Who Wants To Marry My Dad?

NBC (ended 2004)


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  • this was a great show! bring it back!

    I really enjoyed watching this show. It had a lot of funny parts and serious parts. The women were all beautiful. The daughters were great at picking women to be prospective step-mom's. This show was overall one of the best reality shows I have seen and I really wish NBC would air it again because I would have the perfect candidate for this show. My dad!! He is a single man who is the VP of a large telecommunications company and needs to find a woman that he can treat like a queen! Come on NBC bring this show back!!
  • I liked this show.

    This was a great show. The show itself was not too great, but the producers made it the same way every episode. People got eliminated, made their exit and then it was finished. It made everything a bit more fast paced and enjoyable to watch. A widowed parents children get to decide who will marry their dad. The contestants go through lie detector tests and many other obstecles to see who is really right for their father. Brinhg this show back!!!!!!