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ABC (ended 1992)





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  • This show gets lost, even among the other shows of its day.

    Do I need to give a synopsis? I think everyone knows what this show is about. Angela is an uptight Wasp with a big house in Connecticut. Tony is a stubborn Italian from the school of hard knocks. He moves into her home and becomes her housekeeper, all to make a better life for his tomboy daughter, Samantha. At the same time, he becomes a stand-in father to Angela's annoying and snake-loving son, Jonathan and a confidante to her man crazy mother, Mona. They very quickly become one big, happy family. The highlight of the show was always the almost-romance between Tony and Angela. From the very first season when they "accidentally kissed" while both of them were intoxicated, it was a hold-your-breath ride, waiting for the two of them to get together. I honestly believe that's why the shows ratings started to decline. Once Angela and Tony finally became a couple in the 8th season, the suspense was gone ... for some. I still enjoyed it, myself. It was simply a different kind of comedy, no longer riding on the wait-and-see, but instead, giving into the amusement of couple troubles.

    They picked the perfect actors to be on this show. There are other shows that I can sometimes watch and see other people in the roles. But Tony Danza and Judith Light were absolutely fabulous in the lead roles. I love Katherine Helmond and the sass she brought to "Mona." Alyssa Milano & Danny Pintauro were good, as well, though never my favorite characters.

    It's kind of cheesy, of course. The show started in 1984 and comedy was very different. There was little "potty humor" or moments attempting to throw in even the nicest swear word. Some call it "wholesome" but I simply see it as a comedy that attempted to deal with real issues. And it did! ... and, well, I believe. This show gets lost in those of the 80's and early 90's.

    It has annoyed me to no end that there are shows from the same time period that have released every season on DVD, yet, "Who's The Boss" has released one season and stopped. There are shows that were released AFTER that have already been released. I've seen web sites, petitions, and form letters to be sent to the television company, all to have the remaining seasons released, to no avail. The show obviously has a following, but they remain unheard. I HAVE to have the t.v. on when I go to bed and this is what I usually have on to listen to while I fade out. It's funny but not always "laugh out loud," which is perfect. I love this show!