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Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 15

Angela's Ex (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1985 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Angela's Ex (1)
The divorce papers are needing to be signed so Angela’s ex-husband, Michael comes to town. Angela and Michael find themselves back in each others arms. Tony is given two weeks’ notice by Michael since his services will no longer be needed.

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      • Angela: What we do is none of his business.
        Tony: Angela, we don't do anything.
        Angela: (to Michael) Well, we could if we wanted to.
        Tony: Yea--yeah?

      • Angela: Upstairs, get out of those clothes.
        Tony: That's sounds great, but I gotta get dinner--no, I'm kidding.

      • Angela: Michael we have seen each other twice in a year. That does not make a happy marriage.
        Michael: Look on the bright side, we've only had two fights.

      • Angela: So, signed any good divorce papers lately?
        Michael: No I'm trying to cut down.
        (Angela sets the papers on the table in front of Michael)
        Michael: I, uh, don't have a pen.
        (Mona's hand appears suddenly from the back door. She is holding up a pen.)
        (Angela grabs the pen)
        Angela: Good night mother!

      • Mona: Well, I guess I better hit the books. I have a final tomorrow.
        Michael: Oh Mona, you finally did it, huh? You went back to college. Gee that's terrific. Knowledge is its own reward isn't it?
        Mona: No. The reward is the spring break at Fort Lauderdale.
        Michael: Same old Mona.
        Mona: Same old Michael. *whispers to Angela* Make that jerk sign those divorce papers.

      • Michael: Boy, Jonathan went out like a light.
        Tony: Hey, ah, is Sam sleeping?
        Michael: No she's watching some movie about blood-sucking puppets.
        Tony: Ooh! She's in big trouble!
        Michael: Yea I wouldn't let a kid of mine watch that either.
        Tony: What are you kidding me? I told her to call me when it started.

      • Tony: Hey. How's the snake?
        Angela: He's putting Jonathan to bed.

      • (Tony talks to Angela about her relationship with Michael.)
        Tony: Look, I may be way out of line here, but I don't wanna see you get hurt. I just think you're moving a little too fast.
        Angela: Tony, we're married.
        Tony: Ah yea, but you're engaged to be divorced.

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