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  • best show ever

    i have never seen a show as funny as this one, it was terrific. its a shame they took it off the air
  • Yes this was a fun show to watch but it did not last that long on tv,it should have though. I like Goldberg and her acting she really great oh this show,lots of good charaters to play with.But something was missing I don't know,but good show

    The white girl playing like a black woman that was a good take but nobody like her charater.I though that was the bad part about this show and it was.
    I laugh a lot when I watch this show it had everything race,
    sex,goofy things like that,and that's why I watch this show it was funny.And then it was gone vanished from thin air.
    Mybe Whoopi Goldberg will come back to tv oneday I hope with a show just as funny as this one.I thought NBC would have gave this show a try and see what happens but they cut it.
  • Maybe NBC used this and the Tracey Morgan Show as the fall guys for all black shows, because I can't see how they thought the pairing of characters they put on this show would be a hit. Whoopi is a wonderful comic, but this show was all wrong for

    her. The most annoying part of this show by far was the white female character Rita, who spoke in a ghetto slang patois. Really trite, and an unsuccessful attempt to make fun of race. TV is no longer the place to make political commentary, and that's the main reason this show didn't work. That and the stories were very uninteresting. They only needed to change a few things to make the show work. Possibly by taking her brother Courtney, Rita and the rest of the rainbow coalition off, and they could've given Whoopi's character, Mavis, a nephew or a son to raise on her own. She could still run the hotel- but make it more about her relationship than the hotel and the people coming in. The lessons and social comments could've been snuck in the backdoor while the laughs were put on the front end. She could use lessons to the kid to make statements in general.
  • I loved it... I thought it was hilarious!

    I have always loved Whoopi, so i really anticipated this show's premire. I was a little disapointed, but thought i would still tune in ... and it kept getting better and better each week as well as funnier and funnier each week! By the middle of it's run I would schedule my evening around this show! I was so disapointed when it was cancelled! So i bought a copy of the show off of ebay ... and i am so glad i did! I thought that it had a little chance of being released but here we are three years later with no release! I think this show was one of the best and it needs a more appreciation!
  • Was a semi funny show

    Whoopi was a show that had its moments. Some episodes would leave me itching for more while others would leave me scratching my head thinking "How did this crap make it on tv" Some of the jokes come off forced. The laugh track on this show is enough to drive you crazy, it has the audience laughing at the worst times. Ritas voice was enough to drive you crazy. It seemed like she was always screeching about something. This show should have been given a shot at a second season but NBC cancelld it. I dont miss it and im sure very few people miss it. it was okay but ive seen much better
  • Excellent Show

    This used to be my favorite show...I was only 13 but whoopi has been my world since I was a toddler screaming and crying until I got to watch Jumpin' Jack Flash now I am 16 and I miss that show. It was so funny everytime I was down from school every tuesday I think it was at 8:00 I would watch it I wish it was still on. It needs to come out on DVD.
  • bring it back

    i miss whoopi mavis was funny you would laugh from start to finish she always had something to say about george bush whitch was verry true buy the way i think thats why she was cancelled because of the way she bad mouthed bush whoopi will always be one fo my favorite funny sitcome bring it back to nbc please

    I laugh from the first scenes to the end.
    We've missed sitcoms with a political/social tune, and this is the best one of them!

    The characters are great, specially Nasim, the "terrorist" one. It is fun!!!

    Until now, I've missed no one episode. Here in BRAZIL we're watching the first season, I hope there will be many others more...
  • Wonderful show, open-minded, and speaks the truth!!

    I miss this show so much!! I am still not over it being canceled and that was what, two years ago?!?! I loved every single character!! I believe it was canceled all because of the Bush lovers out there!! Deal with it people!! Whoopi speaks the truth!! Open your eyes!! Please bring this show back!!!!!!

    No doubt about Whoopi’s political affiliations with this show, politics aside it was still a good show. It’s far superior to ‘Joey.’ NBC should have realized that the US version of ‘Coupling’ tanked nobody was really watching ‘Good Morning Miami’ and with ‘Frasier’ and ‘Friends’ leaving, they’re were going to need a show with actual stars. Excluding Will & Grace can you name an actor or actress on NBC comedy? Plus, NBC finished 5th last years as Behind ABC, CBS, FOX, and either the WB or UPN.

    one of the best shows yet. i laughted through the whole show .i loved it. i don't know why they took it off the air. i'll be watching for it to come out on dvd. and will right out and buy itif people thought it was too raw. then here's an idea don't watch it.dont take it off the air .what about the people who do like it dont we count ????
  • Yet another great show got canceled. This was a refreshing and great show filled with comedy, starring Whoopi Goldberg, a famous comedian.

    When I first saw this show I was really amazed! So much humor. Maybe it was not refreshing show that offered us something more than a regular comedy, but it was a really great show filled with comedy and constant comments about the world.

    Whoopi Goldberg plays Mavis Rae, a hotel owner who has no respect for anyone and always surprises me with her comments. Then, there is Nasim, a iraq immigrant who is really wacky and funny - he somehow completes Whoopi.

    There are also Courtney (Mavis's brother) and Rita (Courtney's girlfriend who is constantly trying to act like a black woman).

    Although this show offends president Bush in many ways and is really brutal to some events, it will always be remembered.

    Rating: 8.5/10
  • Yet another show I loved, which was provocative, timely and still amusingly funny.

    In Whoopi's character Mavis, we found a woman raging against the machine of political climate at that time (which still persists to this day). She struggled with what a lot of us struggle with today, trying to maintain some sensibility in the course of craziness, brought on by our government's knee jerk reaction to current events.

    In every episode, the rough side of life was softened with humor and HUMANITY. This show also was not from the perspective of a black woman, either; one thing which was enjoyable about this show was her Persian handyman living in the U.S. post 9/11, and this spotlighted alot of the idiosyncracies as well as fears that both, arabs and non arabs alike have been dealing with in this culture of fear.

    Certainly, the character of Mavis thumbed her nose at republicans--which was especially amusing when you consider her brother, an attorney, also was a card carrying Republican.

    The funniest (and saddest in a way, as this character is an emulation of what really is out there) bit of the brother was his girlfriend, a white girl who dressed/talked/acted like a stereotypical urban black woman. I think this did a disservice to black women--as not all black women act that way. And what I mean by saddest, is, that rather than emulating herself like Condoleza Rice or Oprah Winfrey, this girl decided to emulate the low-rent, ghettoesque stereotype of what she thought a black woman was. So sure, it was amusing, but there was a price to see this.

    Given the many different things going on in the world today, I think back on WHOOPI! and am sad. Sad because there was a time when I couldn't wait to turn that show on to see who in the news was going to be the topic/theme of her show this week.
  • Great Show

    Whoppi was a great show which i enjoyed very much. I dont know why it was ended it had so many things yet to explore. I thought was great the way it did things i had never seen before in its episodes. I think it is still opened to continue the series.
  • Nothing special at all about this. Don't know of anyone who will miss it now that it's gone.

    I only saw the first few episodes of this when it first came on. I was looking forward to it actually. Whoopi needed a solid hit to get her career back on track and I thought TV needed some Whoopi.

    This show didn't do her any justice. Most of the characters were cliched. The Nasim character was such a parody, I can see how people could have actually been offended by him.

    Glad this show is gone. It wasn't all bad though. Some of the jokes were okay I guess. Probably why they left it on for a full season. You could have done worse than watch this but not much.