Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 16

Angela's Ex (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1985 on ABC



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    • Angela: Mother I don't - I don't understand it. I dunno how Tony gets the - the mashed potatoes so fluffy.
      Mona: I think he cooks them first.

    • Michael: I thought we agreed, no working after dinner.
      Angela: Well, I would have been through working before dinner if I wasn't so busy making dinner on your night to make dinner.

    • Jonathan: If you move, how are you going to teach me to throw spitballs?
      Sam: Jonathan, we're in the same neighborhood, you're just in the poor section.

    • Mona: Angela, the only thing you know about a kitchen is that someone is in there with Dina.

    • Mona: (after handing out everyone their souvenirs from her Fort Lauderdale trip) Well, Michael, I had a present for you... but they wouldn't let me bring a stingray on the plane.

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