Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 105

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2006 on Syfy
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The final three superheroes compete. In this episode we see the superheroes visit a school where they meet children who are asked to judge them. Also, the superheroes compete in a challenge where they must seek the supervillain "Dark Enforcer" in a public place. Emotions run high as one superhero is eliminated.moreless

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  • Major Victory gets kicked out...

    What a strange episode! Although Major Victory was probably taking the whole thing less seriously than the other 2 contestants, it was surprising to see him booted off. After all - what makes a Superhero more likeable is the ability to have a sense of humour. Yet - this is what made this character leave the show!?! Watching Fat Mama eat her way through one of the tasks and watching Feedback cry his way through most eliminations - I mean which Superhero does these things??? Very strange selection for the final two...moreless
  • "Being a superhero is not about who's the funniest." So it's about who is the laziest glutton? Or some dour dweeb?

    OK, it's fake. They're actors. Surrounded by actors. But I actually found myself pulling for the Victory character BECAUSE of his humor. Facing adversity with HUMOR is the very trademark of a true superhero. Got that, Stan.

    But as bad as Victory's dismissal was, the retention of Fat Momma week after week is a travesty. This obese slob, with no sense of urgency, is an object lesson in a lifetime of bad habits. She should be renamed Diabetes Girl. Because she is well on her way.

    Feedback is not a bad guy. But he is a colorless drone. For Victory to lose to Dweebback is also unfortunate. Get real, Stan.moreless
  • Let down the few fans they had.

    I watched the pilot of this show expecting to laugh it off as more "Sci-fi original" crap. With limited exception (Battlestar, SG), the worst shows on cable are "Sci-Fi Originals." The only reason I watched past the first show was Major Victory. Period. I'm a nerd, I dig comic books, but what I saw was a bunch of jokers taking this premise entirely too seriously. Major Victory added entertainment - and I don't just mean the humor he contributed. From the first episode I was sure he'd win, and following episodes continued to point towards that conclusion. The only time he was on the chopping block was for stupid reasons (taking off his cape for a lady to cross a puddle).

    This episode proved that the challenges offered the contestants are purely arbitrary. Major Victory was the only competitor that did not finish last in either challenge: he was second-place in the schoolroom, and first place at Universal. The events of the second competition tell me that Stan Lee's idea of a superhero is either A) someone who spends an inordinate amount of time trying to pick up a penny with gloves on, or B) an obese person in a ridiculous outfit who spends almost an hour mooching food off of strangers. Apparently senile and/or homeless people belong in the comics.

    Major Victory was a good competitor (he succeeded in almost every event aired), and he was also - literally - the only entertainment the show offered. If I want to see geeks scrambling for fame, I'll watch G4/TechTV. Stan shot himself in the foot on this one.

    I, for one, will not be watching the finale.moreless
  • This episode let me down big time.....so dissapointed, I couldn't beleive the end result at all.

    wow.....can't beleive this episode at all....it was unbeleivable. the first challenge was okay.....I knew that Fat Moma would do well , after all she is a mother and knows how to interact with kids....Major Victory..is a charactor and did really well with the kids....not for the challenge wise of telling about his powers all that well, but still did well witht the kids. Feedback talked to the kids like they were adults.....not so good, but yes, he did explain his powers etc...as the challenge was put out to be. Seeing their possible book covers was awesome...all three looked good. But the next challenge, finding the bad guy......The Dark Enforcer.......well, to put it mildly...Major Victory did the best in all regards in my opinion followed by FeedBack, both did really well and FeedBack probably did the best in hero fashion but Major Victory did it faster. Fat Momma? What a dissappointment....eating from everyone in the place that she could.....taking double the time to find the Dark Enforcer........she had no care in the world about possible hostages or anything.....a total dissapointmen to me. Then the emotional scenario with feeling so bad for Feedback and that she didn't want to win like he did etc...If she was trying to reach a sympathy vote from Stan or someone she must have succeeded...but not with me. Although I am sure she felt what she felt concerning Feedback....the second challenge should have had her eliminated with no second guessing , no doubts what so ever. But instead Major Victory is let go because he is too funny? What? Wow....I am so dissapointed with that decision that I may not even watch the last episode. Yes!! I was that dissapointed with it. Best of luck to both the remaining hero's.....moreless
  • people are trying to be superheros. As the title suggests

    SO I'm watching the show, and they said that they are going to be around hardened crimnals, and who was the first hardened criminal I see, the Lizzie McGwuire Gym Coach. The show was really stressing that they were "real hardened criminals" So far the first two people that they encountered are actors, I've seen them before, Just think you'll remember them. I don't think there's nothing wrong with the ex-stripper being a superhero, although stripper man would be cool superhero, especially since he reminds me of a superhero. Plus if you look when Stan is talking what superhero is directly behind him, Striperella.moreless

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