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From the creator of CSI, comes a series where 13 contestants live in a mansion where every week one of them is "killed". The person who discovers and unmasks the killer by the end of the competition wins the grand prize of $250,000.

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  • I had fun watching it.

    This was so different that I enjoyed it. I wouldn't rate it wicked high in my all time favorites, bur ir was more entertaining than anything else in that time slot and filled a nice spot in the summer schedule. It was fun!

    I would have liked to see more conversation between the contestants after the last episode, to see how they all REALLY felt.

    I would have also liked to see some of the MANY bloopers they had to re-shoot to make it worthy for airing.

    But, like I said, I watched one episode and stuck with it because it was pretty fun and entertaining.moreless
  • Veery interesting

    I recently read Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians". It was one of the greatest books I have ever read. I love a good murder mystery, and this is just like it. However, if the "Killer" doesn't know how the crimes are committed or how the riddles can be solved, s/he isn't much of a "Killer", right? I love the show and look forward to it every Sunday night, but it is cheesy that they all talk about being "killed" and that "this is their last night" and the such, along with the "teams" that have been made, they really take some of the actual investigative stuff out and make it like a social game. And finally, it's more of a "Howdunnit" because there is no way to tell who this "killer" is and it's moreso about telling how these "people" died, not about who "killed" them.moreless
  • Stupid but fun

    I love whodunnits, and I love this show because of that. This show is just chock full of clues, and allows the viewer to play along, trying to figure out exactly what happened. It's not as much of a mind teaser as Agatha Christie, but it's entertaining.

    On the other hand, I could do without all the reality show nonsense; the way they make the contestants act as though these are real murders, the reaction shots edited in to create a story other than the one that actually happened.

    I wish there were an alternate version of this show, in which it was filmed, not to be typical reality fare, but to show how people really reacted, show them making fun of the cornier bits and talking about the murders in terms of solving a game rather than a real murder, and without people screaming at fake bodies and the like. I would like a show that just trusted that the central mystery was enough.

    But to be fair, some people love this nonsensical reality-show style (I assumed, considering how much of it there is), and I'm watching it in spite of it, so the producers seem to have come up with a workable formula to get two types of viewers engaged.moreless
  • LOVE this show!

    It is just so good and entertaining! I absolutely LOVE the murder scenes as they seem very graphic and real to me (esp. Dontae on fire!) and the corpses are totally disgusting and believable. I know there are those critics that talk about how fake these morgue scenes are, but whatever! How much FUN it must be for those contestants to film their own murder scenes! I hope it's a nice consolation prize for losing out on the $250K. I just hope SASHA is not the killer because I really can't stand her attitude and can't WAIT to see her get killed! But if she IS the killer and she's faking her unpleasant attitude, than I say, you go, girl!moreless
  • Whowatchesit? Is my question.

    I don't know, maybe I'm soured on "Reality Shows" finally. But, the new set of shows with scripting and actors (or wannabe actors) as "contestants" are rubbing me the wrong way. They feel like they're insulting my intelligence. We know these people are actors (or at least a lot of them are). We know that in this show's case they contestants are playing along on their ways out, but with Whodunnit? they've made it fun and interesting with the familiar "Clue" feel. I just wish it was harder to predict, and didn't have as much false drama filling the time. The investigations and "murders" are all fudged and not to difficult to figure out. Years of watching shows like Columbo, Murder She Wrote, CSI, and the like have made me expect more out of a crime scene investigation story. Overall its an ok show and is entertaining to watch but, I'm not sure it has enough staying power against other serious crime dramas or reality shows without actors. For now, I look forward to each episode and hope that as it progresses we can see more clues to the actual murderer's identity. So far they've been leaving that out. It feels lacking in murderous motivation on the killer's part and it's not satisfying to have the process of elimination lead to the murderer's identity.moreless

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