Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 7

Parental Guidance Suggested

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1990 on ABC



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    • Angela: Awwww! I could just eat him up!
      Tony: That's good, 'cause if he don't go to sleep, I'm gonna deep fry him.

    • Tony: Angela, this kid is tough! I tried every trick I used to use on Sam; none of them work.
      Angela: Well, I've got a few tricks of my own.
      Mona: Yeah, if anyone could put a man to sleep in bed, it's Angela.

    • Miss Adams: I'm Miss Adams.
      Tony: Ooo, Angela, English. Very classy.
      Miss Adams: Well, thank you so much.
      Tony: You make everything sound so nice! Say "sheduale."
      Miss Adams: You're from Brooklyn, aren't you?
      Tony: You got it.
      Miss Adams: Say "knish."

    • Mona: Billy, don't do that.
      Billy: Okay.
      Angela: Mother, don't say don't to him, it'll encourage aggrivation.
      Mona: Oh that's stupid.
      (Mona hits Angela with her magazine)

    • Mona: Life isn't always fun and the best way for you to figure that out is to live here with these two.
      Angela: Hey, we're fun! Haven't I taught you how to use your flash cards and your new computer?
      Tony: That's right and I taught you basketball and baseball and how to separate five types of clothes.
      Mona: Aren't they party animals? Don't worry, soon they'll realize they don't have to plan every minute of your entire life so you won't be so tense and always want to hit someone.

    • Billy: I want to live with you!
      Mona: Take a number!

    • Tony: Broom elsewhere!

    • Tony: Did you hit him with a brick too?
      Billy: No.
      Tony: Good.
      Billy: A truck.
      Tony: And him?
      (Billy nods)
      Tony: And the little redhead? Is there anybody here you didn't hit?
      (Billy points to a kid)
      Tony: How did he get so lucky?
      Billy: He wasn't here yesterday.

    • Billy: I can't go to sleep, there's a monster in my closet. See his eyeball's hanging out of the wall?
      Tony: That's no monster, that's the wiring I was doing putting in your lamp. I haven't gotten it done yet, I'll tell you what, tomorrow I'll get you a nightlight, how about a Gumby nightlight? You like Gumby?
      Billy: Who?
      Tony: How about Star Wars?
      Billy: What?
      Tony: I've gotten old.

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