Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101 - Series Premiere

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2006 on Syfy
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The contestants meet and learn the location of the "Heroes' Lair". As the contestants meet and interact, a spy in their midst takes notes and reports back to Stan Lee. Finally, a competition is held, but the actual test is not exactly what it originally appears to be. Two contestants are eliminated.moreless

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  • Go Monkey Woman!

    I started watching this show just yesterday and I was amazed with the originality. I never even imagined a reality about superheroes!

    This episode was great (although I can't compare them to rest as this is the only I've seen yet)It was just like a comic, with Rotiart as the Traitor, their secret place, etc.

    The episode's mission was really interesting. I still can't believe some of them didn't payt attention to the little girl who was crying for her mom, come on, it was obvious! The rest of the mission was also important, and I was impresed by Monkey WOman, whjo climb to a three to dress up, really original.

    I'm looking foward to next week's mission.moreless
  • The best natural heroes in the world collide!

    I saw the commercial for this show during an ECW on Sci Fi episode. It really turned me on, because I love superheroes.

    I really didn't know what to expect from this show. I thought I wouldn't be interested very much. Little did I know, that I would soon become a big fan of the show.

    Right from the start, my favorite heroes were Feedback, Tyveculus, Major Victory, Nitro G, and Fat Momma. All of them seemed to have some sort of a "special" something.

    One of my favorite heroes, Nitro G was eliminated at the ending of the first episode. I think he got eliminated because he didn't have a very good explanation for failing a mission.

    Right now, I'm hooked on this show and I will most definately continue to watch it.moreless
  • It stated out with clips of auditions of peaople wanting to be superheroes, thjen when the team was selected they went to a house where a spy watched their every move and listened to their every word.moreless

    I am a big fan of Stan Lee so any show he creates I will watch. I love this show because I love superhero comics, games, movies, and shows. I liked the pilot because it made me question who I could picture as a comic book superhero and who I couldn\'t. I really couldn\'t picture Tyveculus or Fat Mama as comic book heros but I could picture Monkey Woman, The Iron Enforcer, and Lemuria. (I hope I spelled it right.) I agreed with Stan a lttle bit when he said that it seemed like Creature was there to meet hot guys in tights. I also thought The Iron Enforcer\'s costume was a little much.moreless
  • the beginning...just enough to keep me hanging on..lol

    I couldn't wait to see this episode. Getting to see the charactors was interesting, but honestly i was not impressed with the superpowers of these heros ...perhaps i missed something? But none the less, I am hooked. Love Major Victory and Feedback... both play their parts with enthusiasm. Perhaps becasue i like to draw charactors myself and envision them with many different powers and backgrounds etc....I just simply was not impressed with a few of the charactors that Stan Lee accepted for this show. Yet still, it has the potiental for a really good show. I intend to keep watching to see what develops from it.moreless
  • Such a fantastic start to a sure to be fantastic series!

    Wow.. that was simply amazing. I was skeptical at first, I do admit; all of these adults dressing up in super hero costumes in public? Sure they got some awkward looks during their second challenge, but these people are truly entertaining!

    It wasn't hard to realize that the fat man in a garbage can was going to be the "spy"; after all he wasn't in any previews or even mentioned as a character on the website.

    What did surprise me however was how soon they eliminated Levity. Don't get me wrong here; Stan Lee did a great job weeding him out early on in the competition. But seriously.. Creature over Levity? Come on now. Creature was acting like nothing more than a drunk woman at the bar. And I am still unsure what it is that she's supposed to do other than stand around and look like P!nk.

    The second challenge was great; but some of the competitors seemed to forget that they, as superheroes, had to keep their secret identity a secret. You could tell right away who was devoted and who was not. Sure people like Tyveculus and Iron Enforcer managed to dress in secrecy (even Monkey Woman climbed a tree and changed!); but only 3 competitors caught the twist that Stan Lee had placed in this challenge!

    Some that failed miserabally were placed onto the elimination platforms during the following ceremony. And in a shock (at least to me), Nitro G was eliminated. Sure Iron Enforcer is great *coughnot* (and there was no doubt that Monkey Woman was going to stay when she let her tears flow), but come on.. Nitro G got eliminated? I honestly believe he was just singled out because he was the youngest.

    Not only does Iron Enforcer lack the speaking capibilities to make great television; he certainly does not understand what it means to be a hero. Very sad to see Nitro G go and not this oversized ape.

    Will Iron Enforcer be able to make up for lost composure!? Find out next time on.. *big booming announcer voice* Who Wants To Be A Superhero!!!moreless

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