Who's the Boss?

Season 5 Episode 5

A Jack Story

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1988 on ABC
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A Jack Story
Angela engages a new employee. Because in the evening the both work together more and more often and longer, Tony fears the worst:he gets jealous.

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    • Mona: I say Angela has held us up long enough, and if she doesn't like us starting without her, then it's tough noogies on Blondie.
      Tony: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Leave Angela's noogies out of this.

    • Tony: I told Angela to stop trying to do it all herself and get some professional help.
      Mona: It's too late for that. She's burned out every shrink in Connecticut.

    • Jonathan: What does a creative director do?
      Jack: Well, in my case, just sit around all day and act goofy.
      Mona: What do you know? I'm a creative director.

    • Jack: Hey, is it too early to ask for a raise?
      Angela: Hahaha! Yes.

    • Jack: What do you say we change this dollar bill into a ten dollar bill?
      Mona: Nice work. Where to you have to look to find a hundred?

    • Angela: I'm sorry, Tony, did we wake you?
      Tony: No, Angela, I just got up to milk the cow.

    • Tony: You know what Sam? You and me have the same taste in men.

    • Samantha: Come on, Jonathan, I'll drop you off at school.
      Jonathan: Sam, do you think I could sit in the front seat this time?
      Samantha: No!

    • Tony: It's time I got out more. You're always out with your friends, Angela's working late with Jack all the time, and Jonathan has all those slimy creatures to play with, and so does Mona.

    • Samantha: Wait a minute—you're letting her pick you up?
      Tony: Well, she insisted.
      Samantha: I'm impressed. It's almost the nineties and you finally caught up with the seventies.

    • Judy: Ed--that's my ex-husband--used to say that was out movie. Those words came back to cruelly mock me when he ran off with his secretary.

    • Judy: Isn't it amazing how Tony Curtis could turn himself into an attractive woman? Not unlike the bimbo when she stole my man, my house and my Mazda.
      Tony: Well, the good thing is you're not bitter.

    • Angela: Oh, Tony, he is working out so great that I'm thinking about giving him a piece of the potato chip account.
      Tony: Oh ay, ay oh, Angela, don't you think you're giving away a little too much a little too soon? Before long, he'll want a piece of this and a piece of that. You'll be giving away pieces all over the place.

    • Angela: Don't you look spiffy? Is this a special night?
      Tony: Sort of. I'm going to defrost the refrigerator.
      Angela: Tony, I think you should get out more. Bye.
      Tony: I feel so...cruelly mocked.

    • Mona: Tony, you've been sniffing too much spray starch.

    • Mona: Are you going to relate this situation to a story about colorful character you knew back in Brooklyn?
      Tony: Well, not if you're going to deride me.

    • Mona: Someone's jealous.
      Tony: Jealous? Of Jack? Me? I laugh. Ha.

    • Mona: If Angela doesn't get this notebook tonight, she's gonna blow her roots.

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