Who's the Boss?

Season 6 Episode 13

Sam Accelerates

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1990 on ABC
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Sam Accelerates
Due to good scholastic work Sam is admitted to a special program which allows her to skip her last year in High School and go directly to college. But she fears that Tony then is left back alone.

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  • What are your intentions toward my father?

    Danza's Iron Mike impression is awesome.

    Bonnie: Boy Mr. Micelli, that mind of yours is razor-thin.

    My god. No means no, creep.

    Sam: What are your intentions toward my father?

    Sam: So sooner or later you will decide whether you may or may not get married.

    Angela: Exactly.

    Sam: So glad we cleared that up.

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    • Angela: (holding up two dresses) Okay, which one is screaming "I'm looking for a good time?"
      Mona: Angela, the last time one of your dresses had a good time was when it pressed up against Tony's suit at the cleaners.

    • Samantha: You guys are not gonna believe this. Today, my guidance counselor said that my PSATs are so good that I qualify for the ASP.
      Angela: That's wonderful! You must've had wonderful NMSQTs.
      Samantha: And a great GPA.
      Mona: This is giving me PMS.

    • Tony: My mouth just wasn't made for French.
      Mona: Mine was.

    • Dwayne: What is that enchanting scent?
      Angela: It's Ban Roll-On.

    • Samantha: Angela, can I ask you a question?
      Angela; Can it wait, honey? I have a big meeting in the city.
      Samantha: What are your intentions toward my father?
      Angela: Let's talk.

    • Samantha: It's just...you've known each other for a while now.
      Angela: Yeah.
      Samantha: And I...I always thought that you guys would get married.
      Angela: Yeah?
      Samantha: So...?
      Angela: Well, we did talk about it once. Remember when we were all in Jamaica?
      Samantha: Was that while you and Dad were making out on the bench?
      Angela: We were not making out. We were talking passionately. No! We were passionately talking. We weren't passionate. We were sincere. How much did you see?

    • Samantha: Okay, so, sooner or later, you're gonna decide whether you may or may not get married.
      Angela: Exactly.
      Samantha: I'm so glad we cleared that up.

    • Tony: You know what they say, into each life a little Dwayne must fall.
      Jonathan: That's pretty funny, but the joke wouldn't work if his name was Larry.

    • Samantha: I was having accelerated nightmares where people were waling very fast to class and I was in slo-mo.
      Mona: Are you naked?
      Samantha: No.
      Mona: Oh. Can't relate.

    • Tony: If, for some reason, things didn't work out between me and Angela, I could find companionship on my own. I've got good hair. I've got most of my teeth. That alone in Sicily would make me a great catch.

    • Angela: (to Samantha) We were not making out! We were passionately talking...we were talking passionately...we weren't passionate--we were sincere...how much did you see?

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