Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 103

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

An eliminated superhero returns to the series... as a super villain! The Superheroes face the temptation to reveal their secret identity. A competition tests the Superheroes' fear of heights. A final competition tests the Superheroes' ability for self-sacrifice. Two Superheroes are eliminated.

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  • This was a good episode with the Dark Enforcer tricking Monkey Woman and getting her eliminated.

    The episode had began with Stan telling the superheroes that every great hero had a villain as he introduced th Iron Enforcer as evil and now being called the Dark Enforcer. After he threatened that he was going to take them all out, Stan told the Superheroes that their task was to buy food at a local restaurant. When they all got back from the restaurant, the Dark Enforcer showed Stan hidden cameras which showed everybody except Feedback and Fat Momma giving out their secret identity. Monkey Woman, who also told the waiter how to get on TV was then eliminated by Stan for lying to him, saying she was in real estate. The 6 remaining then had to save a girl who was on a burning roof by going across a plank blindfolded. They all did it but they found out that they did not walk across the building. Stan, then told the others that they get to chose who would get eliminated. Everybody chose themselves except for Tyveculus and Fat Momma. At the elimination, Those two were nominated and Tyveculus got eliminated. This was a good episode because of the Dark Enforcer tricking the superheroes.moreless
  • fat mama gets mad

    this was a good episode though maybe a little to much drama. the tasks were easy and i was suprised at how many people lost the superhero idenity thing. the second one was easy too though i think that only creature ment what she said, leameria mad me angery when she said st the end that she hadnt ment it, i hope she gets kicked off next, and fat mama mad me mad for thinking that all of them lied about it, she needed to take a chill pill.moreless
  • Now it really hits the fan( and fans')....

    well, to say that this episode didnt' have a lot in it would be an understatement.... Lemuria and Fat Mama? what is their problem? They both need to calm down... and Ty being the first to point the finger at his team mates...? What hero would do that unless someone was really hurt by thier actions etc...? Was saddened to see Monkey Woman go, but i guess her ulterior motives for doing the show is against Stan Lee's desires for the out come of this show. Feedback and the Dark Enforcerer ...their little confrontation was good to see... I hope to see more of that kind of action in the future with this show. I could give Stan Lee a lot of ideals for this show, but, I am sure he gets enough of that.lol (waiting for the next episode...lol)

  • Fat Momma gone bad! Dark Inforcer causes trouble!

    In this episode Fat Momma goes all mean and hateful towards everyone. The Dark Inforcer was a god addition to the show. I know that he was the Iron Enforcer but now he is a bad bad guy. It is fun to have a bad guy on a show, but Fat Momma is becoming mean. I liked Fat Momma before she got all angry, but I guess it adds hero conflict like the Fantastic Four. This episode got rid of my favorite costume, which was the costume that Ty had. The helmet was sweeeeeeeeT with a super T. This episode was pretty swell.moreless
  • What happened this week?!

    This episode was just not up to the quality of the last couple of shows. There was more drama less fun. The heroes reacted so wierd to the Iron Enforcer coming back as the Dark Enforcer. I really think that there was a lot of editing to that fight that happened, I mean it went from 0 to 60 in .000000001 seconds. It was ridiculous. Fat Momma was the most annoying character this week. And Creature is still on! Come on! I mean she totally lost sight of her objective at the end by swearing revenge on all the other heroes. I thought Major Victory did a good job of trying to calm her down. Feedback was really intense and he had a good stand off with Dark Enforcer. I wasn't as sad to see Ty go as I thought I would be, it wasn't really that emotional. He made the make mistake of pointing the finger at somone else. It was bound to happen.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When the Dark Enforcer first entered the superheroes lair, Creature held a pillow above her head like she was going to protect herself by throwing the pillow at him.

    • During the challenge to get a take-out meal from the nearby resturant, only Feedback and Fat Momma do not give up their secret identity.

    • All remaining heroes succeed at the final (supposedly) challenge this episode by facing their fears. Stan Lee asks them to then pick who they think should be eliminated and most, except Fat Momma and Tyveculus show self-sacrifice. Fat Momma shows concern for Feedback but Tyveculus is honest about believing that Lemuria should go home. Fat Momma and Tyveculus end up on the hot seat and Tyveculus goes home.

    • In the promotion clips for this episode, Ty'Veculus is shown to exclaim exclaimed, in a very superhero tone, "What is this treachery!?" upon meeting Dark Enforcer for the first time. However, in the episode itself for some reason the word "treachery" was cut so that instead he exclaimed "What is this?".

    • When asked by Stan to do so, Fat Mama places the trash can next to Monkey Woman upon her elimination. The camera then cuts away breifly. When it cuts to a scene of all the superheroes, the can has moved away from Monkey Woman.

    • While berating the superheroes for revealing their identities, Stan Lee mentions Clark Kent and Peter Parker had resisted this kind of urge. *COMIC SPOILER* But in recent months in the Marvel Comics spanning Civil War mini-series, Spider-Man willingly unmasked to the world.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Dark Enforcer: You'd be surprised what you can find out with a little bribery, and a restaurant filled with hidden cameras.

    • Creature: Other people became angry that the Iron Enforcer became the Dark Enforcer mostly because they don't know what's gonna happen in the game now.

    • Stan Lee: Morning, true believers! Every superhero has a supervillain. In some ways, the supervillain is almost as important as the superhero himself. In fact, sometimes it seems that the supervillain defines the superhero.

    • Stan Lee: The number one rule of being a superhero is: you never divulge your true identity! Look at Clark Kent or Peter Parker. How many times have they been tempted to reveal who they really are? Unlike what happened with most of you, it would've taken a lot more than a little flirtation for them to reveal their true identities.

    • Major Victory: I am so screwed! I gave up my true identity. I have a new name... Major Dumbass!

    • Lemuria: This is nuts. I'm five stories off the ground and I'm terrified and now the wind's started blowing like a fricken hurricane!

    • Monkey Woman: But Monkey Woman will definitely live on somewhere, in a tree near you, you'll be hearing the tell-tale ooh ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh!

    • Major Victory: I hope this doesn't mess up my hair!

    • Stan Lee: It was a very generous and heroic thing to say. However, there were two of you who were somewhat less than generous in that area who pointed a derogatory finger at another contestant. Superheroes would never sacrifice a fellow hero, they'd choose to take the bullet themselves.

    • Stan Lee: I'm sorry for tricking you but remember, this was a test of courage, not your ability to fly.

    • Major Victory: Hold your hands on my sexy hips, they're kinda sexy.

    • Lemuria: Of course I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win this game. Stan's gonna have to do a lot more than that to outsmart me.

    • Fat Momma: (to Stan) I'm really sad to see him go. I would've preferred that you pick me over him. I feel like my spirit is broken.

    • Stacy: What's your real name?
      Feedback: I can't disclose my secret identity.

    • Dark Enforcer: None of you deserve to be on the show and I'm taking everyone of you out!

    • Stan Lee: Morning, true believers! Every superhero has a supervillain. In some ways, the supervillain is almost as important as the superhero himself. In fact, sometimes it seems that the supervillain defines the superhero.

    • Lemuria: (To Fat Momma) Kiss my natural brown ass!

    • Dark Enforcer: (after the superheroes expressed shock that he had arrived in their lair) Shut Up!
      Fat Momma: We even put up with your body odor!
      Lemuria: (To Fat Momma) Shut up!

    • Major Victory: (To Dark Enforcer)I don't know what you're talking about I was hella funny.

    • Dark Enforcer: I'm gonna make you all pay!

    • Major Victory: Today, I am a wiener. Not a winner.

  • NOTES (3)