Who's the Boss?

Season 7 Episode 1

Ridiculous Liaisons

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1990 on ABC
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Ridiculous Liaisons
Angela meets, and begins to date, Christopher, a man who appears to be perfect. Everyone who meets him seems to feel as if they've met an angel. Tony, however, cannot seem to meet him, encountering several failed attempts, which begin to ruin his relationship with Kathleen.

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  • Three's Company

    A dreadful kickoff to the worst season of WTB. Tony is never able to see Christopher, a man who catches the fancy of Angela, and everyone else. Tony is insanely jealous and tries any means to see Christopher face to face, all to no avail.

    The episode is supposed to be a farce, but delves into the disastrous "Three's Company" misunderstanding type of comedy. Danza overacts, poorly.

    Also of notable concern, this is the first episode of season 7. From the end of season 6 until now, Samantha has cut the long, dyed dark locks, and now has short hair. Johnathon had a tremndous growth spurt and looks like a teenager. Yet no mention is made, and it hurts. The show grew "without" the viewer in that sense.moreless
Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon

Kathleen Sawyer

Guest Star

Stan Ivar

Stan Ivar

Peter Gerber

Guest Star

Oliver Muirhead

Oliver Muirhead

Maitre d'

Guest Star

Ralph P. Martin

Ralph P. Martin


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    • Angela: Have you seen my gold purse?
      Tony: Yes, it's in your closet right next to your box of fat clothes.

    • Mona: Well, look who's here. Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice.

    • Mona: I wonder what their hug and cuddle time is really like.
      Tony: That's none of your business! But my guess would be brief.
      (Angela and Peter enter; Peter is extremely disheveled)
      Mona: Brief but thorough!

    • Angela: Some man had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him. He grabbed him from behind and pulled with all his might.
      Mona: I've paid to have that done.

    • Mona: Are you gonna let her do that?
      Tony: Well, what am I supposed to do? Tie her up and lock her in a bedroom?
      Mona: That's how I met my husband.

    • Tony: Ernie, I need to talk to you.
      Ernie: I'm here for you, pal.
      Tony: Have a seat. I have become obsessed with a man.
      Ernie: See ya.

    • Tony: That table's not gonna be any good.
      Kathleen: What's wrong with it?
      Tony: It's too close. I mean, it's too crowded. I mean, we need room to spread out. We might wanna lay down. How about this table over here?
      Maitre d': Is this better, sir?
      Tony: Oh, that'll be excellent.
      Maitre d': Would you like a blankie?

    • Tony: Look, it's tough to be detached after all we've been through, even though we haven't been through it.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The theme song is different again. It is simular to the theme song used for the last few episodes of Season 6, but the clips are different, and if you listen closely, you will notice a difference.


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