Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 102

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2006 on Syfy
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A challenge includes a test of courage as the superheroes help an elderly women who is locked out of her home. However, to accomplish the task, they have to overcome vicious guard dogs. There are changes in the superheroes' lair as the contestants receive a costume makeover. Also, a new supervillain is revealed.moreless

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  • Now we get to see some true qualities of the HERO...

    Okay for this episode.. I liked it. we got to see who is who and a little peek of our hero's trying to fight some of their fears. As with any type of reality show some have to go and some get to stay...hate to see any have to go but that is part of the show. Attidudes are starting to show now and we get to see the real people behind the hero's. Hero's have a huge role to play in people's lives, and these want to be Hero's are starting to learn. Out of this group it is interesting to see who makes it to the next round. Monkey Woman with the dogs....amazingly heroic..true determination. Major Victory reminds me of the old Batman and Robin tv show with his little one liners and actions....sort of funny in an odd way. The show is really growing on me.moreless
  • Not as goofy as the first episode which is actually pretty refreshing, we got to see some skill tonight...

    I first have to say that I was more than pleased with cell phone girl leaving. She's ok and all but the fact that she runs like a sissy is a little unnerving.

    I liked the attack dog challenge because it wasn't just a "characterization" challenge. It took a lot of strength and will power...I don't even know if I could do it. I have to admit I laughed out loud though when Iron Enforcer broke down like a little girl a foot away from the door. And who knows, they could have dragged out the time for monkey woman to make it seem a little more heroic but possibly not. If she DID in fact fight past dogs for ten minutes I'm very very much impressed.

    I think we can all agree that the little twist there at the end making Iron Enforcer, the Dark Enforcer...dun dun dun...is the reason we're hooked on this show. That or we're just a bunch of nerds ;) NO! Really! It constantly takes things away from the idiotically mundane that is most elimination shows...and we all hate the guy anyway might as well make it worth his while!moreless
  • Another great episode, proving once again that Stan Lee is a master of the game.

    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat, as did the series premiere. The contestants are judged on how how they deal with attack dogs (they were wearing safety suits) while attempting to help an elderly woman who had locked her keys in her home.

    Immediately afterwards, there was another elimination round, and I agree with Stan Lee\'s decision as to who was eliminated.

    Rounding out the end of the show, the superheroes received costume makeovers. Highlighting once again that he\'s always watching, Mr. Lee was disappointed when superhero blatantly lied about liking his new costume, but commenting to the others about how much he disliked it.

    The end of the episode shows Iron Enforcer being booted off for not just being a \"superhero\" and instead being asked by Mr. Lee to return as a Super Villain to help test the rest of the contestants. Thus, the Dark Enforcer is born.

    To be honest, that seemed incredibly fake and forced to me. I realize it\'s good TV, but I just don\'t see the point. He was incensed that he was eliminated, but turned around and immediately accepted the offer to continue to help Mr. Lee. Just didn\'t seem real to me.

    But, as I said, this is fun and good TV, and I can\'t wait to watch the rest of the episodes.moreless
  • After the superheros answer some pretty tough questions and they get attacked by dogs, they get a makeover, proving that at all times they are being watched by the great Stan Lee.moreless

    This episode was packed with stuff going on right from the beginning. At first, when Stan asked each of them to submit questions that they wanted to ask each other, I thought that wouldn\\\'t it be nice if every reality show did that? I mean, those were some pretty blunt questions, but it takes away the facade of perfectness and gets down to the gritty truth. And then, when Stan said that not only did they have to display emotional courage, but also physical courage, in the face of vicious attack dogs - wow, that was nuts! But I can\\\'t believe how quickly Creature gave up, or how Iron Enforcer was 12 inches from the door! And then, in a somewhat jovial task, each of the superheros were given makeovers, which proved to be another test in and of itself. I hated to see Tyveculus almost eliminated, but my husband and I jumped for joy when Iron Enforcer was. And then, right at the very end, just when you think you can\\\'t hate Iron Enforcer anymore, they go and make him a supervillian! What an insane show! But I absolutely loved that comic twist on it. Can\\\'t wait to see just how evil he really is.moreless
  • the heros battle vicious dogs and get new costumes

    this was a ok episode tho not near as good as the first one. i really dont like how they vote two people off every episode. well the dog challenge was pretty interesting, most of the girls were just draged around and i couldnt believe that the iron inforcer just gave up when he was so close! i really liked that monkey woman finished even tho it took her so long, it made me like her a lot more. finnally iron inforcer was voted off!! and to make things more intertaining he was made the villain which should spice up the show a little more!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After being eliminated, Iron Enforcer has become a supervillain known as "The Dark Enforcer" to aid Stan Lee in making life difficult for the remaining superheroes.

    • In the first elimination challenge the bottom three superheroes were Cell Phone Girl, The Iron Enforcer and Creature. Cell Phone Girl was eliminated.

      In the second elimination challenge the bottom three superheroes were The Iron Enforcer, Feedback and Ty'Veculus. The Iron Enforcer was eliminated.

    • Fat Momma tries to outfox the dogs by throwing out a doughnut distractor. The dogs ignore it completely. But once Fat Momma yells "Uncle", the dogs go back and get that doughnut before running offscreen.

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    • Iron Enforcer: (about Creature's hair) She looks like a homeless Princess Leia.

      Princess Leia in Star Wars had the famous buns twirled on the side of her head hair style.