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  • Who WOULDN'T want to be a Superhero?

    Stan Lee, an influential comic book artist and writer gives several lucky contestants the chance to become a superhero.
    Even though this series has only been two seasons long, it has given me all I could ask for. It has people with strong morals, comic books, awesome outfits and even cooler challenges. I watched with envy as they developed their inner heroes. Wanting to be right up their with them. But sadly, their has been little news of more casting, but these two seasons will always be close to my heart.

    None of these people are overly attractive, and sex appeal is not one of the deciding factors in this show. Thankfully.

    I love every bit of this show!

    ..Although Parthenon should have never been called when he did.
  • Just when Stan Lee can't fulfil comic book and superhero fans alike, he makes 11 peoples' dreams a reality...

    The concept of the show is that comic book legend Stan Lee takes 11 hopeful superheroes and superheroins, puts them through rigorous tests that challenge them physically, mentally and emotionally and the last one standing wins, and gets their own comic book and Sci-Fi movie. The first season was definetely the best, but the second season, well, it didn't really grab my attention as much as the first one. I'd always forget to watch new eps of the 2nd season, and even missed the finale. maybe it wasn't enough promotional advertising, or something like that, but from what I watched from both seasons, I really am looking forward to a spectacular 3rd season! ^_^
  • Each week, Stan Lee, a comic book artist known for his work with Spiderman and other comics, decides on the next great "superhero" for his comic books, hence the individuals competing to gain immortality through Stan Lee's work.

    This show is a reality show with the prize being immortality instead of a cash prize which is the usual case in most reality shows. I like the way different type of people gather together to fight for this prize of "immortality". While the concept is good, the show needs tuning in how Stan Lee makes his choices. While I was happy with his last week's choice in who should be the "next superhero". Past influences like their former occupations come up in show which may not reflect of who they are now in real life. We, as individuals, are more like the "anti-hero" than we are the "perfect hero". The anti-hero is in our American society as we like from the Marvel world the Punisher. Stan Lee needs to get into the program on how individuals are not cookie-cutter perfect.
  • Supertastic

    This is a reality show hosted by the great comic book creator, Stan Lee. In this contest of heroism, 10 contestants try to become Stan Lee's next great superhero. This season's superhero's include Braid, Mindset, Mr. Mitzvah, Ms. Limelight, Whip-Snap, The Defuser, Hygenia, Hyper-Strike, Parthenon, and Basura. The challenges test their courage and other things you need to be a great superhero. In the show they fight super villains such as Bee Sting and Doctor Dark. Each episode Stan Lee takes out one superhero until there is only one left. The winner of the show will get to be the hero in a Dark Horse comic book, get an action figure of their hero self, and will be featured in a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie. Overall this is a very good show and if you want a show that combines American Idol with Justice League Ulimited then you should really watch this show! Also check out season 1's winner, Feedback, on the the new movie, Megasnake.
  • The only villains in this series are the producers!

    I watched bits and pieces of the first and second seasons, and found them to be contrived and ridiculous.

    In the first season, a portion of the show was devoted to seeing how the "ordinary-citizens-turned-superheroes" would handle a "real-life" situation, by meeting allegedly hardened, handcuffed, "felons" outside of jail walls (yeah, that's realistic!), and talk them into seeing the error of their ways. You didn't have to have X-ray vision to see that the so-called criminals were just very bad actors, yet that didn't stop the superhero-wannabees from shaking in their boots.

    In the second season, the pseudo-heroes were put inside boxes supposedly containing hundreds of bees, and are forced to answer the villainess' dumb questions (that is, the humans have to answer them, not the bees; although, at this point, you'd probably agree that the bees might have been more interesting!). But, if you look carefully, you'll see that a scant few of the flying critters come anywhere near any of the "heroes"; none of the heroes looks at the winged creatures or even shows a simple fright reflex; is that heroism, or the knowledge that there is nothing to fear, because it's all an illusion for the audience's benefit? They showed one hero with a bee on him, but you never see the bee move. When the "torture" (for me, not the heroes) was over, the heroes were doused with what appears to be honey; never mind that the bees would have gone berserk if so molested, which, of course, never happened.

    After the dousing, the wanna-be's (again, the heroes, not the "bees") had to change their honey-soaked costumes for ones that were "professionally" created for them! Then, when they are asked by the emcee how they thought they looked, upon seeing themselves in the mirror, supposedly for the first time since the new costume was given to them, they all said it was fine. Well, what did anyone think they were going to say?!?! "Hey, I wanna win the show, but not THIS badly!" I don't think so! At least one guy showed a bit of honesty, if not bravery, by semi-admitting, away from the emcee's eyes and ears (though, I wonder . . . ) that he thought his original costume was better. In my opinion, ALL their self-made costumes were better! If I had spent the time that the "heroes" apparently did creating their costumes, I would have found SOMEbody to smack upside the head! Again, this is assuming that the whole thing wasn't staged to begin with!

    I am not saying that I'd want to see anyone submitted to a real version of the above, but, hey, at least make the heroes do something truly noble, such as help out at a real soup kitchen or hospital or old-folks home. And don't chastise them for not helping other obviously fake actors, as was set-up for them, though the "heroes" weren't told about it, because they are obviously focused on winning! (if you haven't seen the show, it would take too long to give further explanations; take my word for it: it ain't worth it!)

    Also, I don't mind that anyone is rejected, similar to being voted off the "island" or being told that they're the weakest link (well, SOMEbody's gotta win), but, for heaven's sake, don't keep bringing up the same people, and keeping the ones that give lame excuses for "failing" in the emcee's - - showman extraordinaire, Marvel comics' own, Stan Lee - - opinion. For example, in a recent episode, hero "Mindset" gave the best and most reasonable excuse for his character not being a "team" player, yet he was kicked-off, despite the fact that the other two loser-ups, if you will, had no such excuse - - one of them, "Limelight" couldn't even give details of her own character's super-origins on two, separate occasions! Comic book heroes may need to work together, on occasion, but most do so, separately, without the need of others. Having a show that picks one person over all the others, but forcing them to work together, is contrary to all logic (yet, the pseudo-reality shows just keep on a'comin'!).

    In conclusion, given that the first year's winner was among the most photogenic, it is pretty obvious what the producers are really aiming for. However, this season's crop doesn't have a "looker" among them (at least, if you don't look above some of the women's necks)! However, given that one of the "heroes" is an alleged, real-life hero - - a cop - - he should win hands-down, if only to prevent the inevitable hazing he'll receive, both in his precinct and in the real-world, if he returns empty-handed. Personally, I'd razz him just for appearing on this poor imitation of a circus freak show!
  • It's an okay show, but there a lot of little things that make the show not as good as it could be.

    Who Wants to be a Superhero is a reality show that about ten people try to become the next great superhero and become in a comic book by the host, Stan Lee. This show is good in the fact that there is always something that happens that you did not expect. The show has other weak points. For example, some of the reasons that people get eliminated by Stan are not good reasons and I feel that others should have gone and the lighting sequence when the eliminated person's costume gets destroyed is also corny. Also, the villains in the show are poor actors and tell the superhero's exactly where they are which would not really happen. Overall, its a good show, but I don't see it going on the air for much longer.
  • this show is a complete waste of time. i dont think it makes andy sense.

    The SCI FI Channel and legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee present a six-episode, one-hour weekly reality series that will challenge contestants to create their very own superhero. Potential contestants have been asked to audition with their idea for a superhero, including a self-made costume. From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee has chosen eleven to star in the series. The chosen ones are asked to leave their former lives behind and move into a "secret lair" and begin their transformation into their superhero identity. Every week, under the watchful eye of Stan Lee, the superheroes will be asked to test their skills, discover their true nature and prove themself as a superhero. Each week Stan will decide over who will stay in the lair and who will have to go home.

    In the end, only one will remain, and that person will be invited to appear, as their character, in an original SCI FI Channel movie.
  • Okay, so most of the "reality" show is staged, but which reality show isn't? This show offers a Stan Lee fan the opportunity to watch him pick and choose which superhero hopeful that he will write a new comic series based on.

    Okay, so most of the "reality" show is staged, but which reality show isn't? This show offers a Stan Lee fan the opportunity to watch him pick and choose which superhero hopeful that he will write a new comic series based on. The first season aired last year with a contest boiling down to one winner (which I'm not gonna say for fear of spoiling it for you). The second season which airs July 26, 2007 features a new cast of people who hope to achieve the ultimate dream of becoming immortalized by Stan Lee as a new superhero in his comic books as well as having a movie made around his or her superhero. From whacky challenges to dramatic moments, this show is great for anybody looking to mix comic book-style heroes and reality television.
  • I watched this show back in the first season and I hate reality tv. Watch this one.

    I did watch this show back when it started and it was ok. But I just dont want too see it again. The reason I put a low score and said you should watch it is cause you might like it even though I dont and its my review. And also you might find it funny. But its staged and unoriginal. And looking back its stupid. A second season doesn't feel right. Well if you havent seen it and youre interested watch it if not forget it because i do not believe there will be a 3rd season its just too stale and unoriginal.
  • Why would anyone want to look ridiculous on national TV?

    I cant believe they are doing another season of this show. When I found out after watching E!'s the THE SOUP, I had to come here and see if it was true. To say this show is cheesy, is a massive understatement. People running around in tights and goofy costumes looking like rejects from a comic book convention. This is worse than people who dress up like Stormtroopers at a Star Wars convention of a Klingon at a Star Trek convention because these people are doing this on national TV. I hope they dont have kids - if one of my parents did this, I would die of embarrassment.
  • Clearly staged but fun to watch

    I saw ads for the 2nd season on another show and thought I'd watch it from the beginning and just two episode into it I'm hooked.

    It's pretty obvious its staged, the scene when Stan Lee decides to turn Iron Enforcer into a Super Villian being the most obvious to be staged.

    But despite that its great to watch, when they go to a break they turn it into comic book cartoon is a nice touch.

    All in all it's great despite there being no reality in the show, they are afterall wanting to be Superheroes so questioning reality is pointless.
  • wow! this is the best show ever to hit tv

    this show is absolutely fabulous it is my favorite show i think this is the best show on tv this show is just amazing and my favorite superhero won the show (feedback)this is the best show to hit tv. i love it i love i love it! this a show that comes around once in a life time this show should never be cancelled because if it did get cancelled it be the worlds worst nigthmare here are some of the names i would give who wants to be a superhero amazing. fabulous .the best. wonderful. and remember this show must not be cancelled because it's the best show ever i can't wait for the next season

    p.s feedback is my favorite superhero
  • I don't understand how some people can be so naive to believe that's "reality tv". There's some funny moments but it's all staged. Spoilers ahead!

    Ok, at least to me all looks staged. The moment when that guy reveals been a traitor, oh, I never seen such a bad actor. Oh, wait that's not true. The Iron Enforcer guy, moments after his elimination is "surprised" by Stan Lee. The look on his face was so forced... and among all the reasons Stan named for his elimination, one was B.O... LOL!!!!! But the 2 unbelivable moments to me was: 1- When They have to interact with "dangerous inmates" who in fact are ACTORS, too bad They "forgot" to mention that... 2- When Major Victory talks to his daugther on the fone and they show Stan crying!!! He was crying and I was laughing.

    What about that ridiculous "trailer" featuring Fat Momma and Feedback in the season finalle? And it was exactly this funny moments one of the reasons that made me kinda like the series. I didn't like the whole thing from the beginning, but something was aways making me come back to check this thing out every week. Maybe the girls who were really something worth watching, or maybe to see how far they would go with this. And I have to admit, if returns for a second season, I'll probably watch this staged funny trash again.

    Sorry about the english, it is worst than this series, I know...
  • damn i love this show ,and i cant wait for the second season

    okay so the best comic book writer , ever again i said best comic book writer ever Mr Stan Lee gather several superheros - in training to select one who will graduate as a fullfledge super hero and among the cast Monkey women , Lumeria , Major Victory , Fat Momma , Feedback , and Tybeculous and the metal enforcer , returning as the Dark Enforcer . andthis competetion was wild they had to run away from some viscous , evil lookin dogs , they had to play the scret challenge game on actual convicts, walk across a building on a plank and even be judged by they biggest critques , kids and eventually become god like and one will shine hard enough to be a Super Hero. and be on the look out for season 2 premireing July 26 you can count on me to grade and write a review for that season too.
  • This is a fun show to watch and it will provide entertianment even if you dont like reality shows.

    The show itself has a good premise and it is very entertaining. It has more than reality because of it's editing for the elimnations, and the idea of people becoming a superhero. The whole concept is a little odd but the prize is something alot of people would want and the idea of dressing up like a superhero can help people get a chance to feel like a kid again which is another thing alot of people would want. On a whole this show is entertaining and gives me a few good laughs. So even though the reality of the show has been debated, it is still one of my favorite reality shows.
  • Wow is this show great!

    I love this show! First of all the concept and stan lee in it makes it great there alone. But the challenges, twists, and drama makes it great. Love the show and can't wait for who wants to be a superhero? 2. Even though some of it looked pretty fake it was still great. Loved it is all i can say. There isn't much to say. But if you like Reality TV or comic books and superheroes then you will love this show and it will become a favorite. Sceotical at frist but then really enjoyed it. great show check it out sometime.
  • I would love to be on this show.

    Eventhough this show looks great, I love it and the idea of it is original, I can't help to think maybe a little of it is staged acting, and maybe a little too picky on their contestants. I loved Major Victory, he made me laugh, and even though he may be a 'parody' of a Superhero, I thought comics and movies are suppose to entertain. Which he was entertaining since the beginning. I can't wait to see the movie they make and the comic book. I hope this show gets picked up for a Season 2, it's just too bad you never hear about it until it's too late.
  • this is a pretty good show

    it is weird at first but if you know things superheros this is a perfect show about them. it talks about superheros it lets you choose what you wanna be. it has the host of stan lee the creater of marvel.he will test you just like a hero and if you win you get your own movie and comic
  • It's not a great show but it's got a lot of character. Theres some good tv in there if you can get over the cheese.

    Hmmm, I am in two minds over this. I love comic books and I love Stan Lee like the Grandaddy i've never met but is that enough to let the ridiculous aspects of this show slide. Its corny. Thats a given. I find myself laughing at the group of fanboys who play super person dressup rather than with them i'm afraid. It's a tad cringe worthy to watch at times but lets look at the bright side of things:-

    It's a more interesting twist on reality tv than your "average joe millionaire on an island in a house for six weeks of finding love and degradation" type shows. Its more fun than reality tv. The challenges made me laugh like the attack dogs going for the heroes in their protective suits. This for instance made me laugh as the first guy was so pumped for it that he just ran full on at the dogs and just body checked them both. Poor dogs. lol. I also liked the Stan Lee talking through a tv set to the heroes gave it a real comicy feeling.

    In summary, its an ok show. It missed the mark of excellence by quite a bit but theres an idea of something new and fresh in it that should be explored. Worth a watch but don't lose sleep if you miss it.
  • horrible show, but u just have to tune in......

    who wants to be a superhero is a pretty bad show, but it has a thing where you just want to hang on and see who wins. the show is all setup, the actors, the challenges, everything, and you know it too, but after watching the first episode, you sort of have to follow the show and see who wins. i give who wants to be a superhero for the idea though. the plot was very original and i cant name one show that is even like this one, but i didnt like the idea of how setup the show was so it deserves a 5.5
  • This series had so much potential and didn't use enough of it. It's really kind of sad. I wanted this to be perfect.

    When I first heard about this show I was psyched. I was ready to watch comic book geeks get their dream jobs and it looked at first like everything was gonna be fine. Unfortunately that notion went down the toilet rather fast. First off some of Stan's beefs with the heroes didn't make a lot of sense. In the first challenge, when he sent the heroes to change and then to run to the finish line, missing or picking up a list little girl along the way, he scolded Iron Enforcer for not listening to what he said earlier about superheroes saving lives not taking them and while I agree with that statement it had no place at that time. Also, Cell Phone Girl, Fat Momma, Major Victory? Come on Stan. I know there were better heroes than those three. There at least had to be one better than Cell Phone Girl. Finally I was incredibly psyched when Stan eliminated Iron Enforcer only to bring him back as Dark Enforcer. Unfortunately I was once again dissapointed because they hardly did anything with him and it was really pathetic. Also, at the finale he came back in his Iron Enforcer outfit to congratulate Feedback! Come on now, Stan! Oh well. At least the right guy won in the end. I swear if Fat Momma had come out on top my score for this show would be much lower.
  • I hate this show...But I can't stop watching it!

    I started watching this show from the second episode, and I love it!! Granted I think that some of the characters (Cell Phone Girl, Monkey Woman, Fat Momma) are a little ridiculous, and some (Tyveculus, Feedback) are a little weird, it is still and awesome show!! It is so thrilling to see that Stan Lee is back and hard at work. I just TiVo'd the first episode. and it is funny!I hope the show comes back for a second season, although this clearly seems to be a one-season-type gig. Oh well, you wish you may, you wish you might. Excelcsior!
  • Comics come to life

    Ok so my superhero likes a bag of donuts as she saves a little kid. Where else can all of you dreams come true as you watch everyday men and woman try hard to become the next superheros....they are not Superman in this bunch.. But you watch just to see what they will try next to make dreams come true. And it not pretty from dogs bites to donut eating it funny yet strange that you can pull yourself away from most ofthe none action..the show reminds me of my first comic book maybe that the hook
  • Why would Stan do such a thing?

    The show is not all that bad, it's just the superheros that's annoying. I'm talking about Fat momma and Cell phone girl. They don't have the qualities of being a superhero. Who have doughnuts straped around your waste and who use a cell while fighting. Fat momma is retarted because she eats other people food and how in the blank do u use cell phones for crime fighting, it's rediculous. I tell u one thing if anybody eat my blank i'm reporting it to the police so fat momma can eat all she wants but don't mess with me.
  • Not great but still a great show to watch.

    Who Wants to Be a Superhero? is a show of course that wants find the next super hero. In a new comic by stan lee. And to have a movie on scfi. About that character. The show is sort of interesting. Staring with the contestants wear there costume as there super hero. And have to do interesting stunts. All in all it Who Wants to Be a Superhero? still is a good show.
  • What sets this show apart from every other reality show in existence is that there is no backstabbing, no double-crossing and no manipulation of others to get ahead. Why? Because that's not what superheroes do!!!

    I don’t review TV that much and I assign myself the blanket title of “not a fan of reality shows” however I have found one case where I can enjoy such a premise.

    “Who Wants To be A Superhero” Has been airing on the SciFi channel this summer. It takes 11 contestants who dress up in brightly-colored spandex and must prove themselves to that guru of all things comicdom, Stan Lee.

    What sets this show apart from every other reality show in existence is that there is no backstabbing, no double-crossing and no manipulation of others to get ahead. Why?

    Because that's NOT what superheroes do!!!

    All throughout this “competition” (it’s a reality show, the NFL is competition, this is semi-scripted roll playing on TV) the contestants have been asked to perform various acts that a superhero might face in everyday life. Many of the challenges were simple and rather indicative of the show’s low budget, but those who perform admirably are rewarded, and those who do not are asked to “turn in our costume”

    This is a stark contrast to the Survivors and Apprentices of the reality world. There it is exposing weakness and beating down the competitors for selfish gain that makes for winners on those shows.

    What Stan Lee has done here is influenced our reality show participants to support each other and are actually sad when someone is asked to leave.

    The final episode airs this Thursday and will decide who will win between "Feedback" a computer nerd turned superhero, and "Fat Mamma" a heavyset black lady who touts the banner fo self esteem and punishes bullies.

    It’s cheesy, it’s silly but it’s also wholesome and uplifting family viewing. And the winner get’s their character turned into a Darkhorse Comic series.

    I love the show but I wanted MajorVictory to win.
    He was funny and got tru the challenge.
    why, why , why why,. Owell this was the end of a super hero.
    Now we all know Fatmama will step down to let Feedback WIN.
    What a dissapointment.

    STAN this is a great show and i hope it comes back.
    good luck with next season.

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  • Guess what people I like the show but its faker than Pamela Andersons body.

    I enjoy this show its alot of laughs and I will probely watch it until the end but like my title says its a guilty pleasure. I find it funny that a show that trys to teach honesty and integrity is anything but. I idolize Stan Lee but I've lost more than a little respect for the man now. How do I know this you ask, well if you search who wants to be a super hero on www.imdb.com you will find some interesting info on these persons bios. If that doesn\'t convince you and your thinking it just might be a error, then this will www.chriswatters.com chris watters being our friend Major Victory. For those of you like me who had this figured out from the second episode with the bad acting they did there I applaud you but from the other forms it seems some people haven't figured it out yet.

  • Superheroes taking advantage of people? I don't think so.

    Stan, Stan, Stan, This new episode, if it was real, was a disappointment. Prisoners, for the most part, are people that have spent their lives being used. All your "Superheroes" did was add to that usury. I would have had increased respect for them if they had refused to take part but being good little robots, they participated. It didn't take long for this to turn into a contest. These people don't qualify as Superheroes. A real Superhero would never take advantage of another human being. If this was your idea, then it is your responsibility. Please turn in your costume Stan.
  • Dissapointment in a show that is great

    Watching and following the show is very interesting the idea is fabulous. Watching the episode tonight however through me for a loop. When the super heros faced the convicts they all did a geat job facing hard core criminals. What I didn\'t understand was Stan\'s choice for elimination. Being a big person myself I can relate to fat momma, but when she was with the convict she cursed and no super hero I have even seen curses. Although I find the show awsome I had to share my dissapointment.
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