Who's the Boss?

Season 8 Episode 6

A Well-Kept Housekeeper

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1991 on ABC
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A Well-Kept Housekeeper
Tony feels inferior to Angela's success. A letter that addresses him as "Mr. Angela Bower" doesn't help his self-esteem. He takes a second job at a bar, but that proves to be a mistake.

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      • Tony: You know, Angela, I don't think I've ever been happier in my entire life. A romantic restaurant, a beautiful woman, and half a pound of beef under my belt.

      • Ernie: Mr. Tony Bower. Has a nice ring to it.
        Tony: So will your neck when I get a hold of it.

      • (all bidding on some tawdry portrait of Mona)
        Man 1: One thousand dollars!
        Man 2: Two thousand!
        Phil: Five thousand, and if anyone bids against me, I'll sue 'em!
        Ida: Phil--
        Phil: I want it, Ida!

      • Ernie: Still, that's a lot. Where you gonna get that kind of money?
        Tony: I have no idea.
        Ernie: Don't you have a stash of mad money?
        Tony: Mad money I got. Bonehead money I'm all out of.

      • Tony: Maybe we should get something straight. See, I'm already involved with someone.
        Maggie: So?
        Tony: So you keep looking at me like I'm some kind of pastry.

      • Samantha: I want an explanation and I want it now.
        Tony: Well, that's simple, Sam. I'm your father's evil twin.

      • Tony: No matter where I end up, I'm never gonna be as successful as you. You'll always be the breadwinner and I'll be making crumbs.
        Angela: So what do you want me to do? Sell my business? Go back to being a copy writer so you can support us?
        Tony: You'd do that for us?

      • Angela: You know that every day of my life, I run up against guys who can't handle the fact that I'm a successful woman. I thought you were different. It's one of the things I love about you. But if you can't handle it, I guess it's better we find out now.

      • Tony: Okay, I've thought about it, and here's how we're gonna handle this, and I don't want any arguments. First, in regards to the aforementioned painting, whatever the hell it is, I've decided to grant you permission to loan me the money.
        Angela: Really?
        Tony: The reason for the reversal of my prior position is that upon reflection in light of overwhelming evidence, I've decided that I am a jerk. I see that it's unanimous. Good.

      • Angela: Are you sure that you're okay about me helping you out here?
        Tony: No. But I love you enough to give it a shot.

      • Tony: Thank you, Angela, for understanding and allowing me to feel like a man.
        Angela: You really wanna feel like a man?
        Tony: What'd you have in mind?
        Angela: Open this jar.
        Tony: (Tony twists off the lid and Angela gasps and bites her lip) Was it as good for you as it was for me?

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      • When Ed McMahon presents "Mr. Angela Bower" an oversized check for one million dollars, it is dated Nov. 2, 1991 - the date this episode originally aired on ABC.

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