and has to read the questions at a low tone (like Cedric)!! I'm watching Millionaire now and every word he used he yelled just to call a member of the audience down!! DARN-IT!! *OVERKILL* is the word for his noise, making his "EXITEMENT" seems insincere and non-credible.

    Cedric was horrible to listen to and watch .. I was so happy to her a new host was starting . This guy is even louder, although he tones it done it might work. I love the show but my nerves cannot take the screaming .

    'm afraid I will have to find something else to watch in this time period:(
  • Extremely loud and over excited!!!

    This guy is a terrible host!!! He is WAY TOO LOUD!!!! He does not know how to create suspense after a contestant answers. Meredith was perfect, as was Regis, and I got used to Cedric but NEVER this guy. I will miss watching my favorite game show but he is just over the top and painful to watch!!!! Please find a more subtle and gracious host.
  • Obnoxious

    "It takes time to get used to new things". That's what I have been telling myself to keep watching this show with Mr. Crews as the new host. After a month of trying, I am giving up. This host's style doesn't belong in this kind of show. I am hoping the producers get the message and find someone more suitable. Until then, bye-bye, Millionaire!
  • I love the show!

    After reading some of the negative reviews here about "Cedric the entertainer" I disagree that he's too loud to watch. I think he is very entertaining and he keeps you laughing all the time. I initially didn't think he would be the right person to host the show but after watching him the first time, I was overwhelmed with his hilarious personality, respectfulness, genuine people skills, and he makes the show fun to watch.
  • Hate Being Yelled At

    This new fellow is unbearable - loud and obnoxious. All I want to do is change the channel. I was not a fan of Cedric's but at least could stay in the room when the show was on. Regis and Meredith had a lot more class.
  • New host trying too hard

    New host is loud and looks like he will bust out of his suit if he doesn't calm down. Cedric was calm and funny. New host has difficult shoes to fill. But he is trying.....
  • Ears Hurt

    PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE tell the new host to tone it down. His yelling is making a good show unbearable to watch. There is no need for all the screaming - Meredith did it well all those years. I cannot continue watching a screamfest.
  • gerryg

    Cedric cracks me up!!!!
  • June 18, 2014 show

    In all the research I have done, nowhere have I found that the Amazon River Pink Dolphin has intercourse through the nose! That was the answer to the 250,000 question on today's show, that was missed. My research all said that mating is done belly to belly.
  • Millionaire

    0.0Cedric sucks as a hostZero he rates a zero 00000000.1
  • Glad to hear about the change in hosts

    I'm glad they are getting a different host. I wish they would go back to having the host have a name on a card for the audience 1K question. I think that would be more fair than walking around & picking who the host wants.

    From the reviews, it seems like I am among the few who value Cedric. When he took over, I was ready to dislike him. But that wasn't the case. I think the opinions expressed below are totally off-base. He is quick, funny, warm and entertaining. He adds to the show, not detracts. He is respectful and keeps things on track. By the way, I am a white woman, retired, have a master's degree in African studies from the University of Wisconsin, and was a reporter for a major Chicago newspaper for many years. So no ties to Cedric other than I think he's terrific in his role.

    I waited , then went back, he's still I quit watching and waited AGAIN AND AGAIN. Now he's still there. Guess public opinion means nothing to the too loud, Not funny and can hardly understand his words with his mush leave again and check back in he'll be keeps deleting some of my to put it plain and STINKS AS A HOST.
  • Hi Cedric...

    Thank you so much, man, for all the efforts you put into this show, man. More than happy to hear that you will go, man! You certainly deserve better, man.

    Wishing you well, man and may you stay sound and safe, man.

  • Please get new host

    Cedric is annoying. Had to stop watching the show because of him
  • Poor Choice of Host for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

    Not only is Cedric the Entertainer vulgar, he constantly tries for laughs while people are trying to win real money. I still enjoy the show, but it's getting to the point where the show with the current host is unwatchable! How many more negative reviews/comments and/or FORMER viewers do the producers need to figure out that they need to hire a new host MAN?
  • New Host Needed Now

    Cedric is so far at odds with this show's focus that it boggles my mind why he was selected. The show is about testing one's thinking/knowledge and the host is totally out of his element. In fact, I don't think he'd survive two rounds of questions. His approach is so boisterous, idiotic and in-your-face that it doesn't give the contestant or the audience a chance to think. A wholly anti-intellectual approach to a somewhat intellectual show. In fact, his presence is so at odds/out of place that I can barely stand to watch the show anymore (I've watched it for decades). Please find some more appropriater slot for Cedric. He simply does not belong on this show.
  • April 3, 2014 Bashing Public Schools

    Cedric and his contestant were NOT funny bashing public schools for a laugh. I watch this show as often as I can. I am a college professor and former public school teacher. Everyone who attends public schools learns about MacBeth, though the contestant seemed dumbfounded so bad mouthed the schools for his ignorance. Cedric went along with him when the Scooby Doo question came up next, stating that was a public school question. Not funny. Cheap shot for a stupid joke at the expense of all those who work hard in the public schools. Not a fan anymore.
  • Cedric needs to be fired NOW

    I'm so glad to see, MAN, that other people, MAN, feel the same way that I do, MAN, about Cedric, MAN. is BEYOND awful. He is practically illiterate and can't even read the friggin' questions when they come up, and one WOULD THINK that being able to read just might be a job qualification to host this show. And his mumbling/stalling/reiterating what the contestant said/pausing after every single answer is given is just ridiculous. And, perhaps worst of all, his humor is juvenile and sop***ric at best. in God's name were the producers of this show thinking when they hired him? The only explanation that comes to mind is that they wanted Steve Harvey (who I also don't like because of his smugness), but because he was unavailable, they went with another overweight black comedian. What other "logic" could there be? PLEASE, PLEASE fire this man immediately, and hire a decent host. next ABC? "Jeopardy" hosted by Snoop Dogg?
  • Full of himself

    Is this Cedric comedy hour? Which he is not funny at all. I have to leave the tv to compose myself, because of his nonstop stupidity. I do in fact mute to watch, but what's the use in watching. I believe I'm done with the show, until a new host shows up.
  • cedric is boring

    i used to love watching the show ,now its just a joke ! CEDRIC really !!!! what u people goin broke cant afford no REAL entertainers! lost a loyal fan of the game!
  • What are the producers 'smoking"

    Cedric is wrong. The smart show hast lost the essence. This man is wrong! From Meredith to Cedric is like moving from the White House to the Shit House.
  • Millionaire Impoverished by Cedric

    I agree with all who no longer watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire since Cedric the (so-called) Entertainer replaced marvelous Meredith. He is so WRONG for this show!
  • PLEASE get rid of Cedric the Entertainer!!!!

    Ardatheffa, your review is on the mark, my words exactly. WWTBAM was also my second favorite show, second also to Jeopardy. Cedric the Entertainer really gets on my nerves, is loud and boisterous, and adds NOTHING to the show. I no longer watch WWTBAM, and I admit I really do miss it. But as long as Cedric it the host, I will NOT be watching.
  • Love Mute Button

    My husband and I can't stand to watch Millionaire now that Cedric has taken over. He is a loud-mouth and his attempt at being funny is revolting. I am thankful for the mute button, which I keep on when he speaks and only listen to the contestant's answer. Please, get a different host so that we can watch it again without getting upset. This was my second favorite show (second only to Jeopardy) but now I am thinking of not watching it anymore. We just can't stand this new host.
  • Pretty exciting to watch

    I like stp by step goals and trying to answer questions to get a million dollars seems to be full of fun. It truley is watching live climactic moments and Regious really is a great game show host who makes the show feel very exciting.
  • say what the question from the board is

    hi love cedric he is fun but he does not he name of the question sometimes saying what the question sometimes is a clue for the answer thankyou
  • Thank God I am NOT the only one!!!3

    I am so disgusted with the show I just had to probe and see if others concur!!! This show is GHETTO NOW!!!! The host is awful and the contestants look like sewer trash. What were these producers thinking? This show is headed no where fast!!!! Its daunting and painful to watch!!! Please bring back Meredith!!!!!!
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