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  • Fire you host or?????

    Get rid of the host for his mean streak and being a time waster instead of giving questions!!!

    I am happy I can record and then fast forward through all the wasted time!!!
  • For a nice guy Chris can be mean-spirited

    Chris is one of the nicest hosts on tv, but i hate the way he makes a contestant think that they've got the wrong answer when it is in fact the right answer. The contestants are already nervous and

    second guessing themselves and don't need to be messed with on top of it. Something I really like about the show is that contestants can now win money once they have reached the $5000 threshold. they are leaving with the money they have won when they have used all lifelines, and don't know the answer to the next question. l would rather see contestants win then lose. It's not fun or entertaining to see people lose. i think this change was a very smart one.

    Another thing that has made the show more entertaining is the different weekly themes. I loved the kids week, and would like to see them on again. you can't please everyone all the time, but i think you are doing a good job overall.
  • 2 suggestions

    Firstly, I know that there's no time limit on answers, but I also know that ABC has access to many highly skilled editors that could spare the viewing public, even if not the benighted studio audience, from having to endure every agonizing twist and turn of some of the more pedantic contestants' 'reasoning' -- yes, even for the $500 and $1000 freebies (effectively). Please, we beg you ABC, take better advantage of those editors' skills to move things along a bit . OK, make that 'move things along a LOT'!.

    Secondly, please change the name of the '50/50' clue to what it really is these days. Namely : 'Remove the 2 least likely answers, so the contestant is then left with a 50/50 toss-up, much to their, the studio audience's, and your viewers' palpable annoyance and frustration.

    Hope those help.

    The verbal simpering of your contestants is nauseating, particularly when the answers are obvious.

    I have not doubt in order to be a contestant such verbal dallying in required. Thank heavens for the

    TV remote. How stupid do you think people are?
  • Dull new host

    Terry Crews got the people hyped and got you into the game. He will be missed. I don't agree with whoever dressed him but for the most part he did a great job. Funny how everyone with negative comments about him can't even spell his name right or know the real reason why he left. Check the ratings now. Guess they went down to appease those with negative reviews . I turn the channel because the new host is so dull he doesnt hold my attention ***nap time***
  • Love Chris Harrison

    Chris Harrison is the best host yet!

    Previous hosts were way too over the top! Chris has just enough humor, dramatic effects, etc.
  • Teacher Bertha

    I am a previous viewer of your show because you fail to have black contestants. My friends have also become former viewers. You need to have more diversity other than occasionally calling a black to try for $1000.

  • Not a fan

    Thanks to all the negative connotations of this show about the latest hosts and the persons that hired them. Now we have a flat out boring show. In fact, I have very little desire left to be on the show now.
  • Gag Me With Hosts!

    My fiance' and I are fans of the show but we couldn't stand Cedric or Cruz, especially Cruz. Cruz was so obnoctious. He acted like a complete idiot. Like a loud monkey out of control jumping all over the place with his big mouth blaring crap. We could only take a few minutes of the show with them before we changed the channel. Who ever hired those guys should be shot and throw their body into an active volcano! Those two hosts were so sickening. But Cruz was so horrible he went right of the chart! How can they be in show business? They are so untalented! And, Cruz dressed like some kind of a clown. Who the heck picked out his wardrobe? Helen Keller?? We are sooooo glad they are gone! Thank God. Now you have a super good host with class and isn't loud and obnocious, nor acts like a chimp out of control! It's about time! Two years of pure torture! Finally!!!
  • Bad bad host!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one lol! That clown is extremely LOUD! Can't even watch the show with him on there, he really acts like a fool! No, a buffoon! I used to like him as an actor, but not as a TV show host! They would have done better sticking with Cedric geez!! At least he wasn't as loud as Terry, and he was funnier to me! Terry is not going to last long as the host I guarantee it, and thanks for that!

    Update: I called it lol. Terry is gone, however, the show is still boring. That boring Chris should have just stayed on those corny Bachelor shows. Is he doing all three shows now? How about giving somebody else a job geez?!
  • Jim Schaum

    The new season has just started with a much better host and already one of this morning's shows was a re-run. Unbelievable !
  • Bummer

    I went through 2yrs. of bad hosts (Cedric & Cruz) and now there's a watchable host but the changed time-slot from 2pm to 2:30 pm means I can't see but 5-10 minutes of it. Have to leave for work. BUMMER!!
  • New host

    I stopped watching when you put Cedric as host. I started watching when you brought Terry in. While I like the traditional game, Terry had some personality but Chris is such a dud & bore who showsshows so little emotion that, once again, you lost me as a fan. My personal favorite was Meredith. I very much enjoy your show but watching & listening to a robot going through the motions has turned me off. I know you can't please everyone & you'll get many who prefer Chris but this fan won't be watching.
  • Back to intelligent show Thanks

    Retired - record and watch at breakfast. No more screaming; no more teasing contestants over and over with same schtick; no more distrust of the scrambling of Q's and their $value (and with that knowing the earlier Q's are not trick Q's); and not so cheap in what contestants can keep/win. It's an informative quiz show again instead of a circus.
  • HELL IS FINALLY OVER! At last, a game show Host who does NOT try to BE THE SHOW


    THANK YOU, THANK you, Thank YOU ABC for finally listening to viewers who love this game. You kept that maniacal fiend Crews too long for all of my friends and relatives (some resent your stubbornness); but, in your own time had a price as you knew. I stopped watching much earlier this yr but heard Chris Harrison replaced Crews from a high schooler while waiting in check-out line. Better late than for Crews to shutdown the show, run it off the air. GLAD TO HAVE YOU CHRIS. GOOD TO SEE THAT YOUR CLOTHES FIT, YOU DON'T LEAP onto stage, and you don't seem to try for lifetime huggable connections with each contestant. Well done. I like you instantly!
  • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!

    What a pleasure to watch "Who wants to be a Millionaire" again!! The new host, Chris Harrison, is perfect! More intelligence driven and thought provoking instead of the dramatic freak show it had become. I'm sorry there are some people who found the old format and hosts (Cedric and Crews) more entertaining, but there is plenty of other "crap" on tv for them to choose from. Thank you!
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    The progression of hosts throughout the life of WWTBAM has been provocative -- each one - Regis, Meredith, Cedric, Terry - has made individual, favorable impressions. Those days are over. What a dull, vapid host! What a pale, lifeless game set! Everything is ruined -- one watch, and I'm out! What else is on?
  • THANK GOD that muscle bouncing bafoon is GONE!

    Thank God they got rid of Crews, I can start watching the show again. That tiddy bouncing muscle bafoon should have been fired the first time he did that. Can you imagine if Meridith bounced or twirled her breasts around on national TV? Think she would have lasted a nano second after doing it? Why the producers didn't fire Crews the very first time he bounced his tits on national TV is beyond me.
  • Chris Harrison: A breath of fresh air!

    So nice to have an intelligent, non-screaming host. It makes the show much more fun to watch and mentally play along.
  • First time, in 17 seasons, I turned the channel to watch something else. WTH! CBS!

    I can't believe this new season. CBS took something that was perfect and destroyed it. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!! Whoever thought of this new way has to be fired! No, I'm not opposed to change, hence have been watching WWM for 17 seasons, but this change is horrible. I turned the channel. I HAVE NEVER TURNED THE CHANNEL! Guess this is good-bye until it gets better.
  • Stupid annoying show

    This show is so bloody stupid now that I just wanna go up there and destroy everything. First of all Terry Crews keeps barking like he's at some kind of kids party. Just shut the fuck up already and get a new catch phrase, seriously whats with that "LET'S PLAY MILLIONAIRE!!" He doesn't stop saying that! Now even some of the contestants get annoying (but not all). They get so freaking excited and scream like crazy when they win the 25000, 15000 or 10000 dollars! Next thing that happens they get a question wrong and leave with just $1000. -Haha sucker, no celebration now?? Moments ago you were going insane with the money. They act so confident as if they will win the million dollars for sure. "Yeah im ready, lets get this million dollars". Yeah right, as if you're really gonna win that. And then, they start blowing all their lifelines in the first couple questions, and then walk away with just 50% when no lifeline is left . WTF! Now those lifelines, they are freaking useless, except the Ask the Audience, thats the only useful one. The +1 doesn't do shit, as the person that they bring is often just as uncertain as them and seems like a waste of time. Jump the question doesnt help to win more money. I liked it better when they had that 50/50 lifeline where 2 wrong answers are gone. Lastly, the questions are so ridiculously stupid and hard that no one would know the answers to those. It's like they're reducing the amount of money that people win, and the fact they walk away with just half the money in first around is just selfish...
  • Contestants Annoying

    Do we have to hear their complete thought process while they come up with a response?

  • What the heck was he wearing!!!???!!!

    This guy that hosts, don't even think I know his name, is flamboyant and narcissistic flashing his pecs and talking just to hear himself talk. And his outfits are ridiculous can't even take the show seriously anymore ugh!

  • Millionaire!!!

    I hope this gets to the executives who run "who wants to be a millionaire". If not could you please forward it to them.

    I have watched this show for many years. But i am currently not enjoying it. I am very concerned about what has happened. I think it has deteriorated to a loud, less substantive and more carnival show.

    My initial concern was the new lifeline called +one. It is of little help compared to ask the audience or jump the question. It can be embarrassing for both the contestant and the +one. You should go back to 2 jumps and one audience.

    Terry Crew is operating at full voice all the time acting like an over energized carnival barker.

    I don't know what other changes have been made . criteria for choosing contestants, but many more are walking away with $1,000. Are you trying to reduce the money that is awarded to contestants?

    I send this because i don't want to stop watching, but i am reaching that point. I hope my comments are of some value.

    Linda Saul

    Toronto, Canada

  • It used to be good!

    I used to enjoy this show, but no more. Hardly anyone ever gets past the first part anymore, and some of the questions are ridiculous things that nobody would know. Also, it doesn't look like they pick the smartest people. Some people talk too much instead of just answering the question.

    I really like Terry Crews on Booklyn 99, but not on this show!
  • Thanks for ruining my fave trivia show

    If I watch now I have to turn the volume off for at least three quarters of the show because Terry Crews is so repugnant. He prances, he screams, he flexes his pecs - he makes ridiculous faces. I have never loathed a host more (and I was just getting to like Cedric the Entertainer). Get rid of this disgustingly obnoxious man!
  • Yay!! New Host Next Sesson!!!

    I Might just start watching Millionaire again!!!

    I'm so happy I found this site with reviews of the hosts of Millionaire! I have always loved this show and looked forward to watching every day until Cedric started hosting. He added nothing to the show and I was so happy when he was replaced with Terry Crews. That lasted for about five minutes. He is the WORST! Please stop yelling!!! I just read that Chris Harrison is slated to replace Crews in the new season. You have NO idea how happy this makes me!!! Thank you to the producers of this show for finally listening to the viewers!
  • Please get rid of Terry and put me out of my misery

    His voice is obnoxious and his attire is even worse. He's also not pleasant to my eyes.
  • puke time

    if he flexs his pecs one more time I am going to puke!