Who's the Boss?

Season 8 Episode 8

Death and Love (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1991 on ABC
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Death and Love (2)
Tony is angry at Angela for her rejection. Meanwhile, she continues to question the sincerity of Tony's intentions.

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      • Samantha: Uh, Dad?
        Tony: What?!
        Samantha: We left Jonathan at the gas station.
        Tony: Well, why didn't you say something?
        Mona: We thought it was funny.

      • Mona: Well, it's about time somebody scored in this house.

      • Tony: All right you, you've got three seconds to get out of that robe.
        Ernie: I'm not wearing any pants.
        Mona: For god sake, leave the robe on.

      • Tony: Get upstairs and change. And if you're wearing my underwear, you can keep it.
        Ernie: Thanks!

      • Jonathan: Mom turned him down cold.
        Ernie: No!
        Jonathan: Yeah, and tossed the ring right in his face.
        Tony: Thank you, Jonathan. Thank you very much.
        Jonathan: Hey, it's not like he's a stranger; he's wearing your underwear.

      • Tony: Jonathan, how would you like to go with me--
        Jonathan: I wish I could Tony, but I can't. I'm going to see a movie; a movie I've wanted to see since I was a young boy, and now it's playing at a theatre near me. Oh happy day.

      • Jonathan: He's been acting a little strange since we left him at the gas station.

      • Angela: It's incredible. It's so public, so overt, so pushy.
        Tony: I got the smallest blimp they had, Angela!

      • Angela: It's just that I feel that when you're doing this it feels like it's for--
        Tony: What? What? The wrong reason?
        Angela: Yes.
        Tony: No, it's not. Not this time.
        Angela: But Tony, is this really about us?
        Tony: Beats the hell out of me!

      • Mona: Did you ask her to marry you?
        Tony: Uh-huh.
        Mona: So, what happened?
        Tony: I turned myself down.

      • Samantha: Dad, what are you doing?
        Tony: I'm just sitting here by the fire, trying to keep warm.
        Samantha: Dad, there's no fire.
        Tony: It's okay. I don't deserve one.

      • Samantha: What have you done to my father?
        Angela: What?
        Samantha: Oh, you know, my father--Captain Lobotomy.

      • Tony: Samantha, what was I supposed to be doing up here?
        Samantha: Shaving, Dad.
        Tony: Oh, thank god, I thought I was foaming from the mouth.

      • Mona: Angela, what is your problem?
        Angela: Nothing. It's just that getting married is a big step. And I want to start out on the right foot for the right reasons. Because I already failed at it once, okay?!

      • Mona: So, you want a guarantee, hmm?
        Samantha: And it all starts with the perfect proposal.
        Mona: Believe me dear, it doesn't exist. I know because by now I would have heard it.

      • Tony: Angela, you think too much.
        Angela: I know; I'm trying to quit.

      • Angela: This time, I'm listening to my heart and it's telling me I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
        Tony: Angela, are you proposing to me?
        Angela: Well, yes, I guess I am. So, what do you say?
        Tony: Well, gee, I don't know. I mean, a guy likes to be asked in kind of a special way. We men dream about this our whole lives.
        Angela: Tony--
        Tony: You don't understand, Angela. When we men get together in the weight room and we fantasize about the proposal, about the wedding, about the honeymoon, it's unbelievable and you just cheapened that.
        Angela: What do you want, a blimp?
        Tony: No, I just want to be asked nicely, like Bubba and the rest of the guys and I always dream of.
        Angela: (reluctantly drops down to one knee) Tony--
        Tony: At a moment like this, I prefer Anthony.
        Angela: Fine, Anthony. I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?
        Tony: Gee, I don't know, this is all so sudden. I just don't want to be pressured. (Angela twists his hand back) Ow! All right, all right, I'll marry ya!
        Angela: Are you sure?
        Tony: You bet your life.

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