Season 1 Episode 9

Sticky Fingers

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mavis and Nasim are in a department store looking at shirts. Mavis is spotted by a fan who asks for an autograph which Mavis refuses to give. Mavis spots an undercover security guy who's following them around, and she gives Nasim a little lesson in racial profiling. Wherever she goes, the security guy follows.

Outside the store and loaded down with bags, Mavis realizes she has a belt that she didn't pay for. She goes back to return it, the alarms go off, and the security people swoop down on her. They're convinced she was trying to sneak out without paying. She's handcuffed and taken with Nasim to the store's Spartan interrogation room. One guard questions her while the other searches her bags. Nasim informs them that they're detaining Mavis Ray, a pop legend. It cuts no ice, and the guards ask Mavis to sign a document acknowledging her guilt. Their search reveals a flask, some pills and a sex toy. Mavis calls Courtney for help.

The next day, Mavis and Courtney are in the hotel lobby. She protests her innocence but isn't sure that Courtney believes her. Nasim comes in and announces that Mavis is on Page Six of the Post. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, Mavis asks.

Outside, Mavis and Sophia are smoking. Sophia says there's no big deal with a "five finger discount," but Mavis insists she wants to clear her name. At first she declares a media blackout but changes her mind when she's contacted by "About the Music." When you're in the music business, Mavis tells everyone, it's the show you do to set the record straight.

Courtney, Rita and Nasim would all love to be part of the interview, but Mavis won't have it. Anything they say could be twisted around, and also Mavis has enough to say to take up the whole hour. This is only about clearing her name. Later, the crew arrives and sets up in the Nappy Dugout. Kit, the interviewer, says she's a fan and seems very sympathetic to Mavis' plight. During the course of the interview Courtney, Nasim and Rita all try to get a little face time. Mavis has the opportunity to speak her mind, and Nasim even gets interviewed later in the lobby.

The next night a group is assembled in the Nappy Dugout to watch the "Mavis Rae Special." Mavis is stunned when the show is actually about one-hit-wonders of the eighties. Her short segment is highly sensational with sound bytes about Mavis from Keith Richards and Phil Collins in which Mavis is made to look like a thief. Sound bytes from Courtney and Nasim are edited to seem incriminating. None of Mavis' interview is included. Mavis is furious. She's an innocent woman!

The next day Phil Collins sends flowers as an apology. And Nasim, Courtney and Rita try to apologize. Mavis doesn't want to hear it. Courtney brings word that charges are being dropped. Mavis doesn't want to hear that either. The only thing that cheers her up is the bottle of single malt scotch courtesy of Keith Richards.