Who's the Boss?

Season 5 Episode 10

Mrs. Rossini's Uncle

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1989 on ABC
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Mrs. Rossini's Uncle
Mrs. Rossini visits Tony. Accompanying her is her young uncle Al.Al is attending the nearby Beauty College and Tony should take care of him. In the course of this Sam and Al come closer.

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      • Tony: Hey, Mona, what's new in the world?
        Mona: Violence, violence, violence. Beetle Bailey got punched out by the Sarge again.

      • Al: Yeah, real subtle. She's just gonna tell you about the car radios they found on me.

      • Mrs. Rossini: Remember when you were sent to juvenile hall for taking that garbage truck on a joy ride?
        Tony: We took it down to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. We didn't do so good that year.

      • Angela: Tony, as owner of this fancy-smancy house—
        Tony: Schmancy.
        Angela: That's what I said.
        Mona: No, dear, so you said "smancy."
        Angela: Okay. As owner of this fancy-smancy house—
        Mona: You did it again.

      • Tony: Hey, nice bike. Friend of mine in school used to have on just like it, 'til it got confiscated for illegal parking.
        Al: Yeah? Where was it parked?
        Tony: In the girl's locker room. And we were still on it.

      • Al: You know, this beauty stuff may not be so bad. You get to meet a lot of chicks, you get to play with their heads.

      • Tony: By the way, Mrs. Rossini's coming over for dinner; you want to join us?
        Al: I'd like to, but I got a test tomorrow on follicles.
        Tony: Then you'd better brush up.

      • Bonnie: Sam? Who's the guy waxing Angela's car?
        Samantha: That's the guy my dad is trying to help out. I think his name is Al, we're supposed to be nice to him. (sees Al through the window and gasps) Hello, Al.
        Bonnie: Let's go be nice to Al.

      • Angela: Look, I think you should take this class; it won't kill you. It's only six weeks. You'll learn typing, shorthand, and a lot of other secretarial skills.
        Mona: Oh, no, you're not tricking me. You learn that stuff and before you know it, people are expecting you to do it.

      • Jonathan: Hey, have you seen Al's Harley?
        Tony: Hey, nice bike huh?
        Jonathan: Yeah, even Sam looks good on it.

      • Angela: False alarm. It's just old Mrs. Graham starting up her chainsaw. Whatever happened to Mr. Graham?

      • Samantha: By the way, guess who's coming to dinner?
        Tony: Who?
        : Al. I talked him into joining us.
        Tony: Why couldn't it have been Sidney Poitier?

      • Tony: What's a diffuser?!
        Angela: It's an attachment for a hair dryer. Why? Do you think I need one?

      • Tony: Please, Mrs. Rossini, she's not a woman yet. Estelle Getty, now that's a woman.

      • Mrs. Rossini: Oh, go, enjoy. You're only young once.
        Mona: Speak for yourself.

      • Tony: Would you stop it with the camera please?
        Mona: I've got a Polaroid.
        Tony: You would.

      • Tony: So, if that makes me a snob, then I'm a snob. Hey, I can live with that.
        Mona: Well, if you can live with my daughter, you can live with anything.

      • Angela: When I was Sam's age, if I'd gone out with someone who threw popcorn at the screen, I'd have dumped him, too.
        Tony: Gee, then it's lucky we didn't know each other.
        Angela: Why, you threw popcorn at the screen?
        Tony: No. Ushers.
        Angela: Well, that's different.

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