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The SCI FI Channel and legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee present a one-hour weekly reality series that challenged contestants to create their very own superhero. Potential contestants were asked to audition with their idea for a superhero, including a self-made costume. Stan Lee was involved in the choice of candidates to star in the series. The chosen ones were asked to leave their former lives behind and move into a "secret lair" and begin their transformation into their superhero identity. Every week, under the watchful eye of Stan Lee, the superheroes were asked to test their skills, discover their true nature and prove themself as a superhero. Each week Stan decided over who will stay in the lair and who would go home. The grand prize for the winning superhero is to have his or her character star in a Dark Horse Comics comic book written by Lee and appear in an original movie to be aired on Sci Fi Channel. The winner also received a trip for two to Universal Studios Florida to participate in the park's Parade of Superheroes.moreless
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  • Who WOULDN'T want to be a Superhero?

    Stan Lee, an influential comic book artist and writer gives several lucky contestants the chance to become a superhero.

    Even though this series has only been two seasons long, it has given me all I could ask for. It has people with strong morals, comic books, awesome outfits and even cooler challenges. I watched with envy as they developed their inner heroes. Wanting to be right up their with them. But sadly, their has been little news of more casting, but these two seasons will always be close to my heart.

    None of these people are overly attractive, and sex appeal is not one of the deciding factors in this show. Thankfully.

    I love every bit of this show!

    ..Although Parthenon should have never been called when he did.moreless
  • Just when Stan Lee can't fulfil comic book and superhero fans alike, he makes 11 peoples' dreams a reality...

    The concept of the show is that comic book legend Stan Lee takes 11 hopeful superheroes and superheroins, puts them through rigorous tests that challenge them physically, mentally and emotionally and the last one standing wins, and gets their own comic book and Sci-Fi movie. The first season was definetely the best, but the second season, well, it didn't really grab my attention as much as the first one. I'd always forget to watch new eps of the 2nd season, and even missed the finale. maybe it wasn't enough promotional advertising, or something like that, but from what I watched from both seasons, I really am looking forward to a spectacular 3rd season! ^_^moreless
  • Each week, Stan Lee, a comic book artist known for his work with Spiderman and other comics, decides on the next great "superhero" for his comic books, hence the individuals competing to gain immortality through Stan Lee's work.moreless

    This show is a reality show with the prize being immortality instead of a cash prize which is the usual case in most reality shows. I like the way different type of people gather together to fight for this prize of "immortality". While the concept is good, the show needs tuning in how Stan Lee makes his choices. While I was happy with his last week's choice in who should be the "next superhero". Past influences like their former occupations come up in show which may not reflect of who they are now in real life. We, as individuals, are more like the "anti-hero" than we are the "perfect hero". The anti-hero is in our American society as we like from the Marvel world the Punisher. Stan Lee needs to get into the program on how individuals are not cookie-cutter perfect.moreless
  • Supertastic

    This is a reality show hosted by the great comic book creator, Stan Lee. In this contest of heroism, 10 contestants try to become Stan Lee's next great superhero. This season's superhero's include Braid, Mindset, Mr. Mitzvah, Ms. Limelight, Whip-Snap, The Defuser, Hygenia, Hyper-Strike, Parthenon, and Basura. The challenges test their courage and other things you need to be a great superhero. In the show they fight super villains such as Bee Sting and Doctor Dark. Each episode Stan Lee takes out one superhero until there is only one left. The winner of the show will get to be the hero in a Dark Horse comic book, get an action figure of their hero self, and will be featured in a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie. Overall this is a very good show and if you want a show that combines American Idol with Justice League Ulimited then you should really watch this show! Also check out season 1's winner, Feedback, on the the new movie, Megasnake.moreless
  • The only villains in this series are the producers!

    I watched bits and pieces of the first and second seasons, and found them to be contrived and ridiculous.

    In the first season, a portion of the show was devoted to seeing how the "ordinary-citizens-turned-superheroes" would handle a "real-life" situation, by meeting allegedly hardened, handcuffed, "felons" outside of jail walls (yeah, that's realistic!), and talk them into seeing the error of their ways. You didn't have to have X-ray vision to see that the so-called criminals were just very bad actors, yet that didn't stop the superhero-wannabees from shaking in their boots.

    In the second season, the pseudo-heroes were put inside boxes supposedly containing hundreds of bees, and are forced to answer the villainess' dumb questions (that is, the humans have to answer them, not the bees; although, at this point, you'd probably agree that the bees might have been more interesting!). But, if you look carefully, you'll see that a scant few of the flying critters come anywhere near any of the "heroes"; none of the heroes looks at the winged creatures or even shows a simple fright reflex; is that heroism, or the knowledge that there is nothing to fear, because it's all an illusion for the audience's benefit? They showed one hero with a bee on him, but you never see the bee move. When the "torture" (for me, not the heroes) was over, the heroes were doused with what appears to be honey; never mind that the bees would have gone berserk if so molested, which, of course, never happened.

    After the dousing, the wanna-be's (again, the heroes, not the "bees") had to change their honey-soaked costumes for ones that were "professionally" created for them! Then, when they are asked by the emcee how they thought they looked, upon seeing themselves in the mirror, supposedly for the first time since the new costume was given to them, they all said it was fine. Well, what did anyone think they were going to say?!?! "Hey, I wanna win the show, but not THIS badly!" I don't think so! At least one guy showed a bit of honesty, if not bravery, by semi-admitting, away from the emcee's eyes and ears (though, I wonder . . . ) that he thought his original costume was better. In my opinion, ALL their self-made costumes were better! If I had spent the time that the "heroes" apparently did creating their costumes, I would have found SOMEbody to smack upside the head! Again, this is assuming that the whole thing wasn't staged to begin with!

    I am not saying that I'd want to see anyone submitted to a real version of the above, but, hey, at least make the heroes do something truly noble, such as help out at a real soup kitchen or hospital or old-folks home. And don't chastise them for not helping other obviously fake actors, as was set-up for them, though the "heroes" weren't told about it, because they are obviously focused on winning! (if you haven't seen the show, it would take too long to give further explanations; take my word for it: it ain't worth it!)

    Also, I don't mind that anyone is rejected, similar to being voted off the "island" or being told that they're the weakest link (well, SOMEbody's gotta win), but, for heaven's sake, don't keep bringing up the same people, and keeping the ones that give lame excuses for "failing" in the emcee's - - showman extraordinaire, Marvel comics' own, Stan Lee - - opinion. For example, in a recent episode, hero "Mindset" gave the best and most reasonable excuse for his character not being a "team" player, yet he was kicked-off, despite the fact that the other two loser-ups, if you will, had no such excuse - - one of them, "Limelight" couldn't even give details of her own character's super-origins on two, separate occasions! Comic book heroes may need to work together, on occasion, but most do so, separately, without the need of others. Having a show that picks one person over all the others, but forcing them to work together, is contrary to all logic (yet, the pseudo-reality shows just keep on a'comin'!).

    In conclusion, given that the first year's winner was among the most photogenic, it is pretty obvious what the producers are really aiming for. However, this season's crop doesn't have a "looker" among them (at least, if you don't look above some of the women's necks)! However, given that one of the "heroes" is an alleged, real-life hero - - a cop - - he should win hands-down, if only to prevent the inevitable hazing he'll receive, both in his precinct and in the real-world, if he returns empty-handed. Personally, I'd razz him just for appearing on this poor imitation of a circus freak show!moreless

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