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  • Before my hearing is completely shattered by Crews' screaming, where's his NEW GUY replacement?

    It is a scientific FACT that Amazon river dolphins routinely engage in nasal sex, male to female or male to male, it doesn't matter. As long as their penis can touch another's blowhole it's good sex in dolphin lifestyle. You wrote that you researched the matter, couldn't find anywhere on the web that verifies the "Millionaire" nose-sex answer. Pls check again at knowledgesalad,com and you can read straightaway that the show's researchers got it right.
  • Stupid annoying show

    This show is so bloody stupid now that I just wanna go up there and destroy everything. First of all Terry Crews keeps barking like he's at some kind of kids party. Just shut the fuck up already and get a new catch phrase, seriously whats with that "LET'S PLAY MILLIONAIRE!!" He doesn't stop saying that! Now even some of the contestants get annoying (but not all). They get so freaking excited and scream like crazy when they win the 25000, 15000 or 10000 dollars! Next thing that happens they get a question wrong and leave with just $1000. -Haha sucker, no celebration now?? Moments ago you were going insane with the money. They act so confident as if they will win the million dollars for sure. "Yeah im ready, lets get this million dollars". Yeah right, as if you're really gonna win that. And then, they start blowing all their lifelines in the first couple questions, and then walk away with just 50% when no lifeline is left . WTF! Now those lifelines, they are freaking useless, except the Ask the Audience, thats the only useful one. The +1 doesn't do shit, as the person that they bring is often just as uncertain as them and seems like a waste of time. Jump the question doesnt help to win more money. I liked it better when they had that 50/50 lifeline where 2 wrong answers are gone. Lastly, the questions are so ridiculously stupid and hard that no one would know the answers to those. It's like they're reducing the amount of money that people win, and the fact they walk away with just half the money in first around is just selfish...

    PRODUCERS, as Cirita mentioned, please ask the contestants to limit their "ENTIRE THOUGHT PROCESS," when answering a question. Thank you. Also, you made us Millionaire fans suffer through a whole season by not reading reviews and asking Terry to change those things. . If y'all did read our reviews, please enter a comment on this page. Again, thanks.
  • Contestants Annoying

    Do we have to hear their complete thought process while they come up with a response?

  • What the heck was he wearing!!!???!!!

    This guy that hosts, don't even think I know his name, is flamboyant and narcissistic flashing his pecs and talking just to hear himself talk. And his outfits are ridiculous can't even take the show seriously anymore ugh!

  • Millionaire!!!

    I hope this gets to the executives who run "who wants to be a millionaire". If not could you please forward it to them.

    I have watched this show for many years. But i am currently not enjoying it. I am very concerned about what has happened. I think it has deteriorated to a loud, less substantive and more carnival show.

    My initial concern was the new lifeline called +one. It is of little help compared to ask the audience or jump the question. It can be embarrassing for both the contestant and the +one. You should go back to 2 jumps and one audience.

    Terry Crew is operating at full voice all the time acting like an over energized carnival barker.

    I don't know what other changes have been made . criteria for choosing contestants, but many more are walking away with $1,000. Are you trying to reduce the money that is awarded to contestants?

    I send this because i don't want to stop watching, but i am reaching that point. I hope my comments are of some value.

    Linda Saul

    Toronto, Canada

  • It used to be good!

    I used to enjoy this show, but no more. Hardly anyone ever gets past the first part anymore, and some of the questions are ridiculous things that nobody would know. Also, it doesn't look like they pick the smartest people. Some people talk too much instead of just answering the question.

    I really like Terry Crews on Booklyn 99, but not on this show!
  • Thanks for ruining my fave trivia show

    If I watch now I have to turn the volume off for at least three quarters of the show because Terry Crews is so repugnant. He prances, he screams, he flexes his pecs - he makes ridiculous faces. I have never loathed a host more (and I was just getting to like Cedric the Entertainer). Get rid of this disgustingly obnoxious man!
  • Yay!! New Host Next Sesson!!!

    I Might just start watching Millionaire again!!!

    I'm so happy I found this site with reviews of the hosts of Millionaire! I have always loved this show and looked forward to watching every day until Cedric started hosting. He added nothing to the show and I was so happy when he was replaced with Terry Crews. That lasted for about five minutes. He is the WORST! Please stop yelling!!! I just read that Chris Harrison is slated to replace Crews in the new season. You have NO idea how happy this makes me!!! Thank you to the producers of this show for finally listening to the viewers!
  • Please get rid of Terry and put me out of my misery

    His voice is obnoxious and his attire is even worse. He's also not pleasant to my eyes.
  • puke time

    if he flexs his pecs one more time I am going to puke!
  • Will host

    horrible host can't stand him or the way he talks not a good fit for the show please find a new host
  • Please stop yelling!!!

    I'd love to know if someone who has power reads these messages but here it goes anyway:

    I used to like this show a lot. But I have stopped watching it with Terry Crews as host. Please. Stop. YELLING. It would make a world of difference and would probably have people turn it back on. He seems like a nice guy on talk shows and stuff so I know he can do it. Just Stop.
  • Wants a host to be obnoxious

    I was looking forward to watching one of my old favorite shows. Complete disappointment, an understatement when Who Wants to be A Millionaire Host unleashed an obnoxious, stomach-turning performance. Sorry to say it was just that mad.
  • Headache

    I always need to have my remote close to control the volume. Terry really needs to quit screaming!
  • Someone needs to tell .....

    We use MICROPHONES! You aren't in a stadium where you have to scream to be heard. Look at the tapes of your show and LISTEN TO YOURSELF! You sound like someone who's possessed! What the hell are you thinking with your yelling all the time? Cedric was no 'entertainer' he hollered too and surely wasn't funny, Maybe you listened to him and thought what he was doing was the way to do it. I can't imagine that the producers endorse this crap, but then again, if they have a hearing deficiency, you must sound just fine,,,, TO THEM! Bye Bye Millionaire you'll never have the opportunity to scream at me again. Color me GONE! Too bad that 'score' has no minus scale....
  • Can NOT watch this show!

    Terry Crews is completely ANNOYING! I can stand to hear him scream and watch his silly antics.
  • awful, just awful

    You want to like him but he's just so loud and annoying. The producers should tone him down and he and the show would be so much more watchable. Yelling and screaming isn't a display of enthusiasm.
  • Un professional , professional??

    The last 2 Hosts have been terrible?? Annoying has the right assessment of host and if continued will lose a lot of viewers, You have already lost my family Good bye, Terry is not funny, not smart, and not very professional, Sorry all I can say is DUMB??Paul Bayda
  • whoops

    Your answer options were wrong Bryan Adams sang Summer of 69. Luckily she didn't lose her bank
  • you made a mistake

    who sang "the summer of 69" your answer was ryan adams his name is bryan adams.
  • Worst Host on TV

    I do not understand why a respectable show like Millionaire would hire a clown like terry cruz . He may be a nice person but he makes a fool of himself and the show every episode. Please get rid of him!!!
  • Mute the yeller

    Terry is worse host ever. He yells constantly. I mute the TV

    Please please tell me he is signed for 1 season only

    Hate his clothes

  • why doesn't anyone win the million?

    I love Terry as the host. I think he's the best host so far. I'm feeling discouraged from watching because it feels like every contestant is set up to fail. Only one person, that I'm aware of, has won a million dollars. They should rename the show to, Who wants to win thousands of dollars. Kyle Jennings couldn't even win the million. So disappointing.
  • old yeller

    please make Terry stop yelling, I have watched millionare for years, and I Am trying to continue, but I have to start changing the channel , PLEASE HAVE HIM STOP YELLING so I can still enjoy my show.
  • Everybody Hates Crews

    Where do I begin? His ridiculous entrance? His obnoxious voice? His undersized oddly-fashioned clothes (yes, we know he has muscles)? Actually, I think that sums it up. He doesn't deserve much more of my time. Just get rid of him, please.
  • Terry Crews is loud and rude and all about Terry Crews

    please please please tell me you only signed him for a year in which case I can't wait for it to be over!

    Didn't anybody lay down any ground rules for this guy... Like you don't have to yell all the time, or he will grab the contestant and pull them so hard it looks like you're rattling thier fucking teeth... some of them look terrified!

    I know I'm terrified... I'm terrified you sign this guy for more than a year, please say it ain't so... Like someone else to read on here, pay him off, get rid of PLEASE REPLACE TERRY CREWS WITH ANYONE ELSE YOU CAN FIND.
  • Terry Crews is BRUTAL!!!!!!!!

    I have never written about any tv show in my life (60's) until today. I had to look all over just to find a place to comment. Dont know why Millionaire doesnt have an email, or maybe I do. Just as some comments I see here, I agree that Terry Crews is BRUTAL. Why someone would want a host to just yell ALL the time?? He doesnt just yell "Lets play millionaire" once at the beginning, but all the time. And when he sees the 10g,15g,25g prizes, he just SCREAMS as loud as he can. REALLY!! Plus how he grabs everyone. Disgusting. He has to grab EVERY contestant, and plant his face cheek to cheek in front of the camera. But the screaming is the worst. I, like others here, use my mute button regular, or just fast forward as I tape the show. I will probably stop taping/watching as I am tired of having to fast forward so I dont have to look at his stupid facial expressions. Its to the point that I cant stand the sight of him. Its amazing how a great show can be ruined by a host. I DONT WATCH THE SHOW BECAUSE OF THE HOST. Whoever hired him should be fired!!! Hopefully someone figures out that this guy needs to go. And the turtle necks he you kidding me. Take a look in the mirror Terry. But he probably does, practicing his stupid face when he SCREAMS at the camera. Terry Crews sucks, and sucks bad.
  • The host is horrible

    Can you please replace this man cannot stand his hollering and the way he bounces onto stage pay him out and put someone there that is really professional. when he screams you can see his tonsils the only thing good about him he dresses well thanks plz listen to to all these people!!!!
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