Who's the Boss?

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1984 on ABC
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Single dad Tony Micelli and his street smart young daughter Samantha decide to leave the mean streets of their poor neighborhood for a chance at a better life in Connecticut. Tony happens upon a job offer as a live-in housekeeper for wealthy business woman Angela Bower and her young son by means of her flirtatious mother Mona. He puts his machismo aside and takes the job for the betterment of his daughter and a new "family" is formed.


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  • Tony Micelli shows up at ad executive Angela Bower's home to start his job as housekeeper. Tony questions Angela's motives while vying for a promotion.

    This was an excellent way to start out the series. All the characters are introduced perfectly. Tony as the loveable Italian from Brooklyn. Angela as the busy, no nonsense executive. Mona as the free-spirited, in-charge grandmother. Also memorable is Tony's altercation in the kitchen with Angela's boss, Grant. Grant calls him the "male Marry Poppins." Tony likes the movie, but takes exception when called 'Conan the Barbarian.' Tony relpies, "That movie I hated!" Classic stuff. Tony and Angela's young relationship gets kicked up a notch when Tony tells Angela she shouldn't sleep with her boss until after she gets her promotion. Tony makes his point by saying "You would never catch me doing anything dumb like sleeping with my employer." In the end, everything works out in an '80's sort of way.

  • Ex pro-baseball player, Tony Micelli, gets a job as a live-in housekeeper for advertising executive, Angela Bower.

    I think that this was an excellent way to begin the series with Tony and Sam leaving Brooklyn and driving in their van to Connecticut. I love the scene when Tony arrives at the Bower house and tries to talk Angela into giving him the housekeeper job. And I can kinda see why Angela doesn’t want to have a man for a housekeeper, but if it was me, I would’ve looked him up and down and said “okay!” Anyway, I also love it when Mona is trying to talk her daughter into hiring him and bringing up the fact that he’ll lift the furniture, and later in the episode he does lift the couch to vacuum under it.

    And I thought it was hilarious after Angela had stopped Tony from beating up her date and she introduced Tony to her date as her new housekeeper, and her date replies “Angela, this is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen” And, of course, I love that Tony wasn’t wearing a shirt the entire scene and you can see his tattoo! And it’s hilarious that later when Tony’s trying to convince her not to sleep with her date (who’s also her boss that could give her a promotion soon) and he says “Let me tell you one thing, Angela. You’d never catch me doing something dumb like sleeping with my employer” and then he realizes what he just said and remembers that she’s his employer.

    And I loved it when Tony and Angela were speaking in code the next morning so that Sam and Jonathan (especially Jonathan) wouldn’t know what they’re talking about, but they figured it out anyway. And it was funny when Angela found out that she got the promotion after following Tony’s advice and hugs him and then they quickly let go of each other and back away.

    And I thought it was very nice to see Tony and Sam outside shooting hoops during the end credits.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The opening credits for this episode only features the van; All the other openings feature the van, but with episode scenes as well.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Angela finds out Tony threatened Johnathan into eating eggs)
      Angela: You threatened my son?
      Tony: Yeah
      (Angela watches Johnathan eat some eggs)
      Angela: Seems to be working.

    • Tony: Ay, Jonathan, why don't you hustle your little buddy upstairs.
      Jonathan: Oh what's the big deal?
      Tony: Well, the big deal is it looks like a showdown between your snake and your mother... and remember, the snake doesn't pay your allowance.
      Jonathan: Good Point. Well, sorry Wilbur. Money talks and you don't.

    • Angela: Was that the phone?
      Tony: Yeah, that was the phone.
      Angela: Who was it?
      Tony: Oh, it was the, uh… Oh, it was the Arthur Murray dance studio. You just won a free dance lesson.
      Angela: Great. Now all my problems are solved. I'll be a Rockette.
      Tony: You'll be a good one.

    • Samantha: But, Dad, how can a woman make enough money to afford a great house like this?
      Tony: Well, I mean, she works hard, and she's real smart. Hey, you could do the same thing.
      Samantha: I can?
      Tony: Sure.
      Samantha: Then I think I'll be the manager of the Mets.
      Tony: Good choice. Good choice. I'll be so proud of you when you're out there kicking dirt on umpires.

    • Tony: There are some things that are no good for you, like Crunchy Crawlers, and guys who just want to…
      Angela: Now, just a minute. If I want… (both look down at the kids and back at each other again) Crunchy Crawlers, then I will have Crunchy Crawlers.
      Tony: Crunchy Crawlers are empty calories. Not really satisfying. In an hour, you're gonna want something else.
      Angela: Maybe I'll want more Crunchy Crawlers.

    • Angela: Yeah, so, I'm just going to let what happens happen.
      Tony: Oh, hey, hey, oh. If you just let what happens happen, when what you wanted to happen happens, you're not going to know whether it happened or not.

    • Tony: Well, could you just try to remember what I said?
      Angela: Tony, if I had a lobotomy I would remember that.
      Tony: Well, good, because let me tell you one thing, Angela. You'd never catch me doing something dumb like sleeping with my employer.

    • Angela: Tony, I'm gonna say this very slowly. My weekend has nothing to do with my promotion.
      Tony: You'll never know unless you don't go.
      Angela: Who are you anyway, Jiminy Cricket?

    • Grant: Angela, who is this?
      Angela: Well, Grant, you're not going to believe this, but this is my new housekeeper.
      Grant: Housekeeper? Angela, this is the ugliest woman I've ever seen.

    • Tony: Sam, I want to to meet some real nice people. This is Mona Robinson.
      Samantha: (shaking Mona's hand) Nice to meet you.
      Tony: And this is Angela Bower.
      Samantha: (shaking Angela's hand) Oh, I'm very pleased to meet you Miss Bower. You have a lovely home, and you're so pretty.
      Angela: Oh, thank you. I'm very flattered.
      Samantha: (looking at Tony) That's the idea.

    • Mona: See, my instincts tell me this is the man for my grandson... and it doesn't hurt that he's a hunk.
      Angela: Mother, I'm not looking for a hunk for a housekeeper.
      Mona: Why not? He'll do floors. He'll lift furniture. Can I come over when he lifts?

    • Mona: Angela, what is the problem?
      Angela: The problem is, Mother, you sent me a man for a housekeeper.
      Mona: Oh, don't be sexist. A man can do meaningless, unproductive work just as well as a woman.
      Angela: Mother, Mother, the housekeeper's room is very close to mine.
      Tony: Oh, hey, don't worry about me. I keep a can of mace by my bed.

    • Angela: Jonathan, I'm warning you. Joan Crawford is my idol.

    • Tony: Hey, look, Mrs. Rossini, you've got to admit this neighborhood's falling apart. I mean, look at Samantha. When she starts coming home with black eyes, I think it's time for me to get out.
      Samantha: Hey, that's because there were three of those guys, Dad. And anyway, I got one guy sneezing out of his ear.

    • Angela: Well, my mother's screening everyone. Did you meet her?
      Tony: Yeah yesterday. She gave me the once over, kicked me in the tires, put me up on the rack...
      Angela: Well, she should've checked under your hood, 'cause you're the wrong sex.
      Tony: Oh, wait a minute; she said that wouldn't be any problem.
      Angela: My mother didn't think World War II was a problem.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The ending credits for this episode, are Tony and Sam playing basketball, but as of episode 2, it would be selected scenes from it respectable episode.

    • The opening sequence of this episode is different, consisting of the van driving from New York Cityto where Angela lives in Connecticut. All of the cast is credited without their pictures shown.

    • This episode was filmed a year before it actually premiered. It was filmed in about October, 1983.