Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 2

Briefless Encounter

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1984 on ABC
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Briefless Encounter
Tony starts cleaning Angela's personal bathroom and decides to take a bath in her bathtub - not knowing that she is in the tub. Tony walks in just as Angela is getting out, and he sees her bare body.

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  • "Who's the boss around here, me or my mother or maybe it's you?!!!" "Tony saw Angela naked!!!" Judith Light's hightlight moments! :)! :)

    It's only the second episode of this wonderfully funny, sometimes predictable, family comedy and Tony gets quite an eye full of his new employer. A little more than either of them wanted or maybe not! lol! It's been a while now that Tony was hired at his new job in Angela Bower's domicile as housekeeper but he's been neglecting one room which is collecting dust. Angela's bedroom and private bath needs some Tony. That is she wants him to clean it. When a few mixed up situations and a failed notice (by Jonathan) that Angela is home from work Angela gets more of Tony than she wanted in her bathroom. Or should that be vice versa? Tony has a hot date with a college professor so he wants to take a bath at the same time as Angela who has already been enjoying the water. Tony comes in on her just when she is holding her towel a little too open. Tony sees London, sees France, and Angela sure isn't wearing underpants! This starts an argument about whether or not Tony should be using Angela's bathroom for personal reasons. She's so angry at him at one point she even blurts out the show's title in front of his college professor date. Said professor shows her true colors later when she embarrasses Angela and this quickly places a damper on her chances with Tony. Tony stands up for Angela and the professor is dateless. The only problem I had with this episode was the very awkward nude scene. Yes, it's suppose to be awkward but the way Angela moves her towel around her is questionable. It looks as though she almost completely wraps herself up in the towel but as Tony comes in she opens it up. Almost like she knew her cue. "Time to open towel for Tony, Judith" says director. lol! :)moreless

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    • Tony: (steps into the bathroom while singing 'Hi-ho') Hi-ho! Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Hi-(sees Angela)...holy smokes!

    • Mona: This is a wonderful moment. It's the first time I feel like we're a real family.
      Angela: A family?
      Mona: Yeah. After all, we're the only three people in the world that know about your mole!

    • Angela: I'm sorry if I ruined your evening, Tony.
      Tony: You miss one gorgeous college professor. Another one will be by any minute.

    • Cindy: Oh, I get it. She's your boss.
      Tony: Yeah, she's my boss, but she's also good people.

    • Angela: Repressed personality?
      Mona: Uh, uh, she was speaking… clinically.

    • Mona: You are going to love psycho drama. It's like dinner theater for whackos.

    • Mona: You see, you have to nip these things in the bud, or else they'll fester, like a big ugly boil that you have to prick with a pin.
      Angela: Lovely, Mother, Lovely.
      Mona: Oh, thank you, Angela.

    • Angela: You are supposed to sit with the kids tonight.
      Tony: I know, I know. But your mother said she'd cover for me.
      Angela: My mother?
      Tony: Yeah. Your mother.
      Angela: My mother?
      Tony: Yeah.
      Angela: Who's the boss around here? Me or my mother? Or maybe it's you.

    • Angela: And just, what is this thing all about a date?
      Tony: Well, wh-what? I can't have a social life? I mean, what, because I saw you naked, I'm grounded?

    • Tony: All right, so I wasn't cleaning. But I might have been cleaning, and if I was cleaning, I still would've seen what I saw when I wasn't cleaning.
      Angela: What?

    • Tony: Hey, look, I didn't see anything.
      Angela: You saw everything.
      Tony: I've got a lousy memory.
      Angela: Oh, sure.
      Tony: I was looking at your headset.
      Angela: Oh, I'll just bet you were.

    • Angela: Jonathan, I'm going to sell you to the gypsies.
      Jonathan: Wow, I like gypsies.
      Angela: I will not be upset. I will not explode. I will go upstairs and drown myself in a hot tub. Tell Tony I'm home for dinner.

    • Mona: Hey, wait. You have a date with my professor?
      Tony: Well, yeah.
      Mona: Well, she is just about to grade my mid-term exam. Put a smile on her face, Tony.
      Tony: I feel an A coming on, Mona.
      Mona: Hey, look, I want a good grade, but don't hurt yourself.

    • Mona: Tony's my… housekeeper-in-law.
      Cindy: (to Tony) You work for Mona's daughter?
      Tony: Yeah, you know. She brings home the bacon and I fry it.

    • Mona: Oh, it is such a joy immersing myself in academia. I spent hours in the library re-reading my notes on Freud. What a brilliant mind. He saw filth in everything.
      Tony: (indicating his cleaning supplies) So do I.
      Mona: Well, I'm going to go have an after-school snack. All that talk about fruit cakes and nuts made me hungry.

    • Angela: Well, do you remember our multiplication tables? What is six times eight?
      Jonathan: Sixty-four.
      Angela: No, no, sweetheart. Six times eight is forty-eight. You keep repeating that to the bus driver.
      Jonathan: He's the one who told me it was sixty-four.

    • Tony: You're doing this all wrong. You're wasting valuable time. I mean, look. First, you got to come over here to put on your panties, right? Then you got to come all the way back over here to put on your bra. And then you got to chug way back over here to put on your pantyhose.
      Angela: What were you before you came here, a female impersonator?
      Tony: Can't you see you're wasting 10, 15 seconds of your life every morning? I want this place to run like a well-oiled machine.
      Angela: If you had it your way, I'd be getting dressed on a conveyor belt.
      Tony: Not a bad idea.

    • Tony: You know, you're really lucky. I only have a shower. And sometimes, I love to take bubble baths.
      Angela: Really? You in a bubble bath? I always pictured you in the shower. I mean, if I pictured you at all, I would picture your type in the shower.
      Tony: I get the picture.

    • Tony: Gee, what a great tub, eh? I mean, a walrus could bathe in there. Oh, no offense.
      Angela: It looks like one has. No offense.

    • Tony: Oh, wait… a bathroom? I mean, don't you have things in there that are too personal to mention, you know, like, I don't know, false eyelashes?
      Angela: I'll tell you what. If you find anything too personal to mention, just clean it and don't mention it.

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