Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 6

Dinner For Two

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1984 on ABC
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Dinner For Two
Angela has a date with an old friend from Boston scheduled and Tony has a date scheduled in Brooklyn. When Angela’s date backs out at the last minute Tony stays behind to comfort Angela, but he really wants to be in Brooklyn.

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  • Two separate dates become one and the beginnings of love for Tony

    Both Angela and Tony have separate dates for the night but when Angela's date seems to bail on her Tony stays to give her company while the already paid for caterer prepares his meal for them. By the end of it all the two end up having a great time together even laughing about past embarrassing moments in their lives. Then Angela's date finally arrives and Angela learns he's nowhere near as fun as Tony and Tony begins to wonder if he should attempt to date her by filling up a couple of glasses of wine after Angela's date has left. He thinks better of it though and pours the wine down the sink. You could tell right there that Tony was falling for Angela. The seeds of love are being sewed. :)moreless

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    • Tony: He don't know what he's missing.
      Angela: The lobster bisque.
      Tony: Yeah, that too.

    • Angela: What happened to you?
      Mona: Some kind of animal.
      Samantha: (to Tony) Daddy, it was a cow.
      Mona: But a vicious cow.

    • Tony: (on the phone) Tonya, I'm out of here in 45 minutes, give or take an orange duck. Look, all I got to do is give the old lady a sponge bath and a Fig Newton and I'm yours. (Gets hung up on). Hello ? Hello ? (look at receiver). I wonder which part she didn't believe.

    • Angela: I felt like Scarlett O'Hara when I made my grand entrance, and there… at the top of this long staircase, and there was Greg, waiting for me down at the bottom, and then the heel of my shoe caught in the hem of my dress and I bounced all the way down the stairs.
      Tony: (laughing) You didn't.
      Angela: I did… I did, but my gown didn't make it. I landed at the… at the bottom in my slip and my wrist corsage.

    • Angela: In college, I asked Greg Dawson to the big sorority ball.
      Tony: Greg Dawson. (laughs)
      Angela: He was like Tom Selleck, but good-looking.

    • Tony: You know, I'll never forget the time I finally got the nerve up to ask Geraldine Capazo to the Christmas dance. That was the most embarrassed I ever was.
      Angela: You?
      Tony: Yeah, me. You kidding? My hands were so sweaty, I left a big paw print on the back of her red formal.

    • Angela: Have an hors d'oeuvre.
      Tony: Oh, yeah, you know, these are good. You know, where I come from, a fancy hors d'oeuvre is beef jerky and beer nuts.
      Angela: (laughs) Imagine that.

    • Angela: It's so quiet around here… without the kids.
      Tony: Yeah, like, a whole meal without the kids.
      Angela: A whole meal. The whole night. We can sleep in in the morning. I mean, you can sleep in and I can sleep in. Have some more wine.

    • Tony: Robaire, she's a very nice lady, but I'm not really her boyfriend, see? She needed somebody tonight, and she does pay me…
      Robaire: She pays you? How tawdry!

    • Robaire: Sir, how can you dally with that lovely woman's affections?
      Tony: I'm not dallying. You're dallying. Could you speed this up a little bit?
      Robaire: You cannot speed up escargot. By their very nature, they are slow.

    • Tony: Well, listen, since you're having that great grub, I just happen to have a nice lobster bisque in the kitchen.
      Angela: You just happen to have lobster bisque?
      Tony: It was a great recipe on the back of a lobster. I figured, why not?
      Angela: Right.

    • Tony: All set. I'm meeting my old friend in town.
      Angela: Bowling?
      Tony: Yeah, bowling, and, uh… maybe a little lasagna later.

    • Tony: Mona, this is great of you, you know. Samantha's never been camping before.
      Mona: Yeah? Who has?
      Tony: The only time she ever slept under the stars was when she dozed off at the Hayden Planetarium.

    • Angela: It's my restaurant because it's my town. He's flying in from Boston.
      Mona: Great, then have a nice, little romantic dinner at home. A little candlelight, a little wine. Be a homebody.
      Angela: That sounds like old-fashioned sexist talk.
      Mona: Mm? And what is wrong with old-fashioned sex? If they come up with something better, will you let me know?

    • Mona: I've always wanted to camp out in the great outdoors, with the rustle of trees and the twinkling of stars and the babbling of brooks and the bats and the bears and the… creepy crawly things. Hey, maybe we could camp out at the Waldorf.
      Tony: I thought you were going to get away from it all.
      Mona: Listen, I'm going camping with an 11-year-old and a 7-year-old. You are getting away from it all. I'm taking it with me.

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