Season 1 Episode 9

Sticky Fingers

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • As Mavis leaves the store with the belt around her neck, the store alarm did not go off, it went off when she went back in the store.

  • Quotes

    • Mavis: (on the phone) Good morning, the Lamont. Look, I said no to Us magazine. What makes you think I wanna talk to a bathroom rag like Entertainment Weekly?

    • Nasim: There is no greater gift than a celebrity. People like you before they meet you. For someone like you, that's got to be a big plus.

    • Nasim: What if they have electrodes?
      Mavis: Nasim, we have rights!
      Nasim: And I have sensitive genitals, Mavis.

    • Cop: (takes Mavis's vibrator covered out of her bag) And what is this?
      Mavis: If you have to ask you are too young to know!

    • Mavis: They dragged my good name through the mud! God, if I sink any lower I could run for the governor of California.

    • Mavis: But if you wanna set the record straight in the music business, you have to do it on "All About Music".
      Nasim: Yeah, it's true. I saw Liza and her husband on it trying to set the record "straight"...
      Mavis: The mormons couldn't set that record straight.

    • Mavis: I know! I'll tell ya... Natural black trumps possible terrorist every time!
      Nasim: Hey what if we are at the airport?
      Mavis: Not if we were on the airport giftshop!

  • Notes

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