Who's the Boss?

Season 5 Episode 6

Double Dump

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1988 on ABC
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Double Dump
Samantha and Mona both break up with their boyfriends on the same night, so they go out to eat at a restaurant to clear their minds, which troubles Tony.

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    Drew Pillsbury

    Drew Pillsbury


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    Kristen Trucksess

    Kristen Trucksess


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    Mark McGee

    Mark McGee

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    Scott Bloom

    Scott Bloom

    Jesse Nash

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      • Jesse: I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.
        Tony: But why, Jesse, why?
        Jesse: I just feel like our relationship has ended.
        Tony: Is it me? 'Cause I can change! I really can!

      • Tony: Before I leave, let me just say one thing. You know, every dark cloud has a silver lining. What I'm trying to say is that it's always darkest before the dawn. What I mean is, the sun--the sun will come out tomorrow. I'm using a lot of clichés, aren't I?
        Samantha: Bet your bottom dollar.

      • Tony: Hey, Mone-ster, what do you say?
        Mona: I say men are scum! Filthy, testosterone-filled slimeballs!
        Tony: Never bothered you before.

      • Samantha: Aw, Mona, you got dumped.
        Mona: Dumped? No, I got left. There's a world of difference between getting left and--damn! I got dumped!

      • Angela: Mother, I'm so sorry. I know how much Max means to you. Is there anything I can do?
        Mona: You already have, dear. I paid for dinner with your charge card.

      • Tony: Well, we got one woman yelling at the TV and another one scratching records. We are not in a happy mode here, Angela.

      • Jonathan: Tony, do not go out there. It's not safe for men in this house.
        Tony: What happened, partner?
        Jonathan: I passed through the living room and said, "what's up," and Grandma said the toilet seat and it was all my fault.

      • Angela: Tony, wait a minute. We've got to do this logically. These women were hurt by men, you are a man, ergo a woman should talk to them.
        Tony: I am not a man, I'm a father. I am gender-neutral. Right, right. Ergo, I'll be at the library. Good luck, woman.

      • Angela: I know what you've been through. You've risked, you've loved, you've lost. But do you really think it's going to help to sit around the house consumed with hate?
        Mona: Yes.

      • Angela: There is an important resource in this house. A resource that can provide warmth and sustenance. And do you know what that resource is?
        Mona: Natural gas?

      • Angela: Oh Mother, did you and Max have a little tiff?
        Mona: My tiffs are NOT little!

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