Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 4

Mona Gets Pinned

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1984 on ABC
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Mona Gets Pinned
Mona meets Jason, the man of her dreams, but she's old enough to be his mother! After much hiding the truth comes out and Angela, who previously stated that age had no part in love, is aghast. It's not until Jason's parents tell Angela that Mona isn't good enough for their son that she stands up for her mother and does an about-face of her opinion.moreless

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  • "And the moonlight beams / on the girl of my dreams, she's the sweetheart of Sigma Chi."

    Mona meets a new beau, Jason. She may have to buy the drinks: he's a few years her junior. Make that a few decades.

    Angela, who had previously not cared about this sort of difference, now takes umbrage and is gravely embarrassed. Mona just wants to enjoy herself and is not about to give up. That is, until Jason's parents enter the picture.

    They don't like Mona one bit. Their attitude sticks in Angela's craw, and she defends Robinson tooth and nail.

    Jason is a man of his word, and has his friends serenade Mona to show that he still cares.

    A stirring episode with good character development. One of the show's highlights.moreless
  • A Classic Episode!

    One of my favorite episodes for this series. Mona, the mother of Angela, is attending college as a mature student. Of course this is only fueling her libedo, as she is surrounded by handsome young men.

    She meets and begins to date one young man, Jason and they hit it off. Mona is actually smitten with Jason and he pins her like the old days, and they are "going steady".

    That is until Jason's parents object. Kaos ensues.

    This episode deals with May-December romances and all that, but what I remember most is when Mona comes home after a date to tell her family that she has been pinned by Jason and they are a steady item. When she thrusts out her bosom to proudly show off her pin, it isn't there! He pinned her while they were parked in a romantic lovers lane, and Mona knows she had it then.

    Distraught, she searches all around the house with the help of Angela, Tony and the kids. While on her hands and knees searching under the chairs, tables and sofa, Jonathan her grandson pronounces proudly, "I've found it!" while holding the pin, which is firmly attached to Mona's sweater....ON HER BACK! She has put the sweater on backwards, which suggests she had her sweater off at sometime that night!! The audience, and myself must have laughed ourselves silly! A classic moment!moreless

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    • (Mona and Jason discuss their secret relationship.)
      Mona: I'm just not ready to go public yet.
      Jason: You know there's nothing wrong with what we're doing.
      Mona: Oh? Then does that mean you told your mother?
      Jason: Well, no... did you tell your daughter?
      Mona: Oh no way. You've got to understand Angela; she's kind of a young fogie.

    • (Mona walks into the kitchen.)
      Mona: So, what do you think of this outfit?
      Angela: Well, that looks nice mother, but the other one was nice too.
      Mona: Angela, I am not looking for nice; I'm looking for va-va-va-voom!

    • (Angela is in the kitchen with Tony who is fixing pipes under the sink in the kitchen.)
      Tony: Hammer.
      Angela: (hands a hammer to Tony) Hammer.
      Tony: Wrench.
      Angela: (hands a wrench to Tony) Wrench.
      Tony: Beer.
      Angela: (hands a beer to Tony) Beer.
      Tony: (opens the can) Ah, here's to good pipes.

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