Who's the Boss?

Season 5 Episode 15

First Date

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1989 on ABC
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First Date
Discouraged that Angela had to pay for an escort for a dinner event, Mona convinces Tony to ask her out on a date. The date hardly seems like a first for them, though, as they discover how much they know about each other. Things get ugly when Angela learns the reason behind the evening, and attacks an obnoxious comedian.moreless

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      • Angela: Oh, Mother. You're here.
        Mona: Yes, dear, I'm here quite a lot. It's kind of like home to me.

      • Mona: I am shocked!
        Angela: Oh, Mother, single women executives hire escorts all the time.
        Mona: No, I'm saying you got gypped. I mean, you pay for a carwash, you don't leave before the buff and polish.

      • Angela: You know my schedule's been so crazy, I don't have time to meet men.
        Mona: Tell me about it. You could convert your bedroom could to a sensory deprivation tank.

      • Tony: What's with her?
        Mona: Oh, I can't tell you. But I'll answer questions if they're specific and you ask exactly the right thing.

      • Mona: I mean, my own daughter, hiring an escort.
        Tony: An escort, you're kidding me. I mean, Angela's funny and she's beautiful and she's smart and beautiful.
        Mona: You said beautiful twice.

      • Tony: Aww, poor thing. Well, what can we do?
        Mona: Well, we could get her a date with a strong comforting man who could restore her self-esteem. She's needs to feel like the attractive woman that you seem to think she is.

      • Tony: All right, well, hey, I'll give her a night to remember.
        Mona: Well, at least take her out to dinner first.

      • Tony: Angela's not down yet?
        Samantha: No. Why, what's up?
        Tony: Oh, nothing, nothing. I'll tell you later.
        Samantha: All right. Catch me after you've asked Angela out.
        Tony: How did you--
        Jonathan: Oh, Grandma woke us up last night to tell us.

      • Tony: Gee, Angela, you look especially pretty this morning. What did you do to your hair?
        Angela: I sweated on it.

      • Tony: Hey Angela, you wanna go out tonight?
        Angela: You mean a date?
        Tony: Yeah, a date.
        Angela: Why?

      • Angela: Well, we've never been out on a DATE-date.
        Tony: So you wanna go or what?

      • Mona: Oh, Angela, come on. Tony is waiting.
        Angela: Oh, yeah, would you go downstairs and tell your father I'll be right there?
        Samantha: Nope, nope, can't lie to him.

      • Mona: Oops, I almost forgot. Don't walk out the door without one of these. 'Cause you can't be too safe. (tosses Angela a small packet)
        Angela: (looks at Mona aghast for a moment before looking at the packet) A wash and dry?
        Mona: What did you think it was?

      • Tony: Sam, I thought you said she was gonna be right down.
        Samantha: I lied.

      • Tony: Oh, miss, maybe you could give us a table up front. It's sort of a special night for us.
        Waitress: Then what are you doing here?

      • Tony: So? So far so good?
        Angela: I could stay like this all night.
        Tony: I knew you'd like it.
        Angela: Not that. My arm is stuck to the table.

      • Tony: Let's get something straight right now, Angela, I did not take you out because of pity. I took you out because you're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny, and you're beautiful.
        Angela: You already said beautiful.
        Tony: I know. I said it twice. I always say it twice, so if that makes me such a terrible person, then shoot me.

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