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A sassy comedy show starring popular comedian Whoopi Goldberg as a hotel owner and an ex-diva Mavis Rae. Many years before, while Mavis was still very popular, she purchased a small hotel named Lamont, and now, almost 15 years later, she is enjoying her retirement and tries to make every day of her life even better. Even now when she is menopausal, Mavis is still herself... she's smoking and drinking. While leading the hotel herself, Mavis spends time with her employee named Nasim (Omid Djalili), a smart and funny Iraq handyman; her maid Jadwiga (recurring star Gordana Rashovich); her brother Courtney (Wren T. Brown) and Courtney's girlfriend Rita (Elizabeth Regen). Each and everyone of them has their own weekness, and Mavis is there to make fun of them. With an interesting and funny group like that, who would think of this as a boring show? Although it aired one full season, the show never made it into a second year, mostly because it's provocative language.moreless

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    • best show ever

      i have never seen a show as funny as this one, it was terrific. its a shame they took it off the air
    • Yes this was a fun show to watch but it did not last that long on tv,it should have though. I like Goldberg and her acting she really great oh this show,lots of good charaters to play with.But something was missing I don't know,but good showmoreless

      The white girl playing like a black woman that was a good take but nobody like her charater.I though that was the bad part about this show and it was.

      I laugh a lot when I watch this show it had everything race,

      sex,goofy things like that,and that's why I watch this show it was funny.And then it was gone vanished from thin air.

      Mybe Whoopi Goldberg will come back to tv oneday I hope with a show just as funny as this one.I thought NBC would have gave this show a try and see what happens but they cut it.moreless
    • Maybe NBC used this and the Tracey Morgan Show as the fall guys for all black shows, because I can't see how they thought the pairing of characters they put on this show would be a hit. Whoopi is a wonderful comic, but this show was all wrong formoreless

      her. The most annoying part of this show by far was the white female character Rita, who spoke in a ghetto slang patois. Really trite, and an unsuccessful attempt to make fun of race. TV is no longer the place to make political commentary, and that's the main reason this show didn't work. That and the stories were very uninteresting. They only needed to change a few things to make the show work. Possibly by taking her brother Courtney, Rita and the rest of the rainbow coalition off, and they could've given Whoopi's character, Mavis, a nephew or a son to raise on her own. She could still run the hotel- but make it more about her relationship than the hotel and the people coming in. The lessons and social comments could've been snuck in the backdoor while the laughs were put on the front end. She could use lessons to the kid to make statements in general.moreless
    • I loved it... I thought it was hilarious!

      I have always loved Whoopi, so i really anticipated this show's premire. I was a little disapointed, but thought i would still tune in ... and it kept getting better and better each week as well as funnier and funnier each week! By the middle of it's run I would schedule my evening around this show! I was so disapointed when it was cancelled! So i bought a copy of the show off of ebay ... and i am so glad i did! I thought that it had a little chance of being released but here we are three years later with no release! I think this show was one of the best and it needs a more appreciation!moreless
    • Was a semi funny show

      Whoopi was a show that had its moments. Some episodes would leave me itching for more while others would leave me scratching my head thinking "How did this crap make it on tv" Some of the jokes come off forced. The laugh track on this show is enough to drive you crazy, it has the audience laughing at the worst times. Ritas voice was enough to drive you crazy. It seemed like she was always screeching about something. This show should have been given a shot at a second season but NBC cancelld it. I dont miss it and im sure very few people miss it. it was okay but ive seen much bettermoreless

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