Who's the Boss?

Season 4 Episode 7

A Farewell to Nick

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1987 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A Farewell to Nick
Sam is invited by her grandfather to visit him in Florida. But on her way there, Nick dies. First Sam tries to pay no attention to this but Nick's death, however, left big marks on her.

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  • awesome episode

    this is one of y favorite episodes of who's the boss?. it makes me cry every time i see it. alyssa in particular is amazing and totally convincing. she's a great actress and this episode proves it. this is a really nice farewell to the actor playing Nick. when i think of who's the boss, this episode automatically comes to my mind as one of the bests. who's the boss is comedy, that's true but it also is really good as giving us some heartbreaking moment like this. one of my favorite lines of this episode is also from jonathan after tony, angela and mona explained to him why people have to die and he answers that they don't know either. danny's tone is perfect and keeps balance between amused and serious. that was really well done.moreless

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    • Tony: Samantha. Are you… you're worried about me dying?
      Samantha: Dad, everybody else does. It is not fair. I mean, I loved Mom so much, I loved Grandpa and I love you. (Samantha hugs Tony)
      Tony: Oh… okay. (Samantha is crying) Okay, sweetheart.. alright. I know, I know.
      Samantha: I miss him so much.
      Tony: Okay, alright. I know it hurts, I know it hurts but listen to me, listen to me. You…You can't use that as an excuse to stop loving people because you know, when you stop loving people, then you're not really living anymore and Nick knew that. He lived every minute, no guarantees even when things were bad. I mean when he was locked up, when he lost your mom, hey he never stopped loving people, especially you.
      Samantha: I can't believe I'm never gonna see him again.
      Tony: Yes sweetheart but if you keep loving him, then you keep his memory alive.
      Samantha: Yeah?
      Tony: Yeah. (kisses Samantha's forehead)

    • Samantha: Mona, I don't mean to pry, but what are you doing?
      Mona: Stealing food. Who says marketing is a chore?

    • Tony: Not for nothin', but my idea of a holiday does not include Grandpa Nick.
      Samantha: Good, because he didn't include you.

    • Mona: Every once in a while, parents need a break from their kids. I took 1958.

    • Angela: A Tony Micelli baseball card!
      Tony: What?
      Angela: Must've really meant something to him.
      Tony: Yeah, because it has absolutely no resale value.

    • Tony: Us Italians, we gotta express ourselves. Otherwise, our insides get all clogged up. Ooo, it's ugly.

    • Bruno: How is Nick, anyway? He hasn't been around.
      Samantha: He's dead.
      Bruno: What happened?
      Samantha: He's dead! Okay?! Just like my other grandfather, my grandmothers, my mother, everybody whoever meant anything to me.
      (she turns to Tony)
      Samantha: Next it'll be...
      (Tony reacts)
      Tony: ME?!
      Bruno: Hey, uh, please, uh, not in my restaurant. Okay?

    • Nick's Friend: I was his investment broker.
      Tony: You mean, his bookie.
      Nick's Friend: You could call it that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Actor James Coco (Grandpa Nick) had actually died from a heart attack in February of this year.This episode was a tribute to his death.