Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 104

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The final five superheroes are faced with a challenge where they must uphold the law. Later, the superheroes are challenged by a task which involves them reforming convicted felons.

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  • The superheroes are confronted with their own dirty laundry, as presented by their friends and family. Creature is sent packing. The remaining four must each perform a "secret task" while conversing with supposedly dangerous and unstable inmates.moreless

    Quite frankly, I'm glad Creature and Lemuria are gone. Lemuria showed that she wasn't superhero material when she forced herself onto the inmate's lap. I have no real objection to Creature, but I don't think I'd be interested in buying a Creature comic book. I'm not even sure what her superpower is. And to any of you who are curious, the female inmate was indeed an actress - Dot Jones. I'm not sure of the male inmate though. I really doubt Stan Lee would risk a lawsuit for realism. The waiver was a nice touch, though. I am relieved that the three worthiest candidates IMO are now the Final Three. Best of luck to Fat Momma, Feedback, and Major Victory!moreless
  • A bit boring, but a great finish!

    Really, I knew the results of this episode before it even aired. I knew Lemuria and Creature were going to get out soon, so why not in this episode?

    It was a pretty boring episode to watch, I mean really, nothing happened.

    The first challenge involved The Dark Enforcer, who interviewed friends and family of each superhero. This was truly boring, as all the friends and family members had nothing horrible to say about the superheroes. Creature was eliminated, when it was revealed that she broke her "keep the world clean" attitude all along, as her friend called her a "litter bug".

    The next challenge was a lot more interesting. It revealed a lot about each of the remaining characters. At this point, Feedback became my new favorite superhero, with Fat Momma in second. Lemuria was eliminated, when she could not complete her challenge, while all of the others did.

    At the end of the episode, both, Fat Momma and Feedback had some very emotional speeches directed toward Stan. I could tell Stan was trying to hold in a few tears.

    Three superheroes remain... Who will be the next superhero?moreless

    The female convict that the heroes had to help was an actress! She was played by Dot Jones! She's an actress that's been all over the place! Look!


    She played the gym teacher on Lizzie Mcguire! They obvisously couldn't use real convicts on the show, that would put the heros in too much danger, so they used an actress. She looks the part too, in fact, from what I read, she's a several time arm wrestling world champion! And now I'm out of things to say. I really hate that word count minimum! Couldn't the just make it like 50? Hey, that workds...moreless
  • they talk to criminals

    this was a pretty good episode, creature was the first to be eliminated, which i was pretty sad about i didnt relize how much her caracter had grown one me,tho i didnt want major victory to be eliminated either. i wouldnt have minded if fat mama had gone because she has been geting more annoying with each episode. the second chalnge was fun to watch and i wonder if feedback will actually write that guy. lumeria was kicked off and i was glad she was getting annoying too, though i have to say that she did have the hardest task.moreless
  • This episode actually touched me some....emotionally!

    This episode did not really suprise me much but, I have to admit that it did touch me in some ways... Feedback's comments about his Dad and referring to Stan Lee as a father figure......well, it sort of touched my heart...feeling much the same way as feed back..Stan's comics have touched alot of us comic fans in many ways. For some reason I am still hooked on Major Victory though....he is kind of funny in an odd sort of way... I have to disagree with Stan Lee on one thing he said in this episode however...." a superhero never gives up his costume " (so to speak) but if a real hero were to help another person.....he or she would use anything available....would they not? That would include using thier cape or whatever to get the job done....or am I wrong on this? Creature jay-walked....lol that was funny..... Hated to see Lemuria go though...she was kind of cool.....and I really liked her costume. Sorry, but I am still not that impressed with Fat Moma.....I like her don't get me wrong...just haven't seen anything to really impress me with her yet, except her kindness, that seems to be truley ginuine from her....Looking forward to the next episode.moreless
Steel Chambers

Steel Chambers

Supervillian - Dark Enforcer

Guest Star

Dot Jones

Dot Jones

Female Prisoner

Guest Star

Franklin Dennis Jones

Franklin Dennis Jones

Prison Guard

Guest Star

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    • (Speaking to a police officer who was giving out tickets)
      Fat Momma: Excuse me sir, you're parked in a loading zone and you ain't unloadin' nothin'! Now I don't think it's right for you to be givin' all these people tickets when you ain't followin the law yourself!
      (The officer laughs then walks off)

    • Feedback: Stan Lee is the father that I never knew. He's the one that gave me the instruction manual for my life. He can... he can... he can crush me with a word just like he can lift me up into the sky with another. He called me son tonight. That's not something I hear a lot.

    • Stan Lee: No matter what I say, no matter what I do, you just can't seem to keep your clothes on! I spoke to you about this in the last elimination and yet, just a few hours ago, when you spoke to that inmate, your cape and gloves were quickly removed.
      Major Victory: Old habits are hard to break, sir.
      Stan Lee: I'm afraid the tights might be next!
      Major Victory: I promise you, they will stay on, sir.

    • Major Victory: It felt great to complete my secret task but I was a little worried about Feedback. He has to hug this guy three times... You know what? I'm gonna miss Feedback.

    • Major Victory: This guy is big and scary. He's a convicted felon. I have to give him a massage. I think I'm gonna die.

    • Feedback: (rushing past a lingerie store) Okay, no, no. Please, children, do not look, please move along, there's nothing to see, you'll learn about this later.

    • Major Victory: My friend Austin was a little bit confused, I used to wear flip-flops and that's why they called me Thong Man. It had nothing to with wearing something inside my butt crack.

    • Stan Lee: I know that Major Victory can't keep his costume on. But Thong Man, we have not been introduced to that particular superhero.

    • Major Victory: Sir, that bag does not go with that outfit. Men don't carry those bags. If anything we wear spandex like this.

    • Feedback: I know It's going to sound corny but Spiderman has helped me to become a man.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although not credited, this episode features family and friends of the superheroes. We meet Regina (Creature's friend), Sarah (Feedback's wife), Laverne (Fat Momma's mother), Austin (Major Victory's former co-worker) and Brandy (Lemuria's friend).

    • Though not revealed on the show, both of the inmates used in tonights challenge are actually character actors featured on skit shows like Mind of Mencia.

    • Both Creature and Lemuria are eliminated in this episode.


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