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  • ABC: We Need Something Different

    ABC really hit a blockbuster with this show and it was something different for 1984, and I think that's why the show worked so well and lasted 8 seasons. This is one of my favorite shows and can still be seen on the TVGuide Network as of this typing. Check your local listings for channel and time.

    Everyone knew eventually that Tony and Angela would some day fall in love, but in the beginning it was a 'stricly business' relationship.

    It was great watching Samantha (Aylissa Milano) grow up on the show. The rest of the cast just clicked from day one.

    This ineed was and still is a great show. 9.5/10 Rating.
  • loved this show

    i bought the first season also and i would love to have the second season it upsets me that they did not put the second season out is there any where we can get it if so please let me no.
  • They don't make shows like this anymore.

    I loved this show. The one thing that I wish would have happened is for Tony and Angela to have gotten married. It was great to see Alyssa Milano grow up to such a beautiful woman. This show was such an original with having a male housekeeper and "Mr. Mom" character. The character of Mona was so much fun to watch. It was like watching the lost Golden Girl with all her sexy and flirty scenes. I am still waiting for a reunion or the show to be completely released on DVD. This show was a classic family sitcom, they need to bring more shows like this back to television.
  • Who's The Boss was one of my favorite shows. The entire cast was amazing. There really wasn't anyone in the main cast that I didn't like.

    The whole idea about Tony wanting a better life for his daughter Samantha so he takes a job as a housekeeper for Angela Bower and moves into her home in the suburbs was a great idea. And the entire cast worked so well together. Angela was so serious and dull and Tony was just so much fun. I loved how he got Angela to lighten up and learn how to have fun. And what can I say about Mona. She was funny in every scene that she was in. And I, like most people, wanted Tony and Angela to get together as more than just friends. Tonys was so protective of his daughter Samantha and she drove him nuts. Samantha was a great character but the main problem I had was the fact that Angelas son Jonathan was so underused in the show. I really think that Danny Pintauro is a good little actor and they could have done alot more with him. Otherwise, I think that the show was funny and great in every way.
  • This show gets lost, even among the other shows of its day.

    Do I need to give a synopsis? I think everyone knows what this show is about. Angela is an uptight Wasp with a big house in Connecticut. Tony is a stubborn Italian from the school of hard knocks. He moves into her home and becomes her housekeeper, all to make a better life for his tomboy daughter, Samantha. At the same time, he becomes a stand-in father to Angela's annoying and snake-loving son, Jonathan and a confidante to her man crazy mother, Mona. They very quickly become one big, happy family. The highlight of the show was always the almost-romance between Tony and Angela. From the very first season when they "accidentally kissed" while both of them were intoxicated, it was a hold-your-breath ride, waiting for the two of them to get together. I honestly believe that's why the shows ratings started to decline. Once Angela and Tony finally became a couple in the 8th season, the suspense was gone ... for some. I still enjoyed it, myself. It was simply a different kind of comedy, no longer riding on the wait-and-see, but instead, giving into the amusement of couple troubles.

    They picked the perfect actors to be on this show. There are other shows that I can sometimes watch and see other people in the roles. But Tony Danza and Judith Light were absolutely fabulous in the lead roles. I love Katherine Helmond and the sass she brought to "Mona." Alyssa Milano & Danny Pintauro were good, as well, though never my favorite characters.

    It's kind of cheesy, of course. The show started in 1984 and comedy was very different. There was little "potty humor" or moments attempting to throw in even the nicest swear word. Some call it "wholesome" but I simply see it as a comedy that attempted to deal with real issues. And it did! ... and, well, I believe. This show gets lost in those of the 80's and early 90's.

    It has annoyed me to no end that there are shows from the same time period that have released every season on DVD, yet, "Who's The Boss" has released one season and stopped. There are shows that were released AFTER that have already been released. I've seen web sites, petitions, and form letters to be sent to the television company, all to have the remaining seasons released, to no avail. The show obviously has a following, but they remain unheard. I HAVE to have the t.v. on when I go to bed and this is what I usually have on to listen to while I fade out. It's funny but not always "laugh out loud," which is perfect. I love this show!
  • Tony Micelli and his daughter Samantha left rough & tough Brooklyn for Connecticut so Sam could have a better life. Advertising exec Angela Bower, her son Jonathan and her mother Mona were desperate for a good housekeeper. The rest, as they say, was fate.

    I didn't watch this show when it was originally on. In fact when they show ended, I wasn't even 3 years old yet. But, because of Nick at Nite I fell in love with this show and have since bought the complete series on DVD. Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro, and Katherine Helmond have the most amazing chemistry together. They truly seemed like a family. Each character was so different, but amazingly they all fit together like a puzzle. For me, the highlight of the show was the 'will they or won't they' of Tony and Angela. I loved going through that journey of them falling in love, and in season 8, them finally being together. Who's The Boss? was truly an amazing sitcom. They don't write them like that anymore..Sweet, simple, and heartwarming.
  • Who's The Boss...started off strong...but ended not so strong.

    So, I actually didn't watch this when it first started...since I was born in 1986. LOL. When they started playing it on Nick@Nite AFTER it ended; that's when I started watching it! I was hooked. It was, in all, a great show. I mean at times, it was ok, but I still loved it. The beginning was awesome, but as the seasons went on (especially in the early 90's), it just wasn't the same. I know Alyssa Milano wanted out of her contract. It seemed like they just wanted it to end....all but Tony Danza. They were fighting the ratings against other top shows and it seemed as if they kept getting moved around. Especially "The A-Team" I believe it's called. It was sad, really.

    Judith Light and Tony Danza were the main stars on the show. Favorite character? Well, I always seemed sad when Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) was hardly in an episode, but I loved Mona (Katherine Helmond). She brought something new to a tv show in the 80's and early 90s. Her humor and sexuality towards other men were priceless! What kept me watching the show was the tension between Angela and Tony. Sexual tension mind you. I wish they would've gotten married but at least, in the end, they ended up together.

  • perfect

    This show is abslotly fabuluos in every way I love all the charaters in every way. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i love love love love love love love love this this this this this this show show sho show show show show
  • I've never seen anything quite like it. Who's the Boss is one of my favorite shows of all time hands down.

    From the minute that Tony sets foot in Angela's home, it becomes apparent just how humorous and interesting the show is going to be. Mona, Angela's witty mother, makes sure that Tony gets hired to be the housekeeper for the Bower residence. Mona also wants Tony as a son-in-law and constantly hints this to the two love birds in denial. Just seeing the Angela/Tony relationship bloom is enough to carry the show, but Mona's remarks, and the character of Samantha, Tony's daughter, make Who's the Boss that much better. This sitcom is a classic and will be forever. In my opinion, it ranks as one of the greatest shows of all time.
  • Best show in a long time

    Funny, Sad, it had a lot to offer. I used to watch it regurarly, and still watch the re-runs, one of the best show on television. This is the kind of show that I would let my family watch, not violent, or unappropriate language, very well done. I used to get home right on time, drop evrything that I was doing to watch the show, used to drive my wife up the wall, but then she came to relize that this was a good show. When the show ended it was like a part of me was ending also, for the first time in a long time a shed a tear. Very damn good show
  • I think that it was Mona...

    Who didn’t want to live in the Bower house growing up?? Angela, the money maker of the family, a high-power ad exec who goes through some highs and lows and then falls for Tony. Tony, hired to clean the house but ends up doing so much more than that for all those in house. He took the job to give his daughter a better life. Samantha, Tony’s daughter, we saw her change from a tomboy to a beautiful young woman over the seasons. Jonathan, Angel’s son, super annoying throughout most of the seasons, the younger brother you never wanted. Mona, Angel’s sassy mother, the comic relief of the group. So with all of these people – who really was the boss??
  • Oldie but Goodie.

    Shows that no matter what age you are you can still like old TV comedy shows. I like Tony Danza so thats proboly the reason I even started watching this show. I never was around to watch it on ABC but if I stay up late enough I watch it on Nick@Nite.
  • Funny clash of personalities as Tony Micelli becomes the live-in housekeeper for well-to-do businesswoman Angela Bower.

    What's a man to do?

    New Yorker Tony Micelli is down on his luck. He's looking for a new job and a better place to raise his daughter, Samantha. The last thing he would think of is to move to blue-blood Connecticut, and even less so to become a housekeeper, but the new stint is all he's got going for him right now, so he packs up and heads out in search of better days.

    Business mogul Angela Bower lives in a mansion with her son, Jonathan, and mother Mona. Although Mona invited Tony to come and work for them, it's Angela who may live to regret it. They go together about as well as fingerprints and new paint.

    Maybe you do get a second chance to make a first impression. Angela sticks with her decision and Tony gets used to the new way of life. The characters are light-hearted but could be real. Twenty years down the line, the show is as brisk and enjoyable as ever.
  • Declined in the later years, but remained watchable

    I recently discovered Who's the Boss? in reruns on my local television station and started watch daily. I think the early episodes are better than the later ones. Especially after Sam goes off to college and the writers felt to need to bring Billy in. He seemed to really drag the show down. I'm glad they realized their mistake and gave him the boot after a season. It was a shame that Tony and Angelia didn't get married, but I was happy with the ending the show got. I really wish Nick at Nite didn't get rid of this show. Do we really need 10 airings of Roseanne and The Fresh Prince a night?
  • Tony Micelli is one of the many charecters that I looked up to growing up as a father figure. Who's the Boss was literally a second family for me in the 80's and I still love the show to this day!

    Who's the Boss has been a part of my life for many years now. It has embraced me with countless of laughs, wonderful heart filled moments, and the chemistry between Tony and Angela was absolutely wonderful.

    Along with them Sam, and Jonathan, and of course Mona were all wonderful as well. I think the thing that I enjoyed the most about the show was the character interactions, the undeniable bond between Tony and Angela, and of course the family like love that the show offered. Who's the Boss was my favorite 80's sitcom, and it’s still wonderful to this day!

  • *sigh* I wish I had a hot Italian housekeeper with a Brooklyn accent.

    A very interesting and hilarious show about an injured pro-baseball player who moves to Connecticut with his daughter to give her a better life. And in Connecticut, he gets a job as a live-in housekeeper for an advertising executive/single mother.

    Tony Danza does an excellent job at playing Tony Micelli, the ex pro-baseball player/single father/housekeeper. I totally love it when he says “Oh-hey, hey-oh” and when he lifts the couch, lifts the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the curtains, and when he moves the refrigerator! And the only thing hotter than his looks is his Brooklyn accent!

    Judith Light does a very good job at playing Angela Bower, the advertising executive/single mother who hires Tony as her housekeeper and father figure for her son. When I first started watching this show, I didn’t really like Angela very much, because I didn’t like her hair. But, as I got to know her character better, I liked her a little more and more.

    Alyssa Milano does very well at playing Samantha (Sam) Micelli, Tony’s daughter. I found it interesting how she started out as a tomboy and then became a girlie-girl. And, also, is it just me or does her Brooklyn accent start to go away after a while and by the series ends is gone completely?

    Danny Pintauro does very well at playing Jonathan Bower, Angela’s son. I like Jonathan okay, but he doesn’t really do much on the show unless there’s an episode that’s about him.

    And Katherine Helmond does an excellent job playing the hilarious Mona Robinson, Angela’s very sexual mother, who seems to have a different boyfriend every episode. Mona also can be very childish at times and very verbally abusive to her daughter.

    Also, during the course of the show, Tony and Angela’s relationship changes. They start out as being just housekeeper and boss. But, as they begin to have feelings for each other, they become friends. And although they both want to be more than that, they also don’t want to ruin their friendship.

    But I find it very interesting how they kissed so many times and then went back to normal. They slept in the same bed so many times (even though nothing happened) and went back to normal. And lived in the same house for 7 years before FINALLY getting together in the 8th and final season.

    And although I’m disappointed that they didn’t get married by the end of the series, the ending was done very well so that the viewer can decide what should happen next (like whether they should end up together or go back to just being housekeeper and boss).
  • This show is a lot better than the credit it is given.

    Who's The Boss? never got the respect that other comedies did, but it did earn a fair share. And it should have.

    While a light comedy at times, Who's The Boss? did a better job than most of its counterparts at creating tension and leaving the audience wanting more. The focus on the show changed over the years and it was only in the middle years thay the concept suffered. While a schedule change to Sunday doomed the ratings for the final season, it ended funnier and better than any other time in its run.

    Season 1 & 2 feature Angela as president of a large corporate ad agency. Mona originally lived across town and later moved into the garage apartement. The kids were still little. Tony & Angela flirted some but were keenly employer/employee and dated others.

    Season 3 & 4 were the shows that most people asociate the show with. Angela is fired and starts her own company, Tony and Angela have some relationships with others (notably Geoffrey) but know there's a spark between them. Season 4 saw Tony enter college, which played out through the remainer of the series.

    Season 5 was hit or miss. They allowed the first real date between Angela and Tony but simply ignored how close they should be getting.

    Season 6 was the least popular season for me personally. The first episode had the two openly kiss and admit their feelings, but intentional stall them so Tony could find his own life paty. But the rest of the season they acted close. The problem was some terribly mundane (and sometimes very unfunny) episodes. The season ender had Tony sleep with Kathleen, which tore his relationship with Angela apart.

    Season 7 is most reviled by fans. They introduced Billy, an orphan Tony adopts. And the first half of the year sees Sam move out to college and Tony and Angela in other relationships. Danny Pintauro, so good as young actor playing Johnathan, grows up but is so stilted that it hurts the show.

    Season 8 pays off the last two season's mistakes. Billy is gone, back to his grandmother. Tony and Angela admit their feelings and opening fall in love, and later are engaged. They were supposed to marry in a February episode but a change by higher ups dropped this. Samantha married instead. The show concluded with Tony getting his dream job - in Iowa, Angela trying to make it work there, then a breakup and a final scene reunion that was a close re-enactment of their original meeting at Angela's door.
  • Number 1

    This is by far my all-time favorite Television Show. Great for an audience of any age. Tony, Judith, Alyssa, Katherine and Danny are equally wonderful. And I was lucky enough to be in the audience during the Reunion on the Tony Danza Show. It's just plain the best. I would like to have the Second Season on DVD.
  • Great show, family friendly. any dirty jokes are to sophisticated for young children to get.

    This is my favorite show. I watch it everyday on Nick at Nite and I hope that Sony releases season 2 on DVD. I think that it got better when Angela and Tony became a couple. Tony is so nice with Angela and it was so cute when Angela proposed to Tony in season 8.
  • All time favorite show

    I was in the 2nd grade when show debuted and I loved it ever since. I tried to watch it faithfully during its regular run, but with school and its sometimes changing time slot, it was hard to keep up. But when it started in syndication in 1989, I watched it everyday and never missed an episode. I really wished it could have went at least 1 more season. Or at least ended the final season with the long awaited marriage. My favorite character was of course Tony "Oh ay, ay Oh" Micelli. He always had some kind of witty rebuttal for everything and everybody. And his facial expressions were priceless. Next up my favorite character was Mona because she always had a way of making fun of Angela's so called boring "intimate" life. She was so carefree and she did whatever she wanted to at The Bower Agency. Next fave is Angela. She seemed stiff and sometimes dry, but what made her funny was the fact that most of the time she came off as if she didn't have a clue and that was part of her charm. Samantha was hilarious at her constant shots at Jonathan and her determination not to get embarassed by her father, Tony. Jonathan wasn't really funny to me at all so I guess he was there to round out the family...kinda like an album filler. Who couldn't love this show? Watching Tony and Angela's 7 year crush blossom into a full time relationship. Watching Sam go from a hot little girl(I was young at the time) into a hotter young lady. Mona and her many flings. Jonathan was just a weird little twerp throughout the show's entire run. Classic show to say the least. What stopped me from giving this show a perfect score was because of the last season. It didn't end right. It just left us hanging.
  • Every Tuesday night at 8 I would be watching this show. I thought it was great to see a goodlooking virile guy cleaning and cooking, and being so domestic. Unfortunately, once Tony and Angleo fell in love, the show lost its edge.

    I loved this show and all its characters. Being the 80s, it was fun to see the woman out there with the impressive job, and the guy at home running things to perfection.
    It was nice watching Samantha and Johanthan growing up, and Tony finding it hard to let go of his little girl. The character of Mona was ok, I thought she was pushing the I'm a young fun Grama bit too hard. I didnt like her constant criticism of her daughter either.
    The showed really lost its edge when Tony and Angleo realized they were in love. That last season limped by and I hardly watched anymore.
  • Well?

    So Who IS the Boss? The argue about who it is, if it's Tony, Angela, Or Mona. Or Maybe Mrs. Rossini. Angela Supports all of the people that live in that house, So they work for Angela, which means that if Angela had financial problems, then they'd all be in trouble.

    The show starts out very old, but gets better by season 4 or 5. And then they take in a kid for some reason. If you go to WTBR.com, then you will find that the episode where Tony is afraid of swimming, then there was an earlier episode where Angela starts up The Bower Agency and they go on vacation, and Tony has no problem of swimming. But there weren't any giant women there, since nobody really dives into an ocean from a beach anyways.

    I think that the WTBR website shows the Best of Who's The Boss.

    The show is very much like The Nanny, where one person supports everybody, and they all need each other. I think that this show could have stayed on longer.
  • For what it was, it was a decent show.

    Tony Danza was a looker, therefore people I guess tuned it, to see his loveable quirks. However, the show had light humor, it was nothing that would make you turn to ABC every week to see what was going on. I remember watching it an reruns, and thinking about it, the show could have really used some fine tuning. However, I'd have to say, Katherine Helmond "Mona" was my favorite character. Oh well, I'm done.
  • It was a funny show back in the day...

    Who's the Boss was a great show in the late 80's and early 90's. It was about a housekeeper Tony and his daughter Samantha moving from the Bronx into a rural community. Angela was the owner of the house and she had a son Jonathan. Angela and Tony butted heads at first, but they learned to live together and eventually love each other. It took a while to see them actually get together, but they had plenty of laughs in between. Everyday was a new adventure for everyone. It was funny to see how their relationship would actually work. It seems that compared to shows now that everything that happened back then was really very innocent in nature. I guess it's the innocents and the laughter that makes this television show a classic.
  • Old shows have these atmosphere, all innocent.

    I was about 14 when I used to watch it. I could relate with Sam and I remember I thought Jonathan was a cutie lol The show had light humor and inumerous goofy scenes.Old shows have these atmosphere, all innocent.I have good memories from it, my childhood was Who´s the boss?, Full House and Step by Step :)
  • This Show is Great

    This show got better when the seasons went on when Tony and Angela was getting married. It was good when it came out the first time, but when it got older it got better. Thats what happens to most of these shows like "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" I am a big, big fan of that show but in the first 5 seasons, it was funny but not that funny, and then when it went on it gotten better.
  • Tony Micelli and his daughter, Samanthamove from N.Y. to Connecticut, in search of a better life. Angela Bower hesitantly hires Tony as her live-in housekeeper. The whole family, Angela, Tony, Samantha, Jonathan and Mona loved each other

    Along with Charles In Charge, Who's The Boss? featured a macho guy working as a domestic housekeeper for a woman who didn't have time to raise the kids.

    Tony was a former second baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals and a widower with a daughter of his own, young Samantha. He sought refuge in suburban Connecticut from a hustle and bustling New York City by working as a housekeeper for high-powered, somewhat disorganized President of the Wallace and McQuade Advertising Agency, Angela Bower. Angela, a divorcee with a rambunctious son named Jonathan, had doubts about the arrangement. Her mother, Mona, however, quickly pointed out that "a man can do meaningless, unproductive work as well as a woman." Tony proved to be very good at his new job, bringing order to Angela's chaotic household and providing a much needed father figure to Jonathan.

    1986, Angela was abruptly fired whereupon she opened her own ad agency with Mona pitching in. At about the same time, Geoffrey Wells entered her romantic life which only served to deepen her growing feelings for Tony. Also in 1986, Samantha entered high school where, a year later, she found her boyfriend Jesse. Mona was courted, off and on, by mature, dashing Max Muldoon.

    Inspired by Angela's upscale lifestyle, Tony began taking college courses and when Sam graduated from high school, she enrolled at the same college. Among her other boyfriends were Andy and Eric (the latter was played by a different actor each time he appeared). Jonathan, meanwhile, entered high school and Billy, a 10-year-old from Tony's Brooklyn neighborhood, was introduced to the cast. Throughout the series, Tony maintained his ties with Brooklyn, where his pal Al and "second mom" Mrs. Rossini were his chief contacts. The family dog was Grover.

    The running theme of the show was always the evolving relationship between Tony and Angela - which had to be the longest courtship in sitcom history! For the first few seasons, it was easy banter and nothing more. Whenever they would start getting close, they would call a halt and start seeing other people. One of Tony's more memorable girlfriends' was Kathleen. By 1991, seven years after they met, the two admitted that they were in love. Sam and her boyfriend Hank got married during the last season and Tony and Angela had several close calls. In the spring when Tony got a job as baseball coach for a small college in Iowa, Angela tried living with him there and then having a long distance relationship - it didn't work. At the end of the last episode, having given up hope and in the market for a new housekeeper, Angela answered the door to find Tony, who had decided their relationship was more important than his coaching job, applying for the job. They still didn't marry - but decided to give the relationship one more try.

  • Who's the Boss? is about a two familys who live together. Tony Micelli and Samantha Micelli move in with Angela Bower, and Jonathan Bower. Tony is Angela's housekeeper, and he wants to raise his daughter Sam, in a better neighborhood and give her a better

    Who's the Boss? is the best show ever!! It has just the right amount of comedy and romance. The romance between Tony and Angela, was sweet and makes you smile everytime you see them. It has funny scenes and also has romantic scenes. It has something for everybody. Its a great family TV show. Its a show you can enjoy again and again! Some scenes want to make you cry and some make you laugh. Whether its Mona making the endless jokes over Angela, or Tony and Angela's constant chemistry. Their blind love for each other is great because we get to watch them as the viewers realize they love for each other. Its a cute, funny, romantic show.
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