Who's the Boss?

ABC (ended 1992)





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  • Who's The Boss was one of my favorite shows. The entire cast was amazing. There really wasn't anyone in the main cast that I didn't like.

    The whole idea about Tony wanting a better life for his daughter Samantha so he takes a job as a housekeeper for Angela Bower and moves into her home in the suburbs was a great idea. And the entire cast worked so well together. Angela was so serious and dull and Tony was just so much fun. I loved how he got Angela to lighten up and learn how to have fun. And what can I say about Mona. She was funny in every scene that she was in. And I, like most people, wanted Tony and Angela to get together as more than just friends. Tonys was so protective of his daughter Samantha and she drove him nuts. Samantha was a great character but the main problem I had was the fact that Angelas son Jonathan was so underused in the show. I really think that Danny Pintauro is a good little actor and they could have done alot more with him. Otherwise, I think that the show was funny and great in every way.