Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 106 - Season Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2006 on Syfy
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The two Superheroes that remain travel to a "stunt school". Later they have one-on-one conversations with Stan Lee. The winner is proclaimed.

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  • Well, not really a surprise.

    I'm glad Feedback won. I think out of all of them, he appreciates the win more, and is like a little kid in a candy shop (actually, I am quite jealous). I'm looking forward to the movie and comic, I just hope the graphics are a bit better in the movie. The ending was nice with Stan finally making an appearance. Hopefully Season 2 will be as good if not better. I have always loved comics and Superheroes, and I don't think Stan Lee realizes how much he has changed everyone's life who has ever heard of Spiderman, Hulk, or Fantastic Four (to mention a few). I'm glad he has brought it to the TV screen, to see how his mind works.moreless
  • With the announcement of the winner the show is over for now but not forgotten

    This epiode was pretty slow with the two remaining heroes going to stunt school to gain thier "powers" and thier confrontaion with stan alone to see why they should pretty much win.

    Even though I was rooting for feedback to win I was still hurt when fat momma was eliminated and wss the last heroe to turn in thier costume and walk away. It was great to see the old superheroes back for this show and even see dark enforcer back into his iron enforcer outfit if only for this episode.

    I would of given this episode I higher score than I did but this episode didn't go anywhere and didn't have that edge that the other episodes had and thats why this show bombed by me and other reviewers.

    Now I look forward to the feedback comic and movie just likve many of you all and hope that the movie is acturally good because some of the scifi saturday night movies stink out loud.

    THE END?moreless
  • The winner is: Feedback....like that was going to be a shocker. No offense to Fat Momma, but Feedback wanted it more, and the bottomline is that Fat Momma just basically gave up.moreless

    I was so dissappointed with the previous episode that i wasn't even going to watch the final show of the season. However fifteen minutes into the show I had to watch the finish. Fat Momma was really disappointing in the stunt maneuvers... Both gave a good speech on their personal hero's, very emotional moments for both. Feedback truely wanted to win, he wanted to be the superhero, and he got it. Their movie scenes were good for both hero's, both looked rather good. All in all though I thought Feedback just looked better in the print, perhaps because I like blue, but whatever, he looked good in comic style drawing. After the winner was announced (FeedBack), most of the hero's that had to turn in their costumes were there to congradulate the winner, Fat Momma was just as happy for Feedback as if she had won herself......my hats off to her for that....she truley is a wonderful human being..all heart. Not a bad series all in all, but I am wondering if there will be another season of it. Watching them do the stunt moves etc...was well worth watching the final episode. Congratulations to Feedback may his hero be a great one in the comics to come.(Looking forward to seeing the comic books.)moreless
  • Feedback won't have any shelf life as a "superhero". The "real" winners were: Victory, Creature, and Lumeria.

    As all these contestants were seeking to kickstart or renew their careers in entertainment, it's easy now to see who the real winners were. I'm afraid Feedback wasn't among them. At least not as a superhero. However, if he ever wants to tryout for the role of corporate or governmental villain, he may be in for some success. Think of him as a new Ronny Cox (VP Kinsey in Stargate SG1, Dick Jones in Robocop, or Cohaagen in Total Recall).

    Victory, on the other hand, probably will get some serious casting calls. He had it. Screen presence, that is. And it showed in his popularity with fandom. Lemuria, meanwhile, displayed some strong cross ethnic appeal. Latin audiences will like her and her style, and she also had appeal for White, Asian, and Black audiences. (BTW, why, oh, why, if they were bound and determined to avoid putting two White men in the finals, didn't they find some way to include Lemuria? Fat Momma will be one stale donut come Monday morning. Oblivion for her.) Finally, Creature may even have a chance at a quirky career. Isn't it about time somebody replaced Lori Petty as Hollywood's reigning vegetarian kook?moreless
  • Not as powerful as the first few episodes but a fitting end.

    Who Wants to be a Superhero is a corny show. In a lot of ways, that is the best part of it. It's been tongue and cheek since the get-go and while much of it seems staged... was generally entertaining. The challenges involving helping the little girl, braving the dogs, not giving up their real names, and even the inmate visit were fun television. If 'Feedback' is really as genuine as the show portrays him, than I, for one, am happy that he won and his dream came true. Most of the contestants behaved gracefully throughout the series and the majority were likable.

    It is a good form of escapism and tries to emphasize positive qualities (honesty, perseverence, self-sacrifice, kindness...) and while I didn't agree with every elimination (and agreed with Fat Momma that the self-sacrifice at times seemed forced) at least this show had an original angle that refreshed the bored reality show format. First Reality show I ever really liked.moreless
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Steel Chambers

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